Worst British Names


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21 Sidney
22 Reuben

This name reminds me of the bad-tempered old man in "The Burbs" for some reason. :-)

23 Aiden
24 Harry
25 Spike
26 Reginald

Oh, you naughty, naughty person who put this name here. I find it rather sweet. - Britgirl

27 Mildred

Awful name

28 Cashel

Andrew sounds normal, but you have taken it too far if you name your kid Cashel, it makes you sound like a greedy banker. I also hate Roger. Cashel is an AWFUL name! This takes the cake for me.

Are you a banker? Are you a millionaire? What the heck is this? It sounds really weird!

29 Judy
30 Cuthbert
31 Darryl

Its like they want their kid to be bullied

32 Dickson

, First names as last names what's with this trend?

33 Connor
34 Chris
35 Veruca
36 Joshua V 1 Comment
37 Melvin

Just say it out loud and then agree

38 Keeley
39 Archibal
40 Roger

Laugh out loud it just sounds... HA!

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