Top Ten Worst Breaking Benjamin Songs

Breaking Benjamin have put out just as much bad material as good material. It's time to count down the worst of the worst.

The Top Ten

1 Here We Are

They haven't put out near as much bad material as good. Plus all their songs are vastly similar

Breaking benjamin does no wrong.

Here We Are, You, and Skin are all pretty bad. Lol - BillyBobJoe

BB sucks. Pull up y'all's drawers and put on some Slayer

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2 Until the End

No this song is awesome and my favorite from them. They have no "bad" songs, heck they don't even have any filler tracks on Their albums. This list was completely pointless.

That's your opinion. If you like this song, that's great! I just didn't like this song as much! Also, no list is pointless. This list was simply a nice way for me to get my opinion out into the public. If you think it's pointless, either vote or don't look at it. Nobody's forcing you to look at my stuff. Anyway, thanks for commenting and have a nice day! Jesus loves you! - AngryByrd

Okay- could someone please tell me what is good about this song? The lyrics are pretty average, the music is repetitive, and the vocals are nothing to ride home about. - AngryByrd

This should be best not worst


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3 Give Me a Sign

In my opinion this is their best song. It's emotional and beautiful it makes me want to cry - ethanwakeman

This is simply one of Breaking Benjamin's most overrated songs. It's boring, unemotional, and just not good. - AngryByrd

It's emotional, beautiful, and one of their best in my opinion and in the opinions of the majority of fans - EvilAngel

What rubbish this song is in 3rd position in both the list of best breaking Benjamin songs & worst breaking Benjamin songs.There must be a mistake

I only voted because I want that stupid angrybyrd guy to quit talking trash about breaking benjamin, ESPECIALLY This Beautiful Piece of Art. So Keep Your Ass words to yourself and keep your damn mouth shut, you idiot.

4 You

Again, the same problem as Here We Are! It's just boring! - AngryByrd

5 Blow Me Away

The original Blow Me Away was fantastic, but the version featuring Valora was nothing but trouble. Valora's vocals ruined the song. Also this was the song that lead to Aaron Fink and Mark James Klepaski getting fired. - AngryByrd

The original awesome but this version is the only breaking Benjamin song I hated

In my opinion the only bad breaking benjamin song

6 Forget It

This song sounds less like a Breaking Benjamin song and more like a crappy Taylor Swift song. - AngryByrd

This song is perfect. Better than many song s of them.

7 Dear Agony

NOT UH. THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG. YOU HAVE TO HAVE A GOOD UNDERSTANDING OF IT TO FULLY GRASP IT. There's a YouTube video with will smith about it. Then it makes sense. Kinda saddening.

Is a bad ass song watch the movie and it fits it perfect

This song was like all of the songs that ruined Phobia. It was drawn out and boring - AngryByrd

Wow, I disagree with that so much that I will happily argue about it - EvilAngel

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8 I Will Not Bow

One of the most criminally underrated songs of all time! It empowers us big time!

This was another generic song on Dear Agony that could have been way better. - AngryByrd

9 Home

The lyrics to this song were just too dumb to be taken seriously. Unless a bunch of Wizard of Oz refrences mashed up with a subpar post-grunge song is what you like. - AngryByrd

10 Wish I May

Too slow, very thin, and very low quality song. - AngryByrd

Too slow and too debut album sounding. - AngryByrd

The Contenders

11 Fade Away

I'll say it straight: this song is a complete clone of The Diary Of Jane. It's not a bad song, but they definitely could have come up with a better intro to Dear Agony than The Diary of Jane Part 2. - AngryByrd

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12 Crawl

Horribly underrated and really dark song! - AngryByrd

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13 What Lies Beneath

One of my favorites from Dear Agony. - AngryByrd

14 Into the Nothing
15 Topless

I love how heavy this song is! - AngryByrd

16 Lady Bug

This is the only Breaking Benjamin song I don't like.It sounds more like a parody to me.

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17 Unknown Soldier
18 Defeated

This song best of top 2

19 Rain

This is their worse song. rain, rain go away? Like really...

20 Anthem of the Angels

This song has a beautiful chorus! If you don't like it, don't even say anything! Not to stir up a fight but this song is heavenly

I really want to take this song off of the list. - AngryByrd

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