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61 Quotations from Chairman Mao

This, like Mein Kampf, isn't bad per say. It's just ideas from an important figure in history, albeit good or bad.

62 Lord of The Flies

Such a great book. Beautifully written with a great message.

I read this in 4th grade and I found it very well written, a bit gory though

Very different, it's entertaining how fast they go mad

This book scarred me so much I wouldn't do work for it and lost my phone

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63 The Fault In Our Stars - John Green‎

Ugh, sometimes I feel like the only one who didn't like this book. The characters are annoying and not even remotely realistic (Augustus was a stupid Gary Stu with insanely unrealistic dialogue and Hazel was boring as hell). There was one part of the book where the reason for breakfast foods being eaten only in the morning is discussed for several pages. Come on! Overall, I did not enjoy this book at all, and I don't get why it has so many annoying fangirls.

Get Anne Frank, To Kill a Mockingbird, Lord of the flies, and any religious texts off this list this deserves to be one of the worst.

I'm sorry but it drives me insane when people watch the movie before reading the book. After you watch the movie and then try to read the book you'll realize they left out parts and/or changed them.

This book really isn't all it's cracked up to be. Just another generic dumb love story John Green wrote. I don't hate him I just don't like his books.m

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64 Johnny Tremain

Such a snooze fest. Read this is 8th grade and put me to sleep within 20 minutes.

I was forced to read this in 5th grade. the basic story is this guy decides to have a friend after disabling his hand who died the end.

65 My Weird School: Mr. Macky Is Wacky!

This book is amazing!

This idiot book centers on an idiot kid named AJ (real name Idiot)

But this is amazing idoit


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66 Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

What the heck is this doing on this list? This is, in my opinion, along with the Hunger Game and Harry Potter, one of the greatest book series. It book, tells us about the supernatural Greek world and how it fits into modern times. Anyone who thinks this is a Harry Potter series rip-off is a simple neanderthal that need severe examination in their intellect complex. People need to READ this book before saying it's a rip-off. This have absolutely nothing to do with witches and wizards. In fact, it isn't about magic at ALL.

Its an awesome series and anyone who can't see that is a moron.

WHAT? The heck. Whoever put this here is an idiot... There's a lot of stuff on here in fact that was put on by an idiot...

Does anyone else have the feeling the person who made this list putting a lot of books that are popular on here cause they can't write as well as these authors?

How dare you idiots who don't appreciate literature put this on? Probably the same fools who decide To Kill A Mockingbird is boring.

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67 Fairy Navigator Runa 1 V 3 Comments
68 Jurassic Park

No way please get this book off this list

get it OFF

69 Shopkins: Welcome to Shopville

If you come across this EVER, I suggest you take it and burn it as quickly as possible. LPS were better.

This looks terrible, Shopkins are overrated, what is so great about plastic, useless toys that are in the shapes of everyday items? - AnimeDrawer

Shopkins are ugly and creepy - ikerevievs

This book is creepy as heck. That cookie looks scary! - mayamanga

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70 Minions: The Junior Novel

Minions are the worst thing to happen to animation.



What minions is art it is funni and so MLG and this is comin from a 2010's kid yo

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71 Mockingjay

One part I really hated about Mockingjay was Prim's death. The whole Hunger Games books happened because Katniss wanted to protect her! And the goal is just thrown away within a few pages! Such a dumb move.

Had potential, though I think Collins' main failing was keeping it in Katniss' perspective the whole time. And then not explaining what on earth was going on. Why did Prim die again?

I don't know, I just could not get into this book. Maybe it was too slowly paced for me. - Elric-san

Hate this book with a passion. Twilight level bad.

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72 Go Set a Watchman

I heard Atticus is racist. Will never read it.

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73 Heroes of Olympus: The Blood of Olympus

Humanity has NOT improved in good taste.

This is the best book ever! I was HAPPY when Leo survived!

Fist of all, everything was rushed, like really rushed. Plot holes were everywhere like termites to wood. Second, Humor went a little dry and the characters did not seem like themselves, everyone was out of character. Third of all, really? So many cliches and things happened, the plot holes and the details were just, horrid. Fourth, Rick pulled a J.K. Rowling (sorry if I mispelled that). He brought Leo back to life with some kind of, 'magic." It made me cringe and honestly, I didn't know if this was either bad fanfiction or an author trying to lay waste to a beautiful series just to start another one. was an Okay book

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74 Mallory Goes Green

My daughter had to read this at school, and it sounds like pure hell to me.

Main character is a selfish brat.

75 We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Oh dear god, I'm getting flash backs of my teacher playing the stupid DVD with the song on it, OVER AND OVER AGAIN! This book is cancer.

Bad moral at the end.

This sucky book has no educational value at all. I mean, "WE GO THROUGH GRASS! " Really like just go in your garden

76 The BFG

This book was amazing, it shouldn't be here.

This is a Classic! - ARandomPerson

What is this doing here?

This is actually good,but the wording is not the best.

The BFG and the other giants aren't good with grammar; it was done on purpose. - yuki-blue

77 Fairy Tail Vol 1
78 The Emoji Movie a Junior Novelization

Worst thing ever - ikerevievs

79 The House On Mango Street

I Read this Sophomore year in high school. It was crap. - kcianciulli


80 The Scarlet Letter

At this point, I think "classics" are books that suck but are old so people respect them a lot. The reason they get popular is in the word - class. People of high class back in the old days read the book and pretended to like it because reading and liking literature was something that separated you from "commoners." In truth, the book is garbage and not engaging at all.

By far the worst book I've ever read. For the majority of the book, literally nothing of substance happens! All the symbolism in the world doesn't mean jack if you can't engage your reader.

This book was so bad that I would buy my kids Cliff's Notes instead of this book if they are ever forced to read it in school.

Yeah this wasn't that great of a "classic." Buy your kids The Outsiders or something instead!

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