Top Ten Worst Books Ever

This is the opposite of the BEST books ever written. Just ask yourself what was that one book that stood out from the rest? The one that you could just not possibly finish reading?

The Top Ten

1 Twilight

Worst book ever. I didn't even make it through the first chapter. Do not read this book. Go read something awesome like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games instead.

I originally tried the first book out of curiosity. I thought to myself, "Eh, it's okay. It's kind of cheesy and corny, but it's original at least, and the details in the writing are pretty good." So I read the next two books. The second was also okay though in both the first and second (and the third) the character was incredibly stupid and overly dependent on her boyfriend. By the third book...ugh. The main character, Bella Swan, is the opposite of a strong female protagonist. She even says the her boyfriend is like a drug for her, and when everyone she cares about is put in danger, she just sits in the corner watching. The book implies that women shouldn't get to make their own decisions in relationships, all of their choices should be made for them. The romance isn't even sweet; her boyfriend is overprotective and manipulative. Clearly, Bella payed no attention in health class, because their relationship is the definition of an abusive relationship. It was getting so bad, that I ...more

Twilight is really bad. It has a corny love story, zero character development and zero plot development. It's just a story about a human that falls in love with a vampire. That's IT. Nothing more. I'm really happy that now it's not as popular as it used to be.

Romance is the worst and I hate Twilight.

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2 Fifty Shades of Grey

Twilight isn't the greatest but this book is clearly the saddest book of society. Like who the heck wants to read a book about some guy who likes satan and whipping his girlfriend. Personally to me it's disgusting not sexy.

This should be number one. Twilight may be horrible, but Fifty Shades is horrible fanfiction based off of it. The only thing this book is good for is a round of laughs at the atrocious writing. The fact that it's only sex is not the main problem; that would be the poor quality of the sex. I fail to see how anyone can be aroused by this.

This is a poor excuse of a film and book series. No development, graphic and laughably bad detail, and ass characters that are one-dimensional. Women only crave for the "sex", yet they tell men to stop watching porn. Hypocrisy. And this is coming from a woman.

PEARL CLUTCHERS, why comment (negatively or otherwise) about a book when you haven't even read it AND why see a movie adapted from a book, when you didn't like the book?

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3 Mein Kampf

I think it's an interesting thing, to read a book by such a hated person. It's interesting to see the point of view of the bad guy, who did all sorts of unforgivably cruel things, instead of the good guy. Not in any way am I saying that Hitler is good or anything remotely close to it. It's just a refreshing change.

Just because it was made by Hitler doesn't make it bad. This is actually a GREAT book! I even read this and it was awesome! It had awesome perspectives and ideals! I may not completely agree with them, but they're worth looking at! I even plan to buy this!

Hitler wrote this book, the title roughly translates to 'My Struggle' and in this beauty Hitler blames the Jews for his problems. It was written from Hitler's prison cell before he came out and began his political campaign.

Just thought I'd keep everyone in the loop

Yeah i’m sure that the person who made this list had enough time to read the whole book and digest the obtuse things hitler says. yes hitler is not a good person but this is about his struggle and you don’t have to like it to understand it. I’m 99% sure that the people that voted for this have never ever read it. - undeadfred87

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4 Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever

I was seven when I saw this book at Walmart, and before reading the title, I thought it was a girl on the cover. Oh wait. It's Justin Bieber. Still a girl on the cover. My bad! - RockFashionista

1) Stupid fans of Justin Bieber should start hating him because HE IS A CRIMINAL.

2) Those who buy this book are dumb stupid nerds.

3) Can you notice Justin Bieber's lipstick on the poster?

4) Don't listen to any of his songs.

5) Buy this book, waste your money and your time reading this awful book.


This shows that Justin Bieber haters are no better than the fans... - phantomblock

I knew this would be on the list.

I don’t even need to read it. Justin,you’re a narcissist.
by the way,replying to the person’s comment on “Twilight”,YES! I’M CELEBRATING THAT YOU DIDN’T SAY WARRIORS OR SOME OTHER OVERRATED BOOK. HARRY POTTER AND A CHRISTMAS CAROL ARE GREAT BOOKS. (Ik,you didn’t say A Christmas Carol.)

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5 New Moon

Oh god! The second Twilight book, and it gets worse. Now Bella hooks up with an ugly whiny werewolf who's as bad as Edward. Don't read this crap, Bella is boring and the worst example of all humanity. Also, Edward is a girly disgrace to vampires and Jacob is just as bad. Screw Twilight, it's crap!

It's so annoying too, about Bella's character. Oh you have a cute, loyal, kind best friend who helped you through everything but you still like this boy that you only started to like because of his "perfect" face.

I really wish that I Am David was on this list but eh this book sucks so much as well. As some of you may know I have decided to read the whole Twilight series to try and not make my hate for the series based on presumptions and I just finished this book. Yeah from what I'm reading so far the whole Twilight series sucks. (I'll have a review of this book posted on the list to give out a further analysis on why I dislike it so much). - Anonymousxcxc

Promotes beastiality

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6 Emily the Strange

Emily the Strange is below THE BIBLE. Get it higher - RevolNiartRuasonid

What even is this?

Get it way higher - TheKirbyCreeper999

She reminds me of Sabrina from pokemon.

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7 To Kill a Mockingbird

ARE YOU KIDDING ME! This book is a masterpiece! I loved this book. I loved the characters and the plots and the ending and the narration, and it has such great lessons that people still ignore today. The only reason people don't like this is because racist and far right groups hate it and try to ban it because it makes them look like jerks. The fact that this is right above mien kemph makes me sick.

What the hell is this doing on here? This is one of my favorites!

The people who voted this book here are the same people who watch Transformers and Adam Sandler movies.

Hahahha you guys al voted for it trolol this book is crap

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8 Middle School: My Brother Is a Big, Fat Liar

Ugh. I hate kids books now, especially this disgrace. I don't understand why this girl in this book thinks she's the best, because she's NOT. The pictures also are ok, but if this is meant for children, please don't make anymore books about toilet humor, exaggeration, drama, and instead read a GOOD book with a plot, good characters, and doesn't have terrible jokes.

I remember reading this in 6th grade and getting really annoyed with the main character.

While it's no masterpiece, I remember loving this book as a nine year old, and feeling connected to the main character, because we both didn't really fit in.

I enjoyed Georgia in the other Middle School books, but even then I can say this book is pretty bad for the series.

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9 William Shakespeare Star Wars

This book sounds quite awesome actually.
Through I have to admit, I have not yet read it.

This book is pretty good, to be honest. Like, it's not like Douglas Adams levels of humor, but it works. It's creative, fun, and a good read.

I've read this, actually, and to be honest, it's really good. The prose is well-done, and it gives a little more insight into the characters. - Phenenas

This book would not work. Darth Vader as SHAKESPHERE?!?
I have not read it, but this must be an English or Social Studies teacher's attempt to make history interesting.

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10 Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Talented Pop Star

Ahem. Let me get this out first and then start shooting me. This book sucks. Yep. It sucks deep. First of all, the characters are so stereotypical; we have the mean girl whose only concern is to beat Nikki, we have those athletic types, the nerdy types and then, we have that supposed 'dork'. Two things: the fact that she calls herself dork is not only cliche but also spastic, cause dorks are not at all like that, and also, she proves in the book that she only cares about boys and stuff (totally girly and anti-feministic). Moreover, degrading herself by calling herself a dork, while she definitely isn't, makes her look dishonest and prat. Another bad thing about the book is that it encourages girls to care about material possessions, their appearance and boys--the end. Nothing else. Like, what! That is a very bad message. Nikki is also a Mary Sue. Like, a very big Mary Sue. I hate her shallowness sometimes.

If you want to read a good funny book, pick up Diary of a Wimpy Kid. ...more

Publisher: "Let's see, how do we make buck without giving the new book any thought... Hm..."

Author: "I know, let's take the character from Diary of a Wimpy kid and make him a girl! "

Editor: "Brilliant! "

If you like it, fine. That's you, not me. But I don't like it. Why? It's too stereotypical for my taste. MLP and Total Drama make stereotypes work, and MLP characters are only about borderline stereotypes. It also isn't realistic, because the characters don't act like real girls in school. Just Saying.

The first two books aren't bad but this book is bad.
Dork Diaries is the worst book series I even read.

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The Newcomers

? The Torah

Evil, I hate jews. You guys are just hating Mein Kampf because hitler wrote it. - undeadfred87

? Donner's Dinner Party

I was at a small weird book shop on an island, and I was walking through the childrent's section. Then I saw this. In the CHILDREN'S section. It's a graphic novel. I'm officially terrified of any child who grows up reading this because if I'm going to fire I don't want to be eaten. - SirSheep

If by amazing you mean deeply disturbing that it's sitting with books a first grader would read and it's factually incorrect, then yes it is - SirSheep

The Contenders

11 The Bible

As a Hindu, I can't believe that the Bible is on here. I have relatives who are Christian, and I think that it is wrong to put any holy book/writing on a top ten worst list. You can have the opinion that it sucks, but please don't insult others by saying it is the worst book. Just leave religious books out of this. There are people out there who put their faith in this book.

Hey! This is a religious book! Don't even the Christian beliefs and keep your opinions to yourself!

Keep your opinion to yourself? This website is about sharing your opinion, dude! - CreamOfConnor

This is really offensive to Christians. Keep your opinions to yourselves, please. This whole website isn't about facts. This whole top ten things are just other people's opinions. Please be respectful to others opinions. But the Bible shouldn't be on this list. Whoever put this up is saying half the world is stupid. Many people are Christians, and they follow the words of this Book.

I’m not a Christian or any other religious follower, but the Bible is very important and meaningful to so many people. Please respect that.

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12 World's Wackiest Riddle Book

Worlds CRAPPIEST riddle book

This sounds great!

13 Fifty Shades Darker - E. L. James

Yay more of Christian's money, "good looks," and "massive penis"

Worst series ever

Awful Book With An Awful Movie Released This Year (2017) (As I'm Writing This) - VideoGamefan5

Put this ahead of the Bible - LightningStrike

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14 Allegiant - Veronica Roth

Allegiant is a different book. It does not go by the general main-character-don't-die rule. It is awesome. But the ending was not good. I was sad for one week after reading this. But I like it only because it's unique

Think about it this way she was weak from the death serum, so she couldn't fight back, and she was former Abnegation, and Four was always saying don't let your Abnegation get you killed and it ends up happening she died because she saved Caleb from going in and dying she was being selfless and brave by going in. Abnegation and Dauntless.

Allegiant is a horrible book! What sick twisted author would even kill the main character?! The book itself is also very confusing and boring, so basically my least favorite book

My cousin says its very interesting and a lot of bad things happen in the book.

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15 Babymouse 3: Beach Babe

I can't believe kids throw away their Harry Potter books to read this...I tried reading Baby Mouse and fell asleep, and I never EVER fall asleep reading books! That is truly saying something!

Man, those guys must hate cats! Get that little creep, Felicia, get her!

Who - even if she is a mouse - would name their child "Babymouse"? Like... what?!

The book sucks, really.

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16 Eclipse

Ugh! Don't even read the whole crap, Bella's a bad useless role model to girls. And vampires don't sparkle, Edward and Jacob should just go die.

The entire twilight series should be at the top

If you read this, you should join a Class Action Lawsuit so you can receive counseling.

Twillight Sucks

Bella Edward and Jacob are all idiots who should be blown up by Katniss and Hermione - Lunala

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17 The Qur'an

This is a holy book you dumbasses. I bet the people who voted for this doesn't read or know ARABIC!

Whoever wrote this list must be racist, anti-seismic, and have no book taste.

Seriously guys? Millions of people live they're lives by the teaching of this book.

Ok, this isn't okay at all. Whether you are religious or not, it is really offensive. This is a book of teachings that people LIVE by. It is ridiculous to put this on this list and the people who voted it up should be ashamed of themselves. - greenacres

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18 Sex and The City

Wait a minute... This is a BOOK? I thought it was just an overrated Sarah Jessica Parker movie and T.V. series! - RockFashionista

This book wasn't too bad, I don't know why people are saying its bad and they didn't even read it... Oh well. It wasn't too wonderful, but hey, it wasn't crap.

I hate sex. It's disgusting and makes me hate boys

Alright after checking GoodReads, I have learned that this is good as some enjoyable time killer and disappointing if you're a fan of the show.

Never been a fan of the show, so I might check this out of morbid curiosity. I want to see why this is at #16, or if people here just don't like sex. - ProPanda

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19 Breaking Dawn

At least it was the last book in the series... - Turkeyasylum

POTTER FOREVER, TWILIGHT NEVER! Literally, everyone I know thinks this series is crap. At least it's the last book in the series!

I read all four books of the Twilight saga (REGRET) but this one literally made me hate the characters and the whole plot of the story. Nothing happened and the scene when Jacob imprints on Bella's daughter was disgusting. At least it's the last book... thank you Stephanie Meyer!


Id rather go to Hogwarts or die in the Hunger Games than read stupid Twilight - Lunala

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20 The Adventures of Captain Underpants

I loved this series when I was little! I know adults would think this series is stupid & boring, but it's not meant for adults. It's meant for little kids. The stupid, crude humor & tons of silly pictures are interesting to little kids. They love that stuff.

Captain underpants is art what are you talking about

The 12 sequels are way better read them and oh yeah the 12th one is the final book in the series.

Who laughs about dookie, fart, and underwear every day, every single minute. - judeboy87

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21 The Emoji Movie a Junior Novelization

Worst thing ever - ikerevievs

Human invented so many stuff like rockets guns computers cars and video games but this is the dumbest thing humans have ever made - Dvafan2

Is this a book? - snackaberg


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22 A Tale Dark and Grim

What? This book was amazing! Even though it was filled with blood and gore, it was still really good because it really had a twist on fairy tales. It made adults and teens want to pick up this book and read it, not like some stupid old tale about Cinderella or The Beauty and the Beast. Adam Gidwitz really took into consideration the actual tales, and tried to make them more interesting. This is a risk knowing that many people might not like the blood, but it had a really meaningful touch if you think about it. The second book was bae though. Was very touching and meant a lot.

Who on earth put this little gem here? I'm aware that it's dark and all, but can you really say you weren't forewarned? It's in the title! This book does not deserve to be on this list. I'd actually recommend it, provided I thought the person could handle a little gore.

Why? I know that this is about opinions, but this book is awesome!

Gore doesn't equal scary.

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23 Emily the Strange: The Boring Issue

What's up with this creepy looking kid? Does she need to see a therapist or something? - Popsicles

She's just a goth. Leave her alone and she'll try to sort her problems out by herself. - ThatoneMetalhead

For a kid constantly called "edgy," "emo" and "creepy" by her classmates...I'll just say this is waaay below the line.

Kid needs some help.


Emily The Goth - Lunala

24 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Please take it down from the list, this is a masterpiece.

Wow. In my opinion, I believe that Harry Potter is TRASH and it sucks, and that most of my other friends hate this book. Percy Jackson is way better fantasy.

All harry potter books are overrated garbage

Percy Jackson and This are good books. Fandoms, please don't fight. Take this off the list.

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25 The Book of Mormon

Why is this on here? Who thinks they are right to go insulting others' beliefs when they could be right? This is rude to Mormons, and there is no proof that this is a book of lies. For example, in 2 Nephi, this book predicts the name of utah 3000 years ago. A prophet states that the LDS church will be formed in the top of the mountains, and as a matter of fact, Utah means "top of the mountains". Coincidence? I don't think so. - EchoX0

26 Battlefield Earth

Isn't that a movie?

27 Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So Fabulous Life

This girl is just such a spoiled brat, who doesn't care for the sacrifices her parents has made. She whines about literally everything and can't even stand up to herself

Nikki's a whiny spoiled brat that doesn't realize what her parents go through yet she still nags them for a damn iPhone! - Catacorn

I knew a girl who was obsessed with this series, and was constantly egging me on to try it out. At my school, for Elementary, we have this event called Book Parade, and she was Nikki and another girl was Mackenzie- and they tried to pay a boy with two hundred class dollars (we had this thing called class economy that we did in class) to be...what's his name...Brendan. The actual book kind of sucks. Nikki isn't what you would call the best role model for girls. She's obsessed with this one stupid guy called Brendan, and won't think about anything but him. She whines about everything, and is so annoying. I didn't read the whole thing, but I read enough.

It was funny - blackflower

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28 Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought

Fake sci-fi can't be called a religion


Horrible - ikerevievs

29 Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health - L. Ron Hubbard
30 Super Diaper Baby 2

Can you guys stop saying every single thing is disgusting?!

The title made me vote this up. I don't know what the cover or blurb or whatever look like, I've never heard of this book but judging from the title it's probably full of crap/butt jokes.

This book is too boring. - SnowWang

I thought that Captin Underpants was terrible but, when I figured out this series I completly snapped! It's extremly disgusting!

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31 A Day with Barney

Ugh not this ugly dinosaur - ikerevievs

Rename it to a day in hell - Dvafan2


32 What Happened - Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump happened.

Basically, Hillary Clinton blames a bunch of people for her loss in the 2016 election.

Yeah, "What Happened" to those e-mails, Hillary?

butt - undeadfred87

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33 The Outsiders - The Complete Novel

This book is a classic. I have no idea how it made it on the worst books.

I found it confusing

Stay gold ponyboy


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34 Caillou-Potty Time

Maybe no potty time with stupid caillou - ikerevievs

My favourite book - DarkBoi-X

Ew why would you make a toilet book? flush this book down the well.. you know toilet!

35 Fifty Shades Freed

Okay mr James we get the idea that you like sexist things and porn

BELOW 1984? WHAT?!? - 445956

Is this real?
is this really a series?
am I just dreaming? there's no way this could be real. right?

36 Five Nights at Freddy's: The Silver Eyes

I would rather eat an entire roll of receipt paper and die of cancer than read this book. - ThatoneMetalhead

Personally, I enjoyed the book.

Wow I have a penis and I am a woman

This is one of my favriote books, but the fanbase is dumb and I am memeing

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37 Dora's Big Book of Stories

Have you people even read this book? Might I remind you that this is for FOUR YEAR OLDS, not Dora haters. So why don't you read the book first, then decide if it sucks or not, and if it does suck, then why don't you weirdos go find another book that will appeal to you, because its for toddlers.

P.S. this book is only on the list because it's for BABIES

It's a Dora book. Need I say more? - mayamanga

It's a kids know, meant to be read to four year olds? - yuki-blue

Dora is one weird T.V. show so I bet this book is weird to no offrence to the little kids out there but I guess shows like peppa pig and dora are weird

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38 Dragonball The Movie Junior Novel

A book of dragon ball evolution just ugh why does this exist - ikerevievs

39 Dork Diaries 4: Tales from a Not-So-Graceful Ice Princess

Well, Nikki finally gets the cellphone of her dreams. Will she quit whining and complaining? Not a chance. - Popsicles

ANY book with this stupid Dork in it is bad.

I disagree with whoever put this on here - blackflower


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40 Caillou: I'm Not Hungry!

Caillou Sucks. He should be Grounded forever - Lunala

We do not speak of the twisted grounded videos on these sacred grounds. - Cyri

Caillou is a brat

How does someone like this garbage trow this book away!

I'm not reading this - Dvafan2

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41 Caillou: No More Diapers

How about no more caillou - ikerevievs

I flush this down the toliet - Dvafan2

Ew another "potty" book DISCUSTING!

42 Atlas Shrugged - Ayn Rand

Somebody put the fountainhead on here as well.

43 The Rule of Four

I personally loved the book...
That is the first 6 chapters until I through it in a river...

44 Undertale: Diary Of A Wimpy Sans 1: An Unofficial Undertale Book

Ripoff diary of a wimpy kid - Sausagelover99

What the heck - Puppytart

Wimpy kid ripoff - Dvafan2

This looks cringy.

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45 Pinkalicious

Stupid book about a girl who wears all pink. She looks like Inky Pinky Doo, which also sucks. How the heck did I used to like this? There is no good moral to the book and this brat is mean to her brother. I hate my old self.

I agree, this book sucks. Also, what kind of a name is Pinkalicious, anyway? This book is very stereotypical and teaches kids that all girls love pink and fairy princesses.

The morals are: "eat all the cupcakes you want, and you will turn into a fairy princess, and the rest of your life will be glamour, glitter, and cupcakes." - Trollsfan536

She sees a giant cupcake and knows shes not supposed to go on it but does anyway and the cupcake explodes yet they only cheer for her like she is a queen. Hate it!

I used to love this book when I was little...
And god how stupid I was back then

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46 Safe Haven
47 The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality

HEY, Obama is WAY better than that racist and sexist scum Donald Trump. - astroshark

Obama's a badass so you republicans can eat it

That sounds REALLY boring.

So democrats are a cult now, according to this guy.

The world is slowly falling apart due to these kind of people existing... - Solacress

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48 Dripping Blood: Five Nights at Freddy's Fanfiction

Just... what? Why?

Because if the internet exists, so does fanfiction. There is no actual good reason. - Cyri

WHY. Just... no. - Lunala

This just so bad get out my lobby kid

49 The Color Purple

Mawkish and had me thinking it was something I had read several times before and I had never read it before... Plagiarism... Surely not... Writer has a below average IQ... Maybe better explanation as it was below average read.

50 The Familiars: Circle of Heroes

Why is this bad? I personally like the entire series.

This story has nothing to do with the first three. but the 3 before are good
do not waste your money

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