Worst Brazilian YouTubers


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1 Aruan Felix Aruan Felix V 1 Comment
2 Kéfera

Had nothing against her until she made a jokke about God..

Worst YouTuber girl ever

this woman its just stupid

shes make jokes about deed people

it's so ridiculous the appearance of this woman - BrKlein

3 Rezendeevil V 1 Comment
4 AuthenticGames


this guy is sucks because is so annoying

he play Minecraft too - BrKlein

5 Christian Figuereido V 1 Comment
6 CasalDeNerd

It's a couple,but this couple LOVES Minecraft

the girl of the couple is retarded and the boy its stupid

the 2 play Minecraft - BrKlein

7 Sirkazzio V 1 Comment
8 Venom Extreme V 1 Comment
9 WhinderssonNunes

I don't hate teens, but I dislike Funk - Garoto_Oceano

This guy is annoying and ridiculous

The people he's loves your channel,ITS TEENS

i hate teens and Minecraft - BrKlein

10 Cellbit

,this guy is so ridiculous

just see the videos of your channel,see,come back here and you is right about a thing,cellbit is annoying - BrKlein

The only channel (also autenticgames) that I actually like but IRYO aniway - Garoto_Oceano

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11 Julio Cocielo
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