Top Ten Worst Books Ever

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121 Naruto Vol 1

Naw this is good - mayamanga

The other guy commenting is dumb.

I... can't... even. Naruto was one of the greatest things I've ever read.

Neruto sucks it's a ripoff of dbz

122 Minions: Snow Day

Minions are so annoying

123 Minions: Who's the Boss?


124 Maximum Ride Forever
125 The Clique
126 Land Before Time

Worst list ever, the bible, the shining, to kill a mockingbird. whoever wrote this must be an atheist.

127 Getting into Trouble - Anne Daw
128 The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
129 Suicide Squad: The Novel

so bad

130 The No Cussing Club

So basically, we should ban books with swear words in them? Nuh-uh, I'm not letting go of Shakespeare! - yuki-blue

Written by: Soccermoms - Cartoonfan202

131 Mega Man 1: Let the Games Begin
132 The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

A renowned, popular document from Jewish leaders wanting to control world government. Still popular in the Middle East and some parts of the Internet to this day. - bugger

133 The Twisted Ones (Five Nights at Freddy's)


134 All My Friends are Dead

Push me to the edge - ProPanda

Quote from the book:
Baker: "All my friends are bread" - ThatoneMetalhead

135 The Overcoat - Nikolai Gogol
136 Stronger Together - Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine
137 Reasons the Vote for Democrats
138 The Confederate Battle Flag
139 Stephen Kings It

No guys best book ever

140 Woyzeck
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