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141 Diary of a Wimpy Kid

This list is horrible! Half the books on here do not deserve to be. The qur'an, the bible, to kill a mockingbird and now this! This is beyond stupid. By putting the bible on here you are offending every Muslim and Christian who goes on this sight. You may as well be saying that they're religions make them stupider or more evil. It's offensive and both of those should be removed from the list ASAP. To kill a mockingbird is not a bad book. It is a masterpiece of American literature. Harper lee, a southerner stood up against the philosophy of her own homeland to criticize the evils of racism, sexism and prejudice in general all in one book. The themes of to kill a mockingbird are still valid in society today. Racist and sexist groups still exist, and have done anything in they're power to try and get it banned and to get people to think it is bad. Do not fall for they're propaganda. Those morons can not be allowed to run the country again. Try reading it. On top of teaching great ...more

I agree. Diary of a wimpy kid is awesome, and it is not all crap like, "I have a crush on this girl, but she has got the cheese touch". No offense, but the only crap we are talking about here is this list. Sorry.

Okay, I'll admit I'm not appalled to find this book on here. I mean, it still shouldn't be on here, it's a good book. - poncho531

This book has incredible words of truth sometimes, no joke

Get this off of here! You know, I bet I know who put this on here. That 11 year old commenting on Dork Diaries book one, who said Greg was "a drunk pig complaining about his brothers". - mayamanga

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142 Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl

Whoever voted for this is sick - lily_hp

Anne Frank was an amazing little girl who lived in the time of the Nazi invasion. Let's hope he doesn't hate her because she's a Jew.

You're kidding, right? You people disgust me.

Not true poncho, you can click the percentage after you vote on something else and it will let you comment. - RalphBob

Why do you call this a bad book? It's a diary about a girl in world War II. I think this book should be one of the best!

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143 Looking for Alaska

This is a really good book! And I should know just about all I do is read! I read this book in summer, it took me a day to read, I could not put it down!

Whoever put this here is dumb and didn't even read the whole book, It's a masterpiece for god's sake, I honestly can't believe this

Every john green book is amazing

It's so good. - Catacorn

144 Make Way for Dumb Bunnies - Dav Pilkey

This book stinks stupid rabbits acting stupid.

145 The Dumb Bunnies - Dav Pilkey V 2 Comments
146 It's Halloween, You 'Fraidy Mouse! - Elisabetta Dami

The book is boring, the illustrations are boring, A. And the characters are boring as well. I hate mice

Did you know it came out in September not October - Officialpen

147 Babymouse 1: Queen of the World!

Bad story, bad illustrations, bad writing, bad idea.

About a bratty Mary Sue like Nikki Maxwell from Dork Diaries - mayamanga

What was Jennifer L. Holm THINKING when she thought up of making the evil Babymouse dump pop corn and butter on Flecia? Babymouse is a bully! You hear me? A bully! 😨
Pen from bfdi

Babybitch! Go. To. Bloody. Hell. I actually took pity on Felicia though. This mouse is a whiny, bitch! Go off & commit suicide, you horror!

148 Babymouse 2: Our Hero

Babymouse 2: A Mary Sue Brat Is Our Hero

OH THE HORROR! - Officialpen

149 The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby!

Ok quit saying that everything is disgusting and poop is real

Ugh. This book is disgusting. I mean, poop isn't real.

150 Feed - M.T. Anderson
151 When Your Reach Me

When You Reach Me is a superb book this list is infested with trolls... - keycha1n

I read the back. It was great. When I read the full book. I was like what - spodermanfan1000

Why can't you like, type in the name of the damn book correctly?

It wasn't the best book, but still good

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152 Miles to Go
153 The Hunger Games

Still a more excellent series than the Divergent and Twilight series.

I couldn't get through the first chapter. Poorly written, not creative by any means and boring. After trying to read it I wanted to kill myself for spending $33.99 on the books. Absolutely horrible.

Seriously. The prose of the book was on par with Twilight and even Fifty Shades of Grey at times. No doubt The Hunger Games has a better story (or at least story concept) but the actual writing was mediocre overall.

Why is this below Anne Frank's Diary?

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154 Battlefield Earth

Isn't that a movie?

155 Among the Hidden

Okay, forgive me for this one guys. At first I thought the book was good, but The thing that made me never pick the book up again was a bad experience with it. It isn't fun when you have a nightmare about the story, then wake up from it only to find out you've been sleep-paralyzed, right?

I thought this was quite a good book.

Well you are right with this one

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156 The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

I actually liked this book.

What the classic horror book it's so good

The worst book I ever read in English class

157 Le Barrage Dans la Vallée
158 Love You Forever

This book is about a woman who sings this song to her son. Before you hate, let me explain the backstory. The man who wrote this created it as a song to sing to his stillborn babies after he and his wife got two. I find this book incredibly touching and you should too.

So many people like this book of an awful kid with awful parents. Teaches kids that they can be as free as they can.

This book is about a mother who can't take care of her son. Worst book ever.

I can't believe my favorite author in first grade wrote this book

159 Jaws

A remarkably well done movie hatched from this wretched amalgamation of unfinished plot lines. An infuriating, idiotic novel.

One of those real rare things, that the book is worse than the movies and Jaws is one of those

160 Faster Than the Speed of Love

Brian Griffin sucks at writing.

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