Top Ten Worst Books Ever

This is the opposite of the BEST books ever written. Just ask yourself what was that one book that stood out from the rest? The one that you could just not possibly finish reading?
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1 Twilight Twilight Product Image

I originally tried the first book out of curiosity. I thought to myself, "Eh, it's okay. It's kind of cheesy and corny, but it's original at least, and the details in the writing are pretty good." So I read the next two books. The second was also okay though in both the first and second (and the third) the character was incredibly stupid and overly dependent on her boyfriend. By the third book...ugh. The main character, Bella Swan, is the opposite of a strong female protagonist. She even says the her boyfriend is like a drug for her, and when everyone she cares about is put in danger, she just sits in the corner watching. The book implies that women shouldn't get to make their own decisions in relationships, all of their choices should be made for them. The romance isn't even sweet; her boyfriend is overprotective and manipulative. Clearly, Bella payed no attention in health class, because their relationship is the definition of an abusive relationship. It was getting so bad, that I ...more

I have the whole Twilight series and I love it. For someone who hasn't even read the whole first book you sure seem to know ALL about it. There were weak points in the series but nobody's perfect, not even you haters. There are so many great characters and the story lines great. And for all you haters why even bother ruining a series for someone who hasn't even read it and might love it too. Everyone is different there not all criticising a book series with flaws they all have the even HARRY POTTER, PERCY JACKSON AND HUNGER GAMES, and if somebody loves another so much that they can't live without them... that's true love. Bella ends up with a daughter and Edward her husband and she becomes a powerful vampire who's strong and loving. You wouldn't know that unless you read the whole book series. Everyone gets their happy ending and now find yours.
S M, I think your wonderful, keep on dreaming
And ask yourself this, did you even give the book a chance of just take the word from ...more

This book is an utter disgrace to humanity. Concentrates on nothing but romantic relationships. There is no thrill or action plots at all. The author who must have wrote this (probably) and absolutely idiotic and partially stupid, if she had cooked up such as ludicrous idea (No offense at all for this comment). What utter crap this piece of writing this is. There is virtually no action or suspense whatsoever. I am completely disgusted, and would commit suicide or roast myself if I were forced to read it. Edward Cullen is not at all adequate hero. By contrast, Caesar from the Planet of the Apes, Abel the golden eagle from Brothers of the Wind, and Iorek Byrnison from the Golden Compass are better role models and much stronger than even he is. Go read the Inheritance Trilogy by Christopher Paolini, The Last Dragon Chronicles by Chris D Lacey, or even His Dark Materials ( The Northern Lights was what the film above was based. To conclude, the book is completely retarded. (I swear). I ...more

I can't even begin to describe all the things wrong with Twilight. First off, sparkling vampires? Seriously, Stephenie Meyer? You ruined the whole supernatural world. I mean, since as long as I can remember, vampires burned in the sun PERIOD. Now, it turns out that they're just walking glitter balls? NO. JUST NO. Second, don't even get me started on the main character, Bella Swan. She is a bad role model and way too obsessed with her boyfriend. I mean when he leaves her she literally goes crazy and almost kills herself by jumping off a cliff just to hear his voice. Wft? Besides that, she never does anything useful. I mean, throughout the whole series, every time there's any type of danger she just either gets in the way or flings herself at it and makes it way more difficult for the people trying to keep her safe to do so. And yet, somehow people rank her up there with strong, female, heroes like Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Rick Riordan), Clary Fray (The mortal ...more

2 Fifty Shades of Grey Fifty Shades of Grey Product Image

I'm sick and tired of a lot of moms around the country reading this book in their living room while a teenage boy notices what she is reading.

This should be number one. Twilight may be horrible, but Fifty Shades is horrible fanfiction based off of it. The only thing this book is good for is a round of laughs at the atrocious writing. The fact that it's only sex is not the main problem; that would be the poor quality of the sex. I fail to see how anyone can be aroused by this.

I don't like Twilight very much but I don't think it deserves to be placed higher than this book. This book should take its place. It's really just about the same characters from Twilight with different names and a lot of sex. Also, the relationship the characters have is pretty much tied because of sex, abuse, and the cringey writing that binds them together.

This book is the biggest disgrace that has ever happened to society. I was gonna vote for Twilight, but as badas that is, this is 100 times worse. I absolutely hate women's sexual fantasy books about erotic sex with men that have unlimited money and material things. This book is disgusting and makes me lose faith in humanity.

3 Mein Kampf Mein Kampf Product Image

Nazis have burned every book they could find except for this book and other similar ones. This book is very anti-Semitic and should be #1. That's when we started to know how Hitler hated Jews all because some Jewish soldiers beat him up and a Jewish doctor failed to treat her mother's health at a good rate. But he goes too far by blaming every Jew, most who didn't do anything wrong, it's stupid. After the war ended, this book was banned and saluting Hitler was illegal in nearly all countries.

I would have to say that this book is anti-Semetic (well, what would you expect, Adolf Hitler wrote it). I think this should be completely burned everywhere and should just lie in hell with its writer.

Well, this book is just bad. Just kidding. It's decent. I mean, this book gave me a clue why Hitler killed a lot of Jews and why he became a dictator. He have written the book in his cell before he was released (and published it). It's ironic that Nazis burned books only except this one. I never read thaf book before but I'm just saying that this book was'nt too bad. And only Jews can't write (not all of them) because you never know that tyrant can write and read (besides of drawing and painting) and prove that bad guys don't have talents.

I like the Koran's teachings, despite the fact that I am atheistic, and I like To Kill a Mockingbird, but this book was written by some crazy guy with a toothbrush moustache who ruthlessly slaughters millions of Jews, Blacks, Roma, Communists, and Slavic peoples, among others. Hitler was actually probably mentally ill and without treatment, causing him to go nuts. Sorry if I got into a left wing rant there.

4 Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever Product Image

I know I don't like Justin Bieber, but please stop placing him on every list that describes on what's considered the "worst". It's 2021.

I like have never read this book but I already know that I hate it. Justin Bever sucks so much it's like insane. His hair is so 2007 and everyone knows that he is only famous because he was on YouTube. He did not even work hard for his fame like Jacob Saggitarious. Seriously he needs to get Jesus and fast. In fact I am going to start praying for him now.Dear Jesus help this sad sad little boy find his way. Amen. And for the record I am not joking. This is just my opinion and u need to respect it. And deal with it.
That's it bye.

1) Stupid fans of Justin Bieber should start hating him because HE IS A CRIMINAL.

2) Those who buy this book are dumb stupid nerds.

3) Can you notice Justin Bieber's lipstick on the poster?

4) Don't listen to any of his songs.

5) Buy this book, waste your money and your time reading this awful book.


This is such a stupid book and I wish I never ever knew this existed. I swear to god I lost all five of my brain cells. Just ew like stop. why'd he think that this would make a profit like STOP. I now have cancer in all my organs. EVERY ORGAN. My little sister asked why I was reading a book about a girl and I cried myself to sleep because I died inside

5 New Moon New Moon Product Image

I really wish that I Am David was on this list but eh this book sucks so much as well. As some of you may know I have decided to read the whole Twilight series to try and not make my hate for the series based on presumptions and I just finished this book. Yeah from what I'm reading so far the whole Twilight series sucks. (I'll have a review of this book posted on the list to give out a further analysis on why I dislike it so much).

Oh god! The second Twilight book, and it gets worse. Now Bella hooks up with an ugly whiny werewolf who's as bad as Edward. Don't read this crap, Bella is boring and the worst example of all humanity. Also, Edward is a girly disgrace to vampires and Jacob is just as bad. Screw Twilight, it's crap!

It's so annoying too, about Bella's character. Oh you have a cute, loyal, kind best friend who helped you through everything but you still like this boy that you only started to like because of his "perfect" face.

This book is just terrible like the whole franchise. All the fans must be brainwashed or something similar

6 To Kill a Mockingbird To Kill a Mockingbird Product Image

Perhaps Americans hate it because they have to study it in school, but for me it was an enjoyable read. I admit it was dragging in the beginning so it took me two attempts to read it, but once I got the first few chapters I was hooked. It brought so many great childhood memories and almost made me feel as if I grew up in that little town in Alabama. Though it's not in my top ten greatest books list, it deserves its reputation o a masterpiece - especially if one considers how skillfully the narration from the perspective of a child is constructed.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME! This book is a masterpiece! I loved this book. I loved the characters and the plots and the ending and the narration, and it has such great lessons that people still ignore today. The only reason people don't like this is because racist and far right groups hate it and try to ban it because it makes them look like jerks. The fact that this is right above mien kemph makes me sick.

This book is horrible. I just started reading this book and I can't even get past chapter 6 without double taking and asking myself what is going on. This book is hard as heel even understand which makes it super boring. Maybe it's a master piece for those who evens understand what this Harper Lady is talking about. I'm failing English right now because this boook is super confusing andjust doesn't make sense. If anything this book should be #3 at least.

Dude, the plot of this book is that there is a black guy who is accused of raping a white woman. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE knows it wasn't him but he still got shot 14 times. What kind of bull is that? That is literally how the book ends! What kind of ending is that? Worst justice system ever. Worst book ever. However, I liked (most) of the characters and they were very well developed.

7 Emily the Strange Emily the Strange Product Image

Get this off of here. This series of comics and graphic novels is really surreal and gothic (it gives of a Tim Burton vibe) but it is great.

Emily the Strange is below THE BIBLE. Get it higher

Sabrina isn't from Pokemon she's from Archie

She reminds me of Sabrina from pokemon.

8 Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Talented Pop Star Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Talented Pop Star Product Image

Ahem. Let me get this out first and then start shooting me. This book sucks. Yep. It sucks deep. First of all, the characters are so stereotypical; we have the mean girl whose only concern is to beat Nikki, we have those athletic types, the nerdy types and then, we have that supposed 'dork'. Two things: the fact that she calls herself dork is not only cliche but also spastic, cause dorks are not at all like that, and also, she proves in the book that she only cares about boys and stuff (totally girly and anti-feministic). Moreover, degrading herself by calling herself a dork, while she definitely isn't, makes her look dishonest and prat. Another bad thing about the book is that it encourages girls to care about material possessions, their appearance and boys--the end. Nothing else. Like, what! That is a very bad message. Nikki is also a Mary Sue. Like, a very big Mary Sue. I hate her shallowness sometimes.

If you want to read a good funny book, pick up Diary of a Wimpy Kid. ...more

I love the Dork Diaries series. It does have stereotypes, but I can relate to Nikki. I've always wanted to be popular in school and I did anything for it. I feel that the characters care about each other, and there are positive messages. The only stereotypical character in this series that I can think of is Mackenzie. It's a great read for kids. It has some cheesy yet funny humor. In other books Nikki learns to love herself for who she is. But I like Diary Of A Wimpy Kid a lot more!

The idea is a good one. Lets make a Diary of a Wimpy kid aimed towards girls and their problems. I'm not a girl, but I can safely say the author completely forgot about what made Jeffs series as good as it is, and instead of focusing on real Teen problems, made up completely stereotypical girl issues and added little to no substance to make it work. The art is decent and the presentation is unique but the writing and plot ruins what could be a great series for teen girls.

Give me a chance and I will kill Nikki Maxwell. Damn stupid girl who is so superficial and shallow and accomplish everything through chance, and this is coming from a 14 year old chinese girl. Honestly, all characters in this book are dumb and just, spend some time on your work and you will be better in everything. I can't believe how this book gets published, and the drawings are just awful, everyone I know draws better than this

9 Fifty Shades Darker - E. L. James Fifty Shades Darker - E. L. James Product Image

Fifty shades...darker. How can you get darker than fifty shades of grey? Whoever reads this book is a pervert...

Yay more of Christian's money, "good looks," and "massive penis"

Awful Book With An Awful Movie Released This Year (2017) (As I'm Writing This)

This book should be seen as a cry for help by the author.

10 Middle School: My Brother Is a Big, Fat Liar Middle School: My Brother Is a Big, Fat Liar Product Image

Ugh. I hate kids books now, especially this disgrace. I don't understand why this girl in this book thinks she's the best, because she's NOT. The pictures also are ok, but if this is meant for children, please don't make anymore books about toilet humor, exaggeration, drama, and instead read a GOOD book with a plot, good characters, and doesn't have terrible jokes.

All you see now in the children's book sector are books about kids going to middle school. All (apart from the first 6 Wimpy Kid books) are pathetic. All have the same conclusion, storylines and stereotypes.
Middle school is nothing like what these idiots say it is.

While it's no masterpiece, I remember loving this book as a nine year old, and feeling connected to the main character, because we both didn't really fit in.

This is the worst book in the Middle School series. Almost every other book in this series great, but this, no. Just no.

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? The Conservative Case for Trump - Brett M. Decker, Ed Martin, and Phyllis Schlafly The Conservative Case for Trump - Brett M. Decker, Ed Martin, and Phyllis Schlafly Product Image
? Feminist Fantasies - Phyllis Schlafly Feminist Fantasies - Phyllis Schlafly Product Image
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11 The Bible

This is offensive. I'm not exactly a Christian, I haven't identified my religion yet, however, having this on the list is just wrong. I don't really like reading it except if I have to, but I don't feel like this should be on the list.

This is kind of offensive. I know it's only fifteen on the list, so its not like its number one or anything, but can I just ask that you not put religious books on these lists? I don't want to be one of those over sensitive people that you see everywhere nowadays and say things like " We should show respect for women by removing 'man' from literally every word in the English language", but we should just leave the religious things out of these lists, just to protect people's beliefs. I myself am a Mormon, so we focus more on The Book of Mormon rather than the Bible, but I know I would be offended The Book of Mormon was on a list like this. Again, just trying to respect people and their beliefs, please don't think I'm trying to hate on the creator of this list or anything.

You have got to be kidding me! This book survived top ten worst list. It should have been 2nd or third at least. It's badly written, have no interesting or consistent plot or structure. Many of the teachings are outdated such as stoning, slavery and violence against women.

It advocates incest between siblings by preaching things like Adam and Eve's children shagging each other for continuation of human race, and then it goes on to advocate incest between daughter and father by telling about Lut's daughter shagging their father.

Overall, this is waste of time, and delusional in its approach considering it tries to make people believe in supernatural super daddy.

People claim that it has caused a lot of problems in this world, but that's more the fault of the people who read it than with the book itself. Make no mistake though, this book is an epic read when translated and is just insane. I can't help but love it and its intense and memorable story telling. As a nonreligious person it definitely helps if you ignore the religion based off of it and instead focus on just how fun this book can be. I'd recommend versions intended for children as those are short and to the point.

12 William Shakespeare Star Wars William Shakespeare Star Wars Product Image

This book is pretty good, to be honest. Like, it's not like Douglas Adams levels of humor, but it works. It's creative, fun, and a good read.

I've read this, actually, and to be honest, it's really good. The prose is well-done, and it gives a little more insight into the characters.

This book sounds quite awesome actually.
Through I have to admit, I have not yet read it.

I thought this was alright and shouldn't be higher than fifty shades of crap's sequel.

13 The Second Coming of the KKK The Second Coming of the KKK Product Image

How is a fortnite joke book above this

14 World's Wackiest Riddle Book World's Wackiest Riddle Book Product Image

Worlds CRAPPIEST riddle book

This sounds great!

15 The Emoji Movie a Junior Novelization The Emoji Movie a Junior Novelization Product Image

Human invented so many stuff like rockets guns computers cars and video games but this is the dumbest thing humans have ever made

I did not bother reading this, just voting because of sheer hatred for the movie.

This is the worst! Cannot believe it's below the bloody bible!

Awful, probably the worst book I have ever read. this book should be illegal.

16 Fifty Shades Freed Fifty Shades Freed Product Image

Fifty Shades of Gray has to be the worst franchise of all time, heck it makes Bubsy, Norm of the North, and EVEN Twilight look like masterpieces.

It makes me sad that there is a sequel, let a lone a third installment in this joke of a franchise.

Okay mr James we get the idea that you like sexist things and porn

There is a third book? Aw hell no

17 The Adventures of Captain Underpants The Adventures of Captain Underpants Product Image

This is actually entertaining towards kids. Not only that, I think that this book is basically Dav Pilkey telling the story of his childhood. Git this down.

When I was little I hated reading until my mother gave me one of the books in the series. Because of how funny it was I COULD NOT STOP READING THESE BOOKS! I have read every book at least 4 times. I feel like these books are the greatest books for kids who don't like reading. AND. JEFF KINNEY a huge author refrenced Dav Pilikey in one of his Diary of a wimpy kid books. These amazing books should go down in history as an American classic. And being an American classic it got even MORE attention. These books are great and I hope people know that.

I know it's on here for the fact that it's based on gross out humor, but this first novel was pretty tame when it came to all that, and while I love this book this is easily the weakest in the series which is actually a good thing as It shows just how much better these books got. I love the stupidity and it's an American classic, which even got the attention of Jeff Kinney as he references it in one of his Wimpy Kid novels. Solid book.

What? Okay, people, I'm betting teenagers or adults voted for this to be placed here. But this is actually a good book! That is, for children. This was specifically meant for children. Kids love to have those corny jokes, the mass amount of humor, and the silliness. ITS. FOR. CHILDREN. What did you expect? This should not be on this list.

18 Babymouse 3: Beach Babe Babymouse 3: Beach Babe Product Image

I can't believe kids throw away their Harry Potter books to read this...I tried reading Baby Mouse and fell asleep, and I never EVER fall asleep reading books! That is truly saying something!

Why do you hate this?!? This is a good book. Most people can relate to BabyMouse. In my opinion, this book shouldn't be here. The main characters is brilliant. She's sassy, awesome and bold. People can really relate and admire her.
Read the book people!

Very crappy drawings, stupid storyline, and dumb characters. Do I need to say more?

Man, those guys must hate cats! Get that little creep, Felicia, get her!

19 Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So Fabulous Life Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So Fabulous Life Product Image

I knew a girl who was obsessed with this series, and was constantly egging me on to try it out. At my school, for Elementary, we have this event called Book Parade, and she was Nikki and another girl was Mackenzie- and they tried to pay a boy with two hundred class dollars (we had this thing called class economy that we did in class) to be...what's his name...Brendan. The actual book kind of sucks. Nikki isn't what you would call the best role model for girls. She's obsessed with this one stupid guy called Brendan, and won't think about anything but him. She whines about everything, and is so annoying. I didn't read the whole thing, but I read enough.

This book series is amazing! Rachel put a lot of time and effort into this and all of YOU haters are saying it's a ripoff! WELL, SUCK IT UP! You are acting like babies that whine all the time. If you hate this series, make your OWN published diary... if your SMART enough. Oh, and one more thing, specified for astroshark: I am 11 years old. I basically get A's and A+'s in every subject. I'm probably smarter than YOU, for all I know! But what the heck, I, the STUPID, BRAINWASHED 11 YEAR OLD GIRL, still read Dork Diaries. It has inspired me for most of the books I read. And Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a kid about whining about a DRUNK, ANTHROPOMORPHIC PIG and his stupid brothers, and Anne Frank also sucks. SO RANT ALL YOU WANT, IMBECILES! DORK DIARIES ROCKS! You all SUCK!

I hate how Nikki always whines, " I'm SUCH a dork and I love it! " Hate to break it to you Nikki, but you are NOT a dork. You're a spoiled wannabe who gets whatever you want whenever you want! And in book 7, Nikki gets her own T.V. show! This series is supposed to be a realistic fiction! What are the chances of a 14 year old girl meeting a famous celebrity and winning a T.V. show? Probably never! Yet her parents act so sweet and nice to her, and Nikki will say, " My mom is BRAIN DEAD! " or " My crazy dad is SO embarrassing! " Plus, there is so much drama its unreal...

Now, I actually really liked this book when I read it a few yrs ago. This is not one of the worst books of all time. I mean think about that. One of the worst books of all time? Not twilight, not fifty shades...but this? No. It's kinda a ripoff of diary of a wimpy kid but it's not bad.

20 Fanboy and Chum Chum Smell You Later Fanboy and Chum Chum Smell You Later Product Image

This book is so bad that this is worse than the Captain Underpants book series.

Is Chum Chum flipping off Fanboy on the cover? Or am I just stupid?

They made a book based on Fanboy and Chum Chum?!

This is trash

21 Fortnite Battle Royale the Supreme Book of Memes

This isn't a real book, It's a parody / joke book, and if it was real, you all overwatch and Call of Duty fans need to chill out, it's not the end of the world if someone makes a fortnite book

How did this book get published? Seriously

Proof of how Fortnite is out of control

If you see this book run and never look back.

22 67 Reasons Why Cats are Better Than Dogs 67 Reasons Why Cats are Better Than Dogs Product Image

NO. Cats are amazing. My best friend Stuart's favourite animals are cats. They aren't overrated (well they are a little bit). DOGS are overrated. But I'd say they're equal, I hate that dogs are number 1 on best animals and cats are 2. They should both be number 1. Both are amazing. They both have negatives (cats treat us like slaves and most dogs are just slobbering creatures that force you to play with them). But hey, look, cats are cute and furry and dogs do interesting things. Let's just say they're equal, okay? - astroshark

I hate this so much! Dogs in my opinion are EQUAL to cats, but just a little cuter to me. This is a dumb book even my friend who loves cats hated it!

I don't really like cats or dogs, but when people ask me, I usually just say, 'cats,' mainly because cats are a bit quieter.

If I need to remind myself of reasons why cats are better than dogs than I'll just read Warriors, sorry.

23 Allegiant - Veronica Roth Allegiant - Veronica Roth Product Image

I have read the whole divergent series and loved all the book. But this one. This was a disappointment. I think that Veronica Roth ran out of ideas and just made Tris die for the benefit of who? No one! I would not recommend this book.

Allegiant is a different book. It does not go by the general main-character-don't-die rule. It is awesome. But the ending was not good. I was sad for one week after reading this. But I like it only because it's unique

So Tris dies. Yippee. Doesn't mean this book should be higher than Dork Diaries. - oneshot

Think about it this way she was weak from the death serum, so she couldn't fight back, and she was former Abnegation, and Four was always saying don't let your Abnegation get you killed and it ends up happening she died because she saved Caleb from going in and dying she was being selfless and brave by going in. Abnegation and Dauntless.

24 Caillou-Potty Time Caillou-Potty Time Product Image

Caillou's a jerk, but there are WORSE things to come out of the Caillou franchise,such as, you know, the show.

Cailou gives me a seething, uncontrollable rage that no other piece of media can give me.

Maybe no potty time with stupid caillou

It's a Caillou book. Need I say more?

25 The Qur'an The Qur'an Product Image

It isn't nice to add Holy Books onto this website. I understand this website is about sharing your opinion, and I like that, but you shouldn't go to the extent as to offend people! Very few Muslims are terrorists - actually, none are! In this book, it is strictly FORBIDDEN to kill a person. By killing people, they are disobeying this rule, instantly revoking their titles as 'Muslims.'
If THAT isn't the reason you decided to add this book, what is? Because it's in Arabic? You should learn to read Arabic. I personally know the language, and it gives you a lot to talk about! It's also a very old language, which could make you much more interesting!
So, if you've seen this, could you please remove it? It's quite offensive, and many people agree so. Also, while your at it, remove the Bible as well. Remove anything religious or has the possibility of tampering with other's beliefs/emotions. Thank you for listening

Not liking the Koran is not racist as it is followed by people of all races.
Arguably it is a very low quality book and very nasty in its description of how God will torture people who do not accept it and in what situations men should strike their wives.
Those who are outraged have to accept that for people who were not brought up into Islam and were not told how great it was from a very early age often find it a diabolical collection of sermons.
The fact that they think this does not matter very much. The debate will never be about what is reasonable or true. Everyone calm down.

A book based on early middle east beliefs that is still justified as good. Some cultures back then were destroyed by this barbaric belief system. Islam spread by violence and came from the oppressive Arabian peninsula. Arabs should have evolved but calling this the one truth stopped them. It's a relic of a barbaric era that doesn't deserve the respect people claim. Few developed societies with such influence have such barbaric traditions as law, because we evolved. This and Islam haven't.

No religious text should be here. have some respect for it please, whether you believe in it or not. And for the people who think that putting the Quran on the list is racist, it's not. Islam is NOT a race, literally ANYONE who wants to convert may convert no matter what race. Mini-rant over.

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