The Bible


This is kind of offensive. I know it's only fifteen on the list, so its not like its number one or anything, but can I just ask that you not put religious books on these lists? I don't want to be one of those over sensitive people that you see everywhere nowadays and say things like " We should show respect for women by removing 'man' from literally every word in the English language", but we should just leave the religious things out of these lists, just to protect people's beliefs. I myself am a Mormon, so we focus more on The Book of Mormon rather than the Bible, but I know I would be offended The Book of Mormon was on a list like this. Again, just trying to respect people and their beliefs, please don't think I'm trying to hate on the creator of this list or anything. - SassyEquine

You have got to be kidding me! This book survived top ten worst list. It should have been 2nd or third at least. It's badly written, have no interesting or consistent plot or structure. Many of the teachings are outdated such as stoning, slavery and violence against women.

It advocates incest between siblings by preaching things like Adam and Eve's children shagging each other for continuation of human race, and then it goes on to advocate incest between daughter and father by telling about Lut's daughter shagging their father.

Overall, this is waste of time, and delusional in its approach considering it tries to make people believe in supernatural super daddy.

Okay. This is to offensive, and whoever said that science explain everything. There are scientists now believing that what happened in The Bible are real. So whoever put this in the top ten, you're being offensive to any religion. Are you trying to tell us you're an atheist? Okay fine, we can accept that. But putting the holy book in this list doesn't make a better person, instead a racist to a religion. Now these day scientists, historians, archaeologist are now showing prof that Jesus is real.

I know right? The list just clearly has no taste, especially offensive when Anne Frank: Diary of A Young Girl got listed here. Whoever made this must have been reading terrible books they thought were good, and I bet they're racist and anti-seismic

I am probably the most atheist person you will ever meet and was raised by an entire family of atheists, but even I will say that this is ridiculous. You cannot mock any religion's holy book or writing. I do not agree with some of the things it teaches (like homosexuality is bad, etc), but it shouldn't be mocked.

I am Christian and am disgusted that this is here. Even if you're not religious, have respect for people's beliefs. What kind of miserable little...

I will never believe the reviews of Top ten list ever again. It's just like they don't believe in Jesus Christ but I think the demon uses this website and it put this. The only thing I don't like about the bible is they put something that is supposed to not be meant for girls. It does not mean that I don't believe in the bible. That can be a reason why this book is in the list.

Really? This is what society has come to? Demonizing religious books, and a book written by a holocaust survivor? You people keep me up at night.

You might think that it is boring but this is like when John Lennon told reporters that the Beatles were "bigger than Jesus." So you are making fun of people because of their religious beliefs. That is just sick.

Figures that this book is on this list. People tend to be scared of things that highlight the flaws of humanity. I get it, I myself am a miserable sinner who makes more mistakes than most people put together and it can be scary to read a book that high lists our imperfections. But today I want to take the time to talk about the Bible. Disclaimer: I respect your opinion if you are an atheist or follow a different religion but I need to share my opinion and ask you a few questions: If the Bible isn't true, why would people spread news of the Bible just to be rewarded by being tortured and killed? Why were the first people to discover Jesus WOMEN if small-minded people in those times thought women were crazy? Why is there proof of a great flood, such as fish being discovered in the desert if the Bible isn't true. Why on earth would SAUL someone who DIDN'T believe and hated Jesus at the time see him AFTER his death? Why is the Bible banned in some countries if its just a silly storybook? ...more

I am not even religious and am disturbed someone put this on the list. It's good to have faith in God, I sure do.

Are you kidding me? I'm not Christian, but this is super-offensive! Honestly, people need to respect other people's religions more... - lovo_is_always_right

Why on earth is this on here? We are talking about the bible. Why would it be on a list of worst books. I have never been so offended. People live their lives off of this. Keep your negative opinions on religious books to yourself for crying out loud!

This is pretty offensive to Christians. Did an atheist add this here or something? (I'm not trying to offend those people.) - Powerfulgirl10

Comments on this reinforce my vote for this book. I mean, what other book could cause such discord and utter bitterness/ vicious feelings towards other human beings just for the mere act of putting it on a list which, as the very meaning of this thread suggests, classifies as "bad literature". So, were not allowed to dislike the bible at all? Just think about it.

Even though your not Christian, it still teaches you a lot of good stuff.

So don't say 1000 plus pages of pure knowledge and religion is a bad thing

I agree that this complicated book of lies is not a good item, and not a good book. I apologize to Believers, but, as DreamOfConor said, this list is about everyone's opinions. So, don't take it personally, Believers, and don't be rude, Atheists. I think everyone's opinions matter, and we should share them, not be rude about them. The item on this list isn't symbolizing rudeness, though, it is symbolizing an opinion.

Have you read the bible? Even as an atheist, you can read the bible like reading a fantasy book or even a paulo coelho book. - leaobeid

Whoever added this is gonna go to hell. I JUST KNOW IT. And just when I thought The Lion King and Frozen being on the Worst Movies and Worst Disney Movies were the worst decisions ever. WHO ADDED THIS? AND WHY IS IT AT 10? This is why I don't get life. HOW CAN YOU NOT GO TO HELL FOR THIS?

Why do you speak as if you know everything? This will not change the fact that the bible is the greatest book, so if you are a believer, do as jesus said, love. - leaobeid

I know this is a site for opinions and all that. But there is no reason why any religious books should be on here. It is very disrespectful to put down another religion. Our country allows freedom of religion so that means not one religion is worse than another or not as important as another. I am a Christian but I feel it is not fair that the Qur'an and bible are on here.

Holy books do not belong on the list. And The Bible is an amazing book, I love Jesus Christ. This should be off the list. - AnimeDrawer

I'm Christian, I'm mad this is on here, this sight is meant for OPINIONS, not facts! Keep this opinion to YOURSELF! You clam the idea of the Bible is a bad book is FACT?! No! It's an opinion, keep it to yourself and your not gonna get so much crap for it! - trujillomus

How dare you put this on here. I am a Christian and even if I wasn't or another holy book of another religion was on here it is wrong to put a Religious book on here.

To be honest, I don't think any holy book should be on this list. It gets people of that religion really mad and it angers everyone else. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Another example of too many cooks. When you have so many people writing, chopping and editing a book, especially over such a long period of time, it's impossible to tell what was there originally and what has been added to suit certain people's agendas. I'm sure the original version was much better.

If we start saying that it's "offensive" to list The Bible as a bad book, so it shouldn't be done, then we are kowtowing to superstition, and giving respect simply because it is demanded and not earned. Offended? Fine, you're entitled to your feelings, and I'm entitled not to care.