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41 Frozen Read Along Storybook

Why do we need so many damn books about it? Just watch the movie, for Pete's sake! - Popsicles

When I saw the cover and title of this book I clicked vote. It's as bad as the movie

People just hate on this book because it's Frozen. - PerfectImpulseX

That one word made me vote this

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42 The Selection
43 1984

What the hell is this doing here?

Are we talking book or time? I'm lost. Someone with knowledge hurry up and say something so I know what to say.

There is a book called 1948 that was made in 1984

Erm... Wasn't it made in 1948?

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44 The Giver

Oh man. I REMEMBER THIS. I had to read it in 5th grade in 2006. IT WAS THE MOST DEPRESSING BOOK EVER! I don't even know why people like it. It represents THE WORST of what life could be like. Like I need a worse life than the one I already have. WHY DID THEY MAKE US READ THIS?

I don't know myself why but I have always hated this book after reading it in school. I've read tons of books for English class in school and there were only two that I could say I HATE.

I mostly like it, but I have to criticize it for its right wing agenda

I honestly found this book really boring. It is about a guy named Jonas and everything has no color. It is unique, but kinda boring, nothing really interesting. It is too confusing and strange. - AnimeDrawer

I found this book really werid I had to read it in school - YoshiApple

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45 World's Wackiest Joke Book

Worlds CRAPPIEST joke book

46 My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Through the Mirror

It's MLPEG. I'm scared to admit but I don't like this movie. - mayamanga

47 Four - Veronica Roth

It could have been better based on the fact that it's basically the same thing over and over from a different person's point of view, except for the beginning.

This is pretty great actually, now allegiant...still looking for the book after I threw it in a I can burn it next...

What? I love this book

This is the way Four felt and what he did when Tris wasn't there

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48 Warrior Cats

Why is this on here? This book series is actually really good, despite all of the errors. Some people hate it because of all the mistakes, and I agree that it could use improvement (like more character development), but it has to be difficult for the authors to keep track of thousands of characters.

Obviously someone just saw the title and put it here. Ugh, Warriors is so good why don't you like it!

This book isn't nearly as great as people say it is. Fight me.

I love this book it is a masterpiece, I have never read anything so beautiful.

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49 What Happened - Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump happened.

Nothing, Hillary. Nothing Happened.

Yeah, "What Happened" to those e-mails, Hillary?


50 Better Off - Eric Brende

This is the worst, most pretentious, most overrated book I've ever read in my life. I had to read it for English class and it was the worst month of any class I've ever taken, ever. It's about this egotistical douche named Eric Brende who decides that people are getting too attached to technology and goes and lives with an Amish community for a year or two. He drags a woman he met at a nightclub and married only four months later along as well. He makes it clear from the first chapter that he hates technology, even though he uses it constantly. For instance, he keeps the car he had and takes it to the Amish with him. What a hypocrite. And he basically keeps his wife imprisoned in their house, sewing clothes and cooking food in a wood stove. After 47478397429293 pages of nothing interesting happening, he goes back to New York City (with the kids they had in the community) and now he makes soap, drives a rickshaw, and runs a bed and breakfast for money, still denouncing technology. Oh, ...more - Spark_Of_Life

51 Divergent

It's copied off of The Hunger Games, which was actually copied off a 1999 novel called Battle Royale. Veronica Roth just saw the Hunger Games and figured she could make a ton of money if she just tweaked it a little bit. They're practically the same book: bland and whiny white heroine must overthrow an oppressive government/evil dictator, society is separated into factions/districts, and of course there's a boring guy as a love interest. The world building is practically non-existent. It panders to teenage girls and just fulfills their wishes. Example: Four. A hot, mysterious, damaged older guy who sees how special the bland and boring Tris is on the inside. Exactly what every teenage girl wants. Four has about as much personality as a brick. The Dauntless are just reckless idiots who do stupid things for no reason at all. They get piercings, wear tight clothes, dye their hair, get tattoos and generally act like bratty rebellious teenagers rather than a militant force. Apparently ...more

Boring. It's just hunger games with a different setting, plot, and characters. And the movie didn't make it look good either

No book of the series should be hated. it may have some minor traits in common with the Hunger Games but don't be hating its original

Generic and full of cliches. Don't waste your time with this boring waste of trees.

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52 City of Bones

Huge mistake for putting this book here

I'm surprised this isn't on here - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

53 Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought

Fake sci-fi can't be called a religion


54 The Pearl

Who put this on the list? Doesn't anyone get the moral? The moral of the story is not about the pearl itself, it's about how far would you go to get something you really want when it can eventually backfire. It's a great book.

The thing is, I needed to read this book when I was too young. It was awfully boring and I really hoped I wouldn't have been forced to read this book when I was so young.

55 Babymouse 4: Rock Star

Nobody likes Babymouse anyway.

This crappy little brat of a mouse

Why on earth her name is ''Babymouse'' if she's not a baby.-.

Her name is Babymouse. She's in THE 5TH GRADE for Pete's sake.
I wonder how people will react once she goes to High School... - mayamanga

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56 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

This was the first Harry Potter book I read and I LOVE it. I also like the movie. I don't see how people don't like this book.

101% mistake putting this on the list

This was a good book actually. No Harry Potter book deserves to be on the list. - AnimeDrawer

The person who put this on did a mistake

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57 Romeo and Juliet The Graphic Novel: Original Text
58 67 Reasons Why Cats are Better Than Dogs

NO. Cats are amazing. My best friend Stuart's favourite animals are cats. They aren't overrated (well they are a little bit). DOGS are overrated. But I'd say they're equal, I hate that dogs are number 1 on best animals and cats are 2. They should both be number 1. Both are amazing. They both have negatives (cats treat us like slaves and most dogs are just slobbering creatures that force you to play with them). But hey, look, cats are cute and furry and dogs do interesting things. Let's just say they're equal, okay? - astroshark

If I need to remind myself of reasons why cats are better than dogs than I'll just read Warriors, sorry. - NotYoursTruly

I don't really like cats or dogs, but when people ask me, I usually just say, 'cats,' mainly because cats are a bit quieter.

I like dogs better, thank you very much. - AnimeDrawer

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59 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules - Jeff Kinney

They forgot to add a part with Greg catching Rodrick masturbating!

One of the worst books of the Diary of a wimpy kid series. It is basically torturing Greg the whole chapter and Rodrick being a jerk. Even the movie was bad.

It truly baffles me that critics praise this book and the book series it's part of as a whole. None of these books are entertaining, not to mention they don't follow a plot, only events or flashbacks that don't add to anythingt. Main character's a socially awkard uh..."wimp", who's life sucks more than mine. Side characters aren't any better and some aren't even relatable. The worst part is that there's like 11 books in this series! How?

The Entire DWK Series Should Be The Top 11 - Du

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60 The Quest for the Diamond Sword: A Minecraft Gamer's Adventure

This is just some stupid, pandering minecraft book.


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