I like the creativity and originality of it, but it completely made people look at vampires and werewolf a whole different way. What happened to the classic scary vampire?

I've read this book and New Moon, and I'm only going to try to finish the series because I want to make fun of it. It's TERRIBLE. I'll sum up the entire storyline of Twighlight for you (DON'T READ IF YOU WANT TO READ THIS BOOK LATER): there's a girl called Bella Swan who goes to Forks and sits in the forest and mopes about how terrible her life is and for Edward, an obsessive vampire. As for New Moon, at first Edward leaves Bella. "My life is over! " says Bella. Then she tries Plan B: the hunk of a life time, Jacob Black, the backup Edward. Then Edward comes back, and thinks that Bella's dead. 'Now MY life is over! ' says Edward. But then they rediscover their love for each other, and there's more of that to be found in the next book! I'm over here thinking, "Now MY life is over! " Is it just me, or did it seem as if Stephenie Meyer just made up Twighlight as she went along and in the last one hundred pages, she realized, ''well there has to be SOME sort of climax'', and then included ...more

The only thing cool is that it's about vampires and werewolves, nothing else. The main protagonist, Bella Swan is the worst female character to ever existed, too selfish and dependent on men. The books ruin the vampires' image and the love story is pretty trashy. I recommend you to read meaningful books like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games instead.

Guys, this book is anything but good. And as far as the movie, Kristen can't act for the sake of it, and the actor for Edward stated he thought that Stephanie was crazy. And I'm gonna consider this pedophilia. Serious pedophilia. Go read good things, like Hunger Games, Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter, etc

Bella and Edward have the most ridiculous and unhealthy relationship that is borderline abuse. It is a terrible love story and an awful plot about characters that are too dependent on one another and need to get a life. Save yourself some pain and read a real love story like Me Before You not this.

This is by far the worst book ever. There are more than fifty reasons why it is awful so I'm not gonna list them. You can easily search for them on the web.

I am never reading this crappy book series again. You'll expect to find this crap in a prison library or a juvenile detention center library. The story got really boring so I stopped reading it. What the hell is the point about a vampire that sparkles?! I mean, for crying out loud, vampires are not supposed to sparkle!

Worst book I've read. It is pointless love between a boring vampire and a good-for-nothing girl. There is no plot and Bella is always fainting every two minutes. Do NOT read it.

Still a better love story than... Oh wait... - gemcloben

I always thought that this book was some kind of parody of generic Teenage romances.

Who the hell added the holy bible if you think that's bad you must be a Justin Bieber fan or satan fan

Honestly, I've heard the horrors of this. I've sworn to myself never to read this fully. The SINGLE time I tried to watch the movie out of interest, it took me thirty minutes before deciding not to subject myself any longer to such awful literature.

Edward is clearly abusive and he is still seen as "cute" by Bella. And vampires don't sparkle, they die in sunlight.

Another teenage stereotypes book. Hunger games first, then this kind of junk about vampires and werewolves... It's stupid.

There's at least 3 sites out there that will give you a 100 reasons as to why this book is so bad

"I love Jacob, but Edward just feels so, so right..." Dang Bella! If it takes several books to make up your dumb, indecisive mind then what is the point of reading this worthless book!?!

I remember the first time I was exposed to Twilight. I was just kinda reading The Hunger Games on the sofa while my mum was watching one of the twilight films. I remember asking her, 'Why isn't Bella independent and strong like Tris or Katniss? Why doesn't Edward have character flaws or interesting stories like Harry or Percy? ' She wasn't able to answer me.

I just got all four books and am going to start reading the series after I finish the Hunger Games trilogy and The Phantom Tollbooth. After that, I'm going to read all of the Twilight series and then go to Divergent. I flipped through the first book and honestly it doesn't look too bad. I've liked Stephenie Meyers past works and I hope I'll like this. But considering all the hate this series is getting,I'm a bit unsure if it was a good idea to by all four at once. But I'm going to try it,and see if I like it.

This book is great to use as toilet paper!

I hate it! It just shows the importance of having a stupid boyfriend who's a vampire. This book is just creepy and very weird. The Twilight Series should be at the top.

This book is a miracle... Really, it's a miracle. How did marketing get this piece of crap into the best seller's list?

I was bored because I just finished the hunger games and I was like huh lets give twilight a try. My eyes literally threw up - Manlypants

This book was boring and terrible. I would not read it again I was given a million dollars.

As a writer myself, the characters are lacking and very cliché. It's just the classic teenage romance. The relationships between the characters are not healthy, and I could list at the very least twenty reasons reasons the book is crap. - DogsUnleashed

I have so many reasons to hate them but I'm not gonna list them all.