WonkeyDude98's Formal Rage: Scream and Shout ("Super Black Man" remix)

I literally just heard this little more than an hour ago. Thanks, Rap Critic!!!! /s

Scream and Shout was a terrible song as a result of its bland, screeching production, lack of bass, vague party lyrics, and poor vocal performance combined with autotune. This? This remix amps that up. It's a remix featuring not only the current two stars, but also Hit-Boy, Waka Flocka Flame, Lil Wayne, and P. Diddy. This remix is apparently coined by Puff Daddy as the "super black man" remix. How classy to completelydisregard the existence of Britney Spears.

Let's start where it always starts; production. The production now has way too much bass (especially hurts the hook), has electronic noises resembling Nintendo noises, a synth line that drills into your skull, and a poorly placed 808 drum. Combine that with the weird "WAH" noises spread across the song and you have yourself an awful beat. Thank you sill.y.blam (I'll leave now...) for being an ATROCIOUS producer.

Then we start where P. Diddy introduces the song. It's quite terrible, if I say so myself. He combines the worst ways to introduce a rap song into one intro; cluster f-bombs and name calling. Classic, Diddy Kong. Hit-Boy's verse is the second best on here, but that's not saying much when he's just basically saying, "WHERE YA AT?! PUTCHA HANDS UP! GOT THE CALL!" Then we have the pre-hook and hook, unchanged from Scream and Shout in terms of lyrics and who sings them, but we also have another problem; the moronic rappers are commanding you to turn the .... up! I'm not the DJ for the last time, quarterwits!

Let's skip to the next rap verse which is probably the worst: will.i.am. At least his verse in Scream and Shout was harmlessly bad. This is just vile, filled with needless swears, standard money-bragging (except now with ridiculous similes), and another name call. Ugh, why?

Then we get to Waka Flocka Flame. He's about as vocally gifted as @iheartmemphis. So he sounds like a constipated howler monkey. He raps about partying, going wild with Britney (dude you're creepy), and YOLOs. I hate you, Eminem had the right to diss you in Rap God. And please go walk a flock of flames so we don't have to hear your incoherent garbage again.

You know, it's a sad thing when the best rap verse in a song in 2013 is Lil Wayne's. But he does have some sick wordplay (Money can't buy me love/So I don't pay for no .....). I still don't like his verse at all though. In one verse, he talks about going wild with Britney (why do I even bother), compares himself to Tupac, poorly attempts to diss Drake, and makes a tasteless joke about will.i.am's name. Then at the end P. Diddy drones on, saying "This is the super black man remix" ad nauseum.

This is terrible. It's garbage. It's worthless. It's nothing. My score is a -3/5, and this remix is the worst thing will.i.am has ever recorded. Worse than the original. Worse than #thatPOWER. Worse than BoomBoomPow. Worse than The Time. Worse than Imma Be. Worse than My Humps. I don't make that statement lightly, I mean it.


Isn't it great when remixes make a horrible song look like a masterpiece? - Martinglez

It is. - WonkeyDude98

Comparing it to the remix - Martinglez

Scream and Shout was the downfall of Britney's career, foreshadowing Pretty Girls. - Swellow

Well actually the remix was more of a downfall (despite the original also being one of the worst songs of its year), but I can't really bring up AS much hate for it, because I would honestly prefer an Iggy Azalea song with all the annoying accents over Waka Flocka's drunken shouts, Lil Wayne's incoherent screams, and Puff Daddy's narcissism. Also will.i.am's terrible bragging techniques. - WonkeyDude98

Of all things for me to reference, why Dog With A Blog?! - WonkeyDude98