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21 Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So Fabulous Life

This girl is just such a spoiled brat, who doesn't care for the sacrifices her parents has made. She whines about literally everything and can't even stand up to herself

Nikki's a whiny spoiled jerk that doesn't realize what her parents go through yet she nags them for a damn iPhone! - Catacorn

This stupid series is brainwashing 11 year old girls who act like teens. Seriously, if you want to read a GOOD diary, ready diary of a wimpy kid, or if you're into real diaries, read the diary of Anne Frank. - astroshark

Can we stop with the Diary of a X Kid books? Please? We don't need that many books. - Swellow

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22 Fifty Shades Darker - E. L. James

Yay more of Christian's money, "good looks," and "massive penis"

Awful Book With An Awful Movie Released This Year (2017) (As I'm Writing This) - VideoGamefan5

Worst series ever

Twilight fanfiction. - Swellow

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23 Super Diaper Baby 2

Can you guys stop saying every single thing is disgusting?!


I thought that Captin Underpants was terrible but, when I figured out this series I completly snapped! It's extremly disgusting!

24 Breaking Dawn

At least it was the last book in the series... - Turkeyasylum

POTTER FOREVER, TWILIGHT NEVER! Literally, everyone I know thinks this series is crap. At least it's the last book in the series!

I think this is the last book so that means only one more movie to deal with. YAY


25 Dork Diaries 4: Tales from a Not-So-Graceful Ice Princess

ANY book with this stupid Dork in it is bad.

Well, Nikki finally gets the cellphone of her dreams. Will she quit whining and complaining? Not a chance. - Popsicles

I read this book for school and we were supposed to write about it. I was the only one who wrote a bad review for it's stereotypes, whininess and annoyingness.

I read the book and AMAZINGLY funny and fun for all the girls out there!

26 The Rule of Four

I personally loved the book...
That is the first 6 chapters until I through it in a river...

27 Pinkalicious

Pinkalicious is nothing but a selfish stupid brat. She doesn't care about nature, she won't donate any money, and she's a huge stereotype to children. Many Pinkalicious books where banned because they where too inappropriate for kids. The Blackalicious book got banned because it was racist and offensive to black people. Pinkalicious is too skinny, and it's impossible for somebody to be that skinny. I want to kill Pinkalicious and if I where I president I would ban Pinkalicious books because they're too stereotypical and dumb - Trollsfan536

Stupid book about a girl who wears all pink. She looks like Inky Pinky Doo, which also sucks. How the heck did I used to like this? There is no good moral to the book and this brat is mean to her brother. I hate my old self. - AnimeDrawer

She sees a giant cupcake and knows shes not supposed to go on it but does anyway and the cupcake explodes yet they only cheer for her like she is a queen. Hate it!

This Book Looks Retarded - VideoGamefan5

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28 The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality

HEY, Obama is WAY better than that racist and sexist scum Donald Trump. - astroshark

Obama's a badass so you republicans can eat it

That sounds REALLY boring.

Seriously? a book by a failed president? What good did Obama do other than starting more more wars and some continuing from the Bush administration, allow more illegal immigrants in, Obamacare, and worsening the economy by MORE TAXES! What about NDAA and his accusations of Right-Wing terrorism? He lost millions of jobs and claimed to have made 12 million. Why is anybody still supporting him?

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29 The Color Purple

Mawkish and had me thinking it was something I had read several times before and I had never read it before... Plagiarism... Surely not... Writer has a below average IQ... Maybe better explanation as it was below average read.

30 The Familiars: Circle of Heroes

Why is this bad? I personally like the entire series.

31 Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi
32 Fifty Shades Freed

Okay mr James we get the idea that you like sexist things and porn

Is this real?
is this really a series?
am I just dreaming? there's no way this could be real. right?

33 Dora's Big Book of Stories

It's a kids know, meant to be read to four year olds? - yuki-blue

It's a Dora book. Need I say more? - mayamanga

The waste book ever

Dora : Where is water?
Me : yes, you are standing in it.
Dora : where is it? I can't see it...
Me : Please Dora, kill yourself

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34 Five Nights at Freddy's: The Silver Eyes

I would rather eat an entire roll of receipt paper and die of cancer than read this book. - ThatoneMetalhead

Stupid fnaf I will never read you - ikerevievs

35 Frozen Read Along Storybook

Why do we need so many damn books about it? Just watch the movie, for Pete's sake! - Popsicles

When I saw the cover and title of this book I clicked vote. It's as bad as the movie

People just hate on this book because it's Frozen. - PerfectImpulseX

That one word made me vote this

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36 The Selection
37 1984

What the hell is this doing here?

Are we talking book or time? I'm lost. Someone with knowledge hurry up and say something so I know what to say.

There is a book called 1948 that was made in 1984

I can't be the only one who dislikes this... - ProPanda

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38 The Giver

Oh man. I REMEMBER THIS. I had to read it in 5th grade in 2006. IT WAS THE MOST DEPRESSING BOOK EVER! I don't even know why people like it. It represents THE WORST of what life could be like. Like I need a worse life than the one I already have. WHY DID THEY MAKE US READ THIS?

I don't know myself why but I have always hated this book after reading it in school. I've read tons of books for English class in school and there were only two that I could say I HATE.

I mostly like it, but I have to criticize it for its right wing agenda

I honestly found this book really boring. It is about a guy named Jonas and everything has no color. It is unique, but kinda boring, nothing really interesting. It is too confusing and strange. - AnimeDrawer

I found this book really werid I had to read it in school - YoshiApple

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39 World's Wackiest Joke Book

Worlds CRAPPIEST joke book

40 Four - Veronica Roth

It could have been better based on the fact that it's basically the same thing over and over from a different person's point of view, except for the beginning.

This is pretty great actually, now allegiant...still looking for the book after I threw it in a I can burn it next...

I actually really enjoyed this.

What? I love this book

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