Worst Britney Spears Songs

Britney is a great artist. But some of her songs may have not been the best…

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1 Mmm Papi

I've downloaded her all her albums a while ago. (I only knew her hits)
And actually, all the songs I've heard so far sound good.
Sorry Brit, it's awful. - Sjinkiie

I find she doesn't even really sing anymore she just talks

No way! I love Mmm Papi. - Here4thetens

Okay, this is kind of an unpopular opinion but I find this song not as bad as people make it out to be. Yes, I know the "Now see, I'm mommy, and that makes you papi
And that makes us luvi" lyric is kind of... Ew. But I think Pretty Girls or Chillin' With You being number 1 on the list would make more sense.

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2 Pretty Girls

True, this song is new. But I Hate it! It offends millions of people - MLPFan

Her worst song so far, her voice is obnoxious, the base is boring and Iggy doesn't help at all. - DaisyandRosalina

I...can't...even...Lets just pretend this song doesn't exist

3 It Should Be Easy

Is this supposed to be a song that people listen to?! It sounds awful. - mood333

4 Ooh La La

Its sooo bad she doesn't even sing anymore she just talks

5 Work Bitch

Hate this song its degrading shallow and it doesn't show any of Britney Spears artistry

This song may have a meaning, but it's just so boring. - DaisyandRosalina

This is a catchy, awesome song.


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6 Womanizer

This is actually the only one I like GET IT OFF THE LIST NOW - RockStarr

7 Tik Tik Boom

It makes me laugh and not in a good way lol I find most of the songs on this album were hastily made. - mood333

8 My Baby


9 Body Ache

The song has a nice intro and seems like it's building up to a pleasant chorus and... it falls flat on its face. The synths sound completely broken and aren't any better in the verses. They're not even trying to cover up the fact that it's not Britney singing - it's very clearly Myah Marie doing all the vocals. This has to be the worst song Britney ever made.

10 Big Fat Bass

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11 Scream & Shout
12 Selfish

It's just so basic and such a dumb concept for a song love Brit but probably her worst song I've heard from her... Still like it though!

Its just bad, love her though

13 Blur
14 Now that I Found You
15 Radar


Actually, one of my favourites of hers! - mood333

16 Perfume

This song is beautiful... take it off!

17 Brightest Morning Star

Why this song is here? It's so beautiful

18 Chillin' with You
19 3

So annoying. - LukeTargaryen

20 Gimme More

Excuse me no, delete this off the list, please. Thank you.

Don't remove this off the list, raise it higher. Stupid radio station, I loathe Non Stop Pop FM. - Gehenna

21 Don't Cry
22 Freak Show

To the person who said that Britney should quit her career... no. Who are you to telll her what to do you desperate loser?

This song is so stupid. with stupid lyrics. britney spears is a shame in pop she should quit singing and something good for her and for us. pop is better without her

23 Toxic

Hey I love this song - spodermanfan1000

24 Dear Diary
25 Outrageous
26 Don't Keep Me Waiting
27 You and Me
28 Baby One More Time
29 Crazy
30 Criminal

Sounds like a child in this song. It was very bad.

I hate this song.

31 Born to Make You Happy
32 Break the Ice
33 Circus
34 Everybody
35 Everytime
36 Hold It Against Me
37 I Wanna Go
38 I'm a Slave 4 U

This song is awesome! - venomouskillingmachine

LoOoL. What?! - mood333

39 My Prerogative
40 Oops!... I Did It Again

This is her best song! - DaisyandRosalina

41 Overprotected
42 Piece of Me
43 Stronger
44 Til It's Gone
45 The Hook Up
46 I Love Rock N' Roll

Why did she cover this song?

47 If U Seek Amy
48 How I Roll
49 Brave New Girl
50 Touch of My Hand
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