Worst British Names


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21 Sidney
22 Aiden
23 Harry
24 Spike
25 Reginald

Oh, you naughty, naughty person who put this name here. I find it rather sweet. - Britgirl

26 Mildred

Awful name

27 Cashel

Andrew sounds normal, but you have taken it too far if you name your kid Cashel, it makes you sound like a greedy banker. I also hate Roger. Cashel is an AWFUL name! This takes the cake for me.

Are you a banker? Are you a millionaire? What the heck is this? It sounds really weird!

28 Judy
29 Cuthbert
30 Darryl

Its like they want their kid to be bullied

31 Reuben

This name reminds me of the bad-tempered old man in "The Burbs" for some reason. :-)

32 Connor
33 Dickson

, First names as last names what's with this trend?

34 Veruca
35 Joshua V 1 Comment
36 Melvin

Just say it out loud and then agree

37 Keeley
38 Archibal
39 Roger

Laugh out loud it just sounds... HA!

40 Otis

Honestly... just why

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