Top Ten Worst Breath of the Wild Weapons

The Top Ten
Tree Branch

This is most likely the first weapon you will come across in the game. It will break really easily and it’s attacks are weak. - MasterLink


Will break really easily if you mistake it for a tree branch. - MasterLink

Woodcutter’s Axe

This axe does hardly any damage, and it is heavy, making it slow and inefficient. - MasterLink

Traveler’s Claymore

This does do more damage than the Woodcutter’s Axe, but it will break really easily. - MasterLink

Rusty Broadsword/Halberd

This is quite bad at first, but if you throw one of these at an Octorok when it is inhaling, it will suck it in, then spit out a fresh version of that weapon. - MasterLink

Moblin Club

Does do a small bit of damage, but has a rubbish durability rating. - MasterLink

Korok Leaf

It does virtually no damage to enemies, but can be handy for sailing rafts and blowing enemies off cliffs and stuff. - MasterLink

Lizal Boomerang

Doesn’t do much damage, but is pretty good against them. - MasterLink


A Goron Spear that doesn’t do much damage but is great for mining. - MasterLink

Royal Guard’s Sword

The durability rating is terrible, but it has a high attack power. - MasterLink

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