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1 John I

Forced into signing Magna Carta and was viewed as having a very unstable personality, leading to the barons to rally behind Prince Louis to replace John. Was also completely overpowered by Philip II of France and Pope Innocent I. On the plus side he was able to sort out his dispute with Innocent and did have some military successes against his barons.

John was a dumb king who thought that the barons had no rights to control him and the fact that he died from eating too much peaches and drinking so much bear explains how much of a idiot he was

Bloody Mary should be here she killed 300 Protestants and killed Jane Grey

Generally Rubbish

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2 George IV

A completely useless monarch. No interest in Britain, had huge debts and by the time he became king he avoided being seen in public leading many people to wonder what the point of having a monarchy was.

Shouldn't Bloody Mary be on here. I'm not British and even I know she was a terrible leader.

He only cared about money and mistresses. He is useless!

He may be bad but Henry VIII is the wordt

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3 Mary I

A bitter woman who caused chaos and instability due to her Catholic preference.

She executed Lady Jane Grey and many other people for no reason! No wonder she is known " Bloody Mary"!

Mary I was terrible I understand why she is called bloody mary

Read Book of Martyrs and you'll know

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4 Henry VIII

He was basically the biggest baby in English monarchy history. Fickled, flaky, greedy, unfaithful, deceitful, arrogant, narcissistic, con artist. Had people killed on trumped up charges, because he wanted something/someone new, due to religious beliefs, etc. He treated most of his wives horribly (even before the cheating came out with some of them) and his own daughters Mary and Elizabeth. Yet people are criticizing his daughters and not him... 'The apple doesn't fall far from the tree'. He is to blame for their bitterness.

Clearly the worst, most bloodthirsty monarch in England. Killed more people than Vlad Tepes and Ivan The Terrible and made some of the worst decisions any monarch could make.

He only behead 2 out of 6 of his wives and at least his better than other and he is not the best or the worst.

Some evidence proves he fell off his horse at a young age that might have led to brain damage causing him to be one of the worst monarchs. There is also some evidence about him having syphilis and various other now embarassing STIs.

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5 Richard III

No no no no! I think Richard 111 has been completely been mistreated by history! There was no proof that he killed his nephews or poisoned his wife as most contemporary sources were biased against him in order to please later monarchs! It was Edward iv who drowned his brother in a barrel of wine, not Richard! Also, his wife's father was killed at the battle of Barnet in the wars of the roses rather than at Richard's hands! He also achieved so much during his tragically short reign such as making the justice system much fairer!

Edward V doesn't need to be on here, but this guy does! Unpopular, cruel, manipulative (if Sir Thomas More is anyone to believe), a child-killer (not yet confirmed, but highly likely)... would you want him for a monarch?

Adding to what has already been presented, I point out that he also drowned his brother, poisoned his wives father, Buried his wife under the tower of London, then he did supposedly kill his nephews.

great guy

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6 Henry VI

Was haunted by madness but even when he was sane he was a weak personality and this led to the outbreak of the Wars of the Roses. His small successes were mainly due to his wife or his noble friends.

His lack of leadership directly caused the wars of the roses and the loss of the 100 years war

Mentally unstable somehow

War of The Roses

7 Elizabeth II Elizabeth II

Oversaw the dismantling of the British Empire.

What has she ever done for me?

big prick

Stupid old hag that no one likes she should drink bleach

8 Charles I

Charles I had catholic sympathies (religious tolerance was not a thing back then), and completely alienated parliament. He also illegally taxed people without parliamentary consent, and was an awful war leader. Just a reminder, Charles was so bad, he was the only English King to be executed for regicide!

Did not allow himself to be dominated but never understood the importance of compromise unlike his father. Consequently the Civil War broke out and after a few early successes he was defeated, refused to compromise with Cromwell and subsequently executed.

Charles Stuart was a verified traitor. He began English Civil War because he refused to recognize Parliament's superior role in governance. Made secret deals with Vatican in hopes of receiving Spanish troops to fight his own people

He took a peaceful country and managed to tear it apart with a war that nobody wanted. Numerous attempts to reached an accommodation failed because of his stubbornness. Not a bad man, simply incompetent.

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9 William II

He was ruthless, feckless, capricious and oppressive. His father was ruthless, but at least he was an intelligent soldier.

10 Stephen I

England was in total chaos after he usurped the throne in 1135. Ended up being imprisoned but after a brave assault from his wife he was freed. His only redeeming feature was that he was a capable leader in battle.

He plunged Britain into a series of four civil wars! Between 1138 and 1154!

He sucks

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11 Edward II

He never been kind to his wife and made really bad decisions for his country!

A fickle man, prone to having usually homosexual favourites. His complete and pathetic misgovernment resulted in him being deposed in 1327

He wielded his office only in his own and his favourites's interest finally becoming a tyrant.

He is a British monarch who paid no attention to his own country. he has no respect whatsoever

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12 Victoria

She is the worst because she killed so many Indians and took over India for 200 years and the people who were in India at the time became slaves to the crazy British people that is like slavery.

She may be "Grandmother of Europe", but she has also a bad backstory.
She married Albert and shortly after, he died and Victoria never appeared in public
for over a decade!

The 1st monarch to have never appeared in public life for over a decade!

13 George V

I think that's a bit harsh. He pit his people first before foreign affairs. Plus, he might have been overthrow had he done that

This coward didn't want to offend Lenin by granting asylum to his own cousin tsar Nicholas and his family...unforgivable!

14 James II

To the person above that thinks William the Conqueror of 1066 fame overthrew James II, thank god you don't teach history.

Didn't understand that England would not accept a Catholic king who tried to brush aside parliament. Was overthrown by William I during the Glorious Revolution.

I don't even know who this dude is like what

He was really, really forgettable

15 George III

Wasn't really any of his fault, he was mad sure but he also had no power. Blame Lord North for taxing and losing to the Confederacy, it was his fault as the man with power to change such things.

Let the valuable colonies that would become the United States slip away, was quite mentally unstable, unwilling to compromise to satisfy the colonists

He Was insane and lost America.

16 Edward VII

The only royal to be a genuine nazi.

He was a NAZI

17 Harold Godwinson

Defeated the largest invading force that England had ever seen at Stamford Bridge, lost to the largest force England had ever seen at Hastings. Short reign, not too bad as a king, pretty fleet footed (which helped his charge on both William and Harald), but certainly not that notable.

Only king for a day? hahaahaha go away you lessie

18 Edward VIII

First British monarch to abdicate

19 Egbert

Not even a king of England, you bloody morons.

20 Edward V

Not his fault but at the end of the day he was only on the throne for 2 months before being overthrown by Richard I and therefore achieved nothing as king. The poor boy never got a chance to prove himself and became more famous for his mysterious death.

It's not fair because he had barely been king

It's not fair he had to be killed by his uncle.

I believe his uncle was Richard III, brother of Edward IV, and not Richard I (Coeur de Leon).

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