Top Ten Worst Books Ever

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181 The Outsiders - The Complete Novel

This book is a classic. I have no idea how it made it on the worst books.

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182 Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Who would put this there

183 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
184 Dragon Ball Z Vol 1 V 1 Comment
185 Touching Spirit Bear
186 Der Vorleser

The worst book I have ever read. A German novel about a man telling a story about how he got hepatitis and a woman in her thirties has found him vomiting on the street. He fell in love with her and you know the rest... I read this book involuntarily and it has taken all my innocence. If you don't want to have nightmares of stockings for the rest of your life, don't open this book.

187 The Red Badge of Courage

I thought this classic was a great tale about the battlefield and moral and ethical issues.

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188 Stones to Abbigale
189 Swear to Howdy
190 Chasing Vermeer
191 Dragon Ball Vol 2
192 Dragon Ball Z Vol 25
193 Dragon Ball Z Vol 26
194 Pokemon Adventures Vol 1

I am about to pass out. I don't know who the heck put this on here, but there is something seriously wrong with them.

Mangas are cool!

195 Big Book of Doge

This book sounds such meaningful. many interest. Much wow.
This book is a masterpiece.

196 How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food
197 Spongebob Squarepants: Special Delivery!
198 The 5th Wave

I thought this was a good book. Other than the constant cussing. I suggest it for older readers.

This is a good book, it's the film that sucks.

Good book

199 The Avengers Movie Storybook
200 Terraria Comic Book

Terraria sucks

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