Worst Borderlands Classes


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1 Roland (Soldier)

100 second cooldown for his turret is way too long. Healing skills aren't that great and his specialized weapon skills are underpowered - marmalade_skies

2 Gaige (Mechromancer)

Electricity in this game is trash and a while one of ger skill trees is nothing but shock damage, such crap. Axtons turret maybe stationary but still way better than her deathtrap. And her anarchy is good and all but you need to literally be touching an enemy with your face to even hit them as the gun will literally tire in a cone, sure it does massive damage but its too risk and enemies in true vault hunter mode and ultimate will slaughter you b4 you can even get to them.

Electricity is useless

Gaige is just crap

Really good in the first 2 playthrus, but in UVHM her Deathtrap lacks scaling so it deals little damage. - marmalade_skies

3 Brick (Berserker)

Why is he even on here he rules get him off this list

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4 Lillith (Siren)

She's far from the worst. She can reduce her cooldown, and with Silent Enforcer protecting her for seconds after her ability activates, she can totally avoid enemy attacks a big portion of the time. - marmalade_skies

5 Mordecai (Hunter)
6 Salvador (Gunzerker)

Whoever put him on this list should not be playing video games. Or be on the computer... With Salvador, all you have to do is shoot an enemy, not even kill it, shoot it, and depending on how much damage you deal, it comes back to you as health.

Salvador is pretty if you know how to use him. - Therandom

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7 Axton (Commando)
8 Maya (Siren)

Chain Reaction and Reaper are amazing skills. - marmalade_skies

9 Zer0 (Assasin)

This class was terrible. - Therandom

10 Nisha (Lawbringer)

The Contenders

11 Krieg (Psycho)

Great class, my current class. - Therandom

He's bad in first playthru but amazing 2nd and 3rd. - marmalade_skies

12 Wilhelm (Enforcer)
13 Claptrap (Fragtrap)

Claptrap is actually really good. He doesn't need OZ in space. My only complaint how easily he takes damage. - Therandom

14 Athena (Gladiator)
15 Jack (Doppelganger)
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1. Roland (Soldier)
2. Gaige (Mechromancer)
3. Brick (Berserker)
1. Mordecai (Hunter)
2. Brick (Berserker)
3. Roland (Soldier)


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