Top Ten Worst Books Ever

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161 Dragon Ball Z Vol 18
162 Dragon Ball Z Vol 25
163 Dragon Ball Z Vol 26
164 Pokemon Adventures Vol 1

I am about to pass out. I don't know who the heck put this on here, but there is something seriously wrong with them.

Mangas are cool!

165 Big Book of Doge

This book sounds such meaningful. many interest. Much wow.
This book is a masterpiece.

166 How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food
167 Spongebob Squarepants: Special Delivery!
168 The 5th Wave

I thought this was a good book. Other than the constant cussing. I suggest it for older readers.

This is a good book, it's the film that sucks.

Good book

169 The Avengers Movie Storybook
170 Terraria Comic Book

Terraria sucks

171 The Illuminati

I'm part of the illuminati

Illluminati Confirmed

172 Catching Fire V 1 Comment
173 I Heart Band
174 The Prophecy of the Stones - Flavia Bujor
175 Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero

This is a good book! What is this doing here?

Piper and Drew equally suck.

176 Maze Runner

The characters are stupid, the plot is lame and cliche, the deaths are forced, and who the hell needs another dystopian book?

177 Ethan Frome
178 The Color of Earth

A kid in my class read it. He told me about it. It's inappropriate

179 Nevermore
180 Hamlet
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