Worst Breakfast Cereals


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1 Raisin Bran

Completely unexciting and boring. Coco pops is way better! - Peppapigsucks

My dad got that and he made it for me. I sat there for 2 hours, not eating anything.

It's so dry.

Whoever voted this should go not vote this

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2 Cheerios

Love them! Those who don't are probably eating Fruit Loops.

They are basically dry wheat... I mean who wants to eat that?

Tastes like peat soil

They make me barf.

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3 Wheaties

Taste like absolutely 0!

4 Fruit Loops


They're good and all, but all the loops have the same flavor. - Extractinator04

My friend loves them, and I have no idea why

Fun fact they are all the same flavor. - Ilyas678

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5 Lucky Charms

I like the, but I understand why this is here. The marshmallows have kind of an odd texture but they still are a great cereal to me. - DrayTopTens

The marshmallows taste like cardboard

Man you people has no tatsebuds do you? Lucky charms are magically delicious and are good for you. And there my favorites along with Frosted Flakes. You people are tasteless.

I love this cereal! I hate this listšŸ¤¬

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6 Special K

Tastes weird, looks weird and is weird - DogeFan132

What's wrong with special k

I like it when your hungry

7 Corn Flakes

These are great

8 Quaker Oats
9 Cookie Crisp

This sounds good but really they're not. The cookies are so dry and chewy, it's like eating Cardboard and plastic

The cookies taste like ones you'd find in those dehydrated astronaut food bags

I was so disappointed I wanted them so bad and they where just bad corn pops. - Ilyas678

This is the best cereal ever!

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10 Krave

Man this is my favorite cereal. So good and so god! - CanadianGuy99

They are filled with chocolate! What's not to like?

Tried it once, it tastes like crap.

I'm eating it right now lol. Best cereal ever - MATHYFOX

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11 Smart Start
12 Cap'n Crunch

No, way too sweet

If Grandma's Boy liked it, it must be good.

This is actually a good cereal. - OhioStateBuckeyes

This is the worst cereal ever!

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13 Corn Chex

They're only good without milk... - benhos

14 Fruity Pebbles

They are good but they are overrated and there are better cereal - DrayTopTens

That is one pointless cereal that doesn't even taste like a real cereal! Did WWE superstar John Cena invented this crap?

I H8 This cereal because John Cena likes it and cena sucks :(

They go soggy too quick.

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15 Kix

Kix, Kid vomited all over the table and got a rabbit that pooped fluffy round balls that tasted like nothing, mother disapproved - Peppapigsucks

Bleached, soggy rabbit turds - who thought that was a good idea?

Obvious the cereal was replaced with packing peanuts

Cardboard or cereal? I couldn't tell

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16 Frosted Mini-Wheats

Love them!

Bad too wheaty

17 Rice Krispies

Really plain and tasteless in my opinion - Peppapigsucks

This is delicious. It has less sugar then Fruity Pebbles, Krave, Coco Pops and all that sugary unhealthy breakfasts!

18 Pops

POPS! When you eat pops it is just like eating your own plop - lizard302

Get these off. I love them. Unhealthy slobs. - Curtis_Huber

19 All-Bran

Raisin bran isn't good. But All Bran is AWFUL

I ate a bowl of All Bran in 1988 when I was 6... I threw up 7 times, all over the house.

20 Reeses Puffs

What the heck is this doing on this list? - OhioStateBuckeyes

I can't eat it I have nut allergies. :(

This is the best cereal! yummy. Sad for people who are allergic to peanut butter

No fam this is great

21 Crispy Critters

I Hate That Mascot Crispy He's Annoying And Is A Retarded Stupid Rip-off Of Elmo! END OF STORY!

What kinda cereal is this? - OhioStateBuckeyes

22 Cocoa Pebbles

I tried this it tasted like crud

23 Honeycomb

Get these off. I love them. Unhealthy slobs. - Curtis_Huber

24 Trix

Tastes like fruit vomit. Rabbit,you can have Trix. It's just awful

25 Apple Jacks
26 Banana & Strawberry Flakes
27 Cinnamon Toast Crunch

This cereal gets soggy and disgusting in the milk

HOW IS IT HERE - Clubberoni

28 Grape Nuts

No grapes, no nuts, tastes like literal pebbles.

29 Life
30 Chocolate Lucky Charms

Chocolate is unnecessary - Badrat123

31 Honey Bunches of Oats

Gross and boring

, I am addicted too these and it is bad. Also, take this off matthewdag. - Curtis_Huber

32 Frosted Flakes
33 Tootie Fruities
34 Blueberry Mini-Wheats

THIS should not be on the list. Strawberry, however...

35 Berry Colossal Crunch
36 Fruit Spins
37 Fiber One
38 Cocoa Puffs
39 Rice Krinkles
40 Rice Chex

Plain plain and plain
so bland I want to throw up

41 Kashi
42 Oreo O's
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