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21 Henry III

Henry III, the king that fled to the Cathedral when the Barons knocked on his door, was a worse despot than his father, King John, and more negligent than his great grandson, Edward III (who let the plague in England after it killed his daughter, as well as bankrupting two of the largest banking families in Florence to give rise to the Medicis, a bloodthirsty despotic lot, he let his son go to alien Portugal and die, giving rise to King Richard II- BUT yet he was not as negligent as Henry III), and more abrasive than the VIII of his name.

A very weak king who was dominated by his barons and then his wife and her family, leading to his imprisonment by Simon de Montfort. It was down to his son Edward, not Henry himself, that Simon was killed and that Henry got his throne back.

22 Richard I

£150,000 for Crusade, £100,000 for his ransom, £31,000 for his defense.

The Crusade can be swept aside as an act of piety, because surely kings should be pious?

But the capture was his fault. After the fall of Acre to the Christians the three most battleworthy men stood to fly their banners above the city: Richard le Couer de Lion, Phillip Augustus, and Leopold die Virtuous. Richard stood, offended that someone of his pomposity could be equal to a Duke like Leopold, he tore the standard down and stamped on it.

The defense was his fault, he left the Crusade too early in some's eyes (for he abandoned Jerusalem), but I'd suggest he left too late. If he had left with Phillip, the Crusade would still have gotten Acre and Cyprus, steppingboards that would be used more than any other port for future Levantine Crusades, and he wouldn't have lost the Vexin, the land so needed for the defense of Normandy. With the loss of the Vexin, the Norman Barons begun to move to ...more

Overrated bloodthirsty warlord who only cared about England when he wanted money from his subjects to help him kill more Muslims and never even attempted to learn English. He always considered England a distant second to his homeland France.

Ambitious to the point of megalomania, he usurped his own father to win the throne.

Utterly moronic, he managed to get himself kidnapped through incompetence and the ransom bankrupted the nation for years.

In a final act of stupidity he was killed in battle as he didn't bother to put any armour on.

His good reputation stems from the fact that the Church did molst of the writing back then and they gave him a good write up as he took part in the Crusades. Through modern eyes, his reign can be seen for the warmongering egotrip that it really was.

23 Æthelred the Unread

Over the dead body of his brother king received a country ruled by the laws of Alfred the Great - the best organised state in Western Europe. His long reign marked by unrest and slaughter of his Danish subjects resulted in the loss of England to Danish kings and paved the way to the Norman conquest that brought ruin to the North and extermination of Anglosaxon aristocracy.

Ill advised, as his name says, into marching on Winchester and killing his brother, Eadwærd the Martyr, into prancing around England whilst his Kingdom was taken, into pushing his son, Ironside, to war with CNUT and HARTHACNUT (as well as Harold Harefoot). He was a pretty bad king, was so abrasive and stupid that the Witan (the council that elected Kings in Anglo-Saxon England) kicked him out of the country twice in favour of a Scandinavian candidate.

24 James I
25 Edward VI

I think he wasn't that bad.

26 Elizabeth I of England Elizabeth I of England

Bloody Elizabeth

27 Richard II

He was the reason the Peasants Revolt began

28 George I

The 1st Hanoverian king of Britain, He would never visit England and never learnt English. He lost some power only to be obtained and kept by George III.

29 George ll
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