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21 Byter

There is something that I don't like about him. His content is one dimensional and boring, doesn't put effort into his videos and they are annoying.

He does this series called Crepuscular Bronies Aftermath where he talkes with other people about the show. After watching one of them and skipping ahead (one of his videos last for 4, 5 or even 6 hours) I found out that they don't even talk anything relevant to the show. For my choice I would watch something else - BadBoiDrummer

22 Yelling At Cats
23 FalloutEquestria

Worst idea ever ID companies - SkolasKellofKells

Fallout and My Little Pony are not compatable to crossover with


24 JHaller2

Not to mention his first channel is he does top 10 pony videos monthly. - BadBoiDrummer

The world animated artist idea is the worst one ever but he a jerks - SkolasKellofKells

25 General Zoi
26 Acoustic Brony

A very talented musician who doesn't deserve to be in the very top. But the reason he/she is on this list is because Acoustic Brony claims that the songs that he/she made were actually from the show.

27 iteachvader

Iteachvader is a ex-YouTube Pooper/Sparta Remixer that has gotten way to many negative attention from the YTPMV community from not taking the "kill yourself" criticism well from other people. He also got featured in jab's top 10 worst bronies video, which is pretty acceptable. He also flagged all of Jab's videos relating to him.

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28 Armosk

One of the biggest trolls in the world, also annoying bastard.

29 Shutterfly

Like like when southerly say everything wrong with mop but I don't like is everything is right.

that unacceptable anti brony laws

but bronies are evils.

"Batman" Bruce Wayne - SkolasKellofKells

30 Calpain
31 Gunhammer5000
32 hotdiggedydemon

He is very, very, very, inappropriate. 18 up. No children. They use horrible words. Like really bad!

The only thing I like about him is his art. Everything else about him is garbage.

33 ZXinsanity

A lazy untalented hack who ponified everything and uses nothing but Nicholas Cage jokes and Apple Jokes in his Equestria Girls videos

34 Littleshyfim

God. I'm surprised Cinema Sins hasn't sued him.

Bad mouth littleshyfim and will murder you in your sleep

The world shouting annoy guy is prick - SkolasKellofKells

35 Yaplap

He is so annoying and swears too much.

36 Mastermax888

Max was original, awesome, and funny. And now he's nothing more than a retarded Markiplier clone and does nothing but play Five Nights At Freddy's for 90% of the time.

I used to like max but, all he ever does is react to crappy fnaf videos and play fnaf. I miss how he used to be cool. :(

He use to be so awesome, now he's just an unfunny Markiplier clone who does almost nothing but play Five Nights At Freddy's (I don't hate FNAF, I just hate how Max almost never gives the game a rest).

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37 Jennabun
38 Jakewhyman
39 Woodentoaster Woodentoaster

Aka Rainbow Dash of the devils of Creepypasta rainbows factory of hellspawn from the DOOM video games - SkolasKellofKells

He work of Rainbow dash somewhere on Rainbow Factory weather it call, Clouddales weather corperation of the hellspawn that kill children flesh for rainbow blood and make a total mistake to releasing the demon from the DOOM video games - SkolasKellofKells

40 Lauren Faust Lauren Faust

See me feel me was banned for strobe light seizure but was banned anyway but she evil and evil doer I guess. - SkolasKellofKells

Isn't SHE the creator of My Little Pony?

Yes she is the creator but she is evil that made the powerpuff girl see me feel me it made the strobe light to kill the children by having a strobe light seizure and she was promotion by M-19 and Communist, including El Chapos. - SkolasKellofKells

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