Top Ten Worst Books Ever

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201 Undertale: Mixed Timelines
202 Undertale: Surviving the Underground
203 Sword Art Online 1: Aincrad
204 Death Note Vol 1
205 The Communist Manifesto - Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
206 Wonder Woman the Novel
207 Highlights in the History of Concrete

Don't worry guys, it's only the most interesting parts, or the highlights of the most boring building material on earth. - ThatoneMetalhead

208 The Legend of Rah and the Muggles

If you don't know this book, you might know it as the book where the author, Nancy Stouffer, tried to sue J.K. Rowling on the grounds that Rowling had copied content from her without giving credit. Some of the reasons were Scientology-like idiocy (why does character wearing tights and revolving doors deal with filing a lawsuit), but the main reason was because of how bad the book is - You can find the plotline under the "Horrible/Literature" section of TVTropes, because explaining it in words would make my eyes sore. - Swellow

209 No Promises in the Wind

Overall an overrated book. Nothing in the plot was interesting or exciting. - sdad31r2r2fw65jur

210 Make Way for Dumb Bunnies - Dav Pilkey

This book stinks stupid rabbits acting stupid.

211 The Dumb Bunnies - Dav Pilkey V 2 Comments
212 It's Halloween, You 'Fraidy Mouse! - Elisabetta Dami

The book is boring, the illustrations are boring, A. And the characters are boring as well. I hate mice

213 Babymouse 1: Queen of the World!

Bad story, bad illustrations, bad writing, bad idea.

About a bratty Mary Sue like Nikki Maxwell from Dork Diaries - mayamanga

What was Jennifer L. Holm THINKING when she thought up of making the evil Babymouse dump pop corn and butter on Flecia? Babymouse is a bully! You hear me? A bully! 😨
Pen from bfdi

Babybitch! Go. To. Bloody. Hell. I actually took pity on Felicia though. This mouse is a whiny, bitch! Go off & commit suicide, you horror!

214 Babymouse 2: Our Hero

Babymouse 2: A Mary Sue Brat Is Our Hero

215 Don't Die Dragonfly - Linda Joy Singleton
216 Insurgent - Veronica Roth

The first one is really better than this but it's still an okay for me. The movie is just is so terrible that it kinda destroys the book's reputation. VERONICA ROTH, don't let Lion's Gate destroy your baby!

Protect the book! it's not in the least bit boring

A very dull read.

The movie destroyed the whole plot

V 2 Comments
217 Deadly Little Secret - Laurie Faria Stolarz
218 The Hunger Games

Still a more excellent series than the Divergent and Twilight series.

I couldn't get through the first chapter. Poorly written, not creative by any means and boring. After trying to read it I wanted to kill myself for spending $33.99 on the books. Absolutely horrible.

Seriously. The prose of the book was on par with Twilight and even Fifty Shades of Grey at times. No doubt The Hunger Games has a better story (or at least story concept) but the actual writing was mediocre overall.

Why is this below Anne Frank's Diary?

V 23 Comments
219 Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl

Whoever voted for this is sick - lily_hp

Anne Frank was an amazing little girl who lived in the time of the Nazi invasion. Let's hope he doesn't hate her because she's a Jew.

You're kidding, right? You people disgust me.

Not true poncho, you can click the percentage after you vote on something else and it will let you comment. - RalphBob

Why do you call this a bad book? It's a diary about a girl in world War II. I think this book should be one of the best!

V 23 Comments
220 Among the Hidden

Okay, forgive me for this one guys. At first I thought the book was good, but The thing that made me never pick the book up again was a bad experience with it. It isn't fun when you have a nightmare about the story, then wake up from it only to find out you've been sleep-paralyzed, right?

I thought this was quite a good book.

Well you are right with this one

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