Top 10 Worst Breaking Bad Episodes


The Top Ten

1 Down

Jesse falls through the port-o-potty, and Skyler's still mad, nothing happens in this episode at all. - YaBoiCJ

2 Cancer Man

All the tense meth-making action comes to a halt to discuss Walt's cancer. - YaBoiCJ

3 Thirty-Eight Snub

Walt buys a gun, and Jesse's 24/7 Party Continues to Annoy - YaBoiCJ

4 Open House
5 Green Light

Walt hits on the principal, and Skyler is cheating on him. - YaBoiCJ

It's okay... just not by the show standard - ATiM

6 Fly

It is a good episode. The bad thing is that it was filler. I personally think there is no character development in this. Nothing in the episode adds to the story to have effect in later episodes. It's just 45 minutes of breaking bad dialogue (great dialogue) and Walt just trying to kill a fly with Jesse...

Very boring episode. It was a needless episode. - zxm

This is one of my favorite episodes. - ATiM

7 Over

You kidding me? That last scene was epic.
"Stay out of my territory".

Some fun to be had, like Jr. barfing in the pool. - YaBoiCJ

8 No Mas

Walt's "People Move on" Speech, and the crawling scene." - YaBoiCJ

rip money

9 I.F.T.

I hate Ted, especially in Season 4.

All About Skyler's Affair - YaBoiCJ

10 Madrigal

The Contenders

11 Gray Matter

Not a bad episode, just a little slow. - YaBoiCJ

12 Ozymandias

This is like put "Citizen Kane" on the the list "Worst movies of all time"

WHAT! This is one of the BEST episodes - Andyandy

No, no, no, no, no. This is the greatest episode OF TELEVISION. - ATiM

13 Bullet Points

The only episode of this beautiful show I would actually call bad television. - ATiM

14 4 Days Out
15 Felina
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