Top Ten Worst Books Ever

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201 The Illuminati

I'm part of the illuminati

Illluminati Confirmed

202 Catching Fire

I think this is the movie cover - ikerevievs

This is the best book innthe trilogy

203 I Heart Band
204 The Prophecy of the Stones - Flavia Bujor
205 Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero

This is a good book! What is this doing here?

Piper and Drew equally suck.

206 Maze Runner

The characters are stupid, the plot is lame and cliche, the deaths are forced, and who the hell needs another dystopian book?

207 Ethan Frome
208 The Color of Earth

A kid in my class read it. He told me about it. It's inappropriate

209 Nevermore
210 Hamlet
211 The Call of the Wild

This book was still amazing for me when I was in THIRD GRADE. I mean how could it be boring if I read through it fairly quickly with my short 8 year old attention span? This is a great book that depicts life in the harsh North from the point of view of a sled dog that was absucted.

I read and fell in love with this book! It's amazing!

212 To Build a Fire V 1 Comment
213 Peter and Wendy
214 Midnight Sins
215 Moon People V 1 Comment
216 The Secret Life of Bees V 1 Comment
217 Heir to the Stars - Lionel Suggs V 1 Comment
218 Things You Can Do with a Useless Man
219 Gone with the Wind
220 Dragon Ball Z, Vol. 3
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