Worst Breakfast Cereals

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Raisin Bran

Somehow this cereal has managed to survive despite the almost inescapable consensus that RAISINS SHOULD BE CONSUMED ALONE AND NOT WITH ANYTHING ELSE, THEY RUIN IT (aside from Moroccan dishes).

My dad got that and he made it for me. I sat there for 2 hours, not eating anything.

I would like this more if the raisins were not in it, I like to pour sugar in mine.

Completely unexciting and boring. Coco pops is way better!


They are basically dry wheat... I mean who wants to eat that?

I vomit every time I see it.

Tastes like peat soil

They make me barf.


Taste like absolutely 0!


Fruit Loops

My friend loves them, and I have no idea why

Fun fact they are all the same flavor.


First ingredient: SUGAR :(

Lucky Charms

I like the, but I understand why this is here. The marshmallows have kind of an odd texture but they still are a great cereal to me.

Overrated cereal with less and less marshmallows the more boxes you open...

Terrible. Marshmallows aren't supposed to be crunchy.

The marshmallows taste like cardboard

Corn Flakes
Special K

Tastes weird, looks weird and is weird

Quaker Oats
Cookie Crisp

This sounds good but really they're not. The cookies are so dry and chewy, it's like eating Cardboard and plastic

The cookies taste like ones you'd find in those dehydrated astronaut food bags

I was so disappointed I wanted them so bad and they where just bad corn pops.

Desgusting it's like cookies with no sugar! I mean what GUYS


I used to like it until one time I ate it again and it had that awful taste for some reason and now never again.

Tried it once, it tastes like crap.

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Smart Start
Cap'n Crunch

Same deal as with pops- corn syrup doesn't magically make packing peanuts delicious all of a sudden.

This is the worst cereal ever!

It burnt my shake

No, way too sweet


You could feed this to a wheel chair bound vegetable child and they'd miraculously snap out of paralysis just long enough to jam the spoon up your nostril.

Kix, Kid vomited all over the table and got a rabbit that pooped fluffy round balls that tasted like nothing, mother disapproved

Bleached, soggy rabbit turds - who thought that was a good idea?

Cardboard or cereal? I couldn't tell

Corn Chex

Imagine eating your tortilla chips soggy and in the form of Chex.

They're only good without milk...

Fruity Pebbles

That is one pointless cereal that doesn't even taste like a real cereal! Did WWE superstar John Cena invented this crap?

I H8 This cereal because John Cena likes it and cena sucks :(

They go soggy too quick.

I hate this cereal so much

Frosted Mini-Wheats

Bad too wheaty


Believe it or not, corn syrup doesn't make packing peanuts delicious all of a sudden.

POPS! When you eat pops it is just like eating your own plop


You know those cardboard pellets that people fill up rabbit cages with? Yeah, these are those pellets.

Raisin bran isn't good. But All Bran is AWFUL

I ate a bowl of All Bran in 1988 when I was 6... I threw up 7 times, all over the house.

Rice Krispies

Really plain and tasteless in my opinion

Reeses Puffs

I can't eat it I have nut allergies. :(

Crispy Critters

I Hate That Mascot Crispy He's Annoying And Is A Retarded Stupid Rip-off Of Elmo! END OF STORY!

What kinda cereal is this?

Cocoa Pebbles

I tried this it tasted like crud


Tastes like fruit vomit. Rabbit,you can have Trix. It's just awful

Apple Jacks

This is the cereal that comes to mind when I think of an impoverished trailer in Ohio with similac and poop all over the floor. It tastes like cheap cinnamon and air.

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