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161 Jaws

A remarkably well done movie hatched from this wretched amalgamation of unfinished plot lines. An infuriating, idiotic novel.

One of those real rare things, that the book is worse than the movies and Jaws is one of those

162 Faster Than the Speed of Love

Brian Griffin sucks at writing.

163 Wonder

I love this book! It's amazing!

This doesn't belong here. *Turns On "One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other"*.

What? This book is awesome

This is beautiful. Much better than Dork Diaries - mayamanga

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164 My Busy Being Bella Day

The visuals suck in this book

Oh yeah the Big Screamy Baby is back! She has a free book now, "My Big Screaming Day", which available at a total waste of money!

HEY LOOK! CAILLOU 2.0 IS BACK! - Officialpen

165 Don't Die Dragonfly - Linda Joy Singleton
166 Insurgent - Veronica Roth

The first one is really better than this but it's still an okay for me. The movie is just is so terrible that it kinda destroys the book's reputation. VERONICA ROTH, don't let Lion's Gate destroy your baby!

Protect the book! it's not in the least bit boring

A very dull read.

The movie destroyed the whole plot

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167 Deadly Little Secret - Laurie Faria Stolarz
168 Cabin Fever - Jeff Kinney

(let's just pretend that it got the same comments as original)

WHO PUT THIS HERE - TheKirbyCreeper999

Take any DOAWK books, The Bible, and Qur'an off of here. - mayamanga

169 Dragonbreath

This series is just bad.What lizards go to school and what puny idiot dragon goes to to fight some vampire hotdog thingy and all he did was save someone from some frogs stalking her?!

170 The Last of the Mohicans - James Fenimore Cooper

The most boring book of all time!

171 The Alchemist

This is the only book that I've read in school that I liked. It was cool.

172 Butt Wars: The Final Conflict

What's wrong with this and The Day My Butt Went Psycho? They have a weird premise, but if you read it, they're pretty good.

I haven't even read it

Just no. This is just pedophilia - mayamanga

How does this stuff even get published? -_- - Popsicles

173 The Shining

Movie was better. But this book is not bad. It's just a Stephen King novel. A well written story about a dumb plot line. 10/10

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174 Bud, Not Buddy

It was nice, I'll be honest.
But what about the parts when Bud goes out of his way to kill other kids? This book is a pass for people who don't like: 1) Orphan stuck miserable with other then their parents (The first half of every Harry Potter book must be making' your life hell). 2) Murderous child rampage.

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175 Love, Stargirl

What is with the hate for Stargirl books they were great :/

What? This book is great

176 Sarah, Plain and Tall
177 The Westing Game

Hey! I LOVED THE BOOK! Probably because I found the red herring and the "killer" before the book told me... #LifeAccomplished

A bit complicated, but good

This book is amazing!

178 The Cage (Children's Book)

This book is everything I hate about religion. It's aim is to indoctrinate children into the Christian faith by installing fear. It is propaganda aimed at children in an attempt to teach them about the horrors of Hell in a "child friendly way" It is a sick, perverse and disgusting attempt at brainwashing the youth, stealing their innocence and replacing it with blind, fearful faith

You idiots! This is the wrong cover. The wrong book!

179 How Oliver Olson Changed the World
180 Touch Blue V 2 Comments
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