Worst Brony Channels in the Fandom

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1 ToonkriticY2K

This guy (whom I sadly used to know as a Thomas fan before MLP: FiM existed) may as well be the most evil, sinister, fiendish, vile, inhumane brony ever on the face of the Earth. I'm sure we all know about this guy who erotic role-played with a 14 year old minor from the Philippines, emotionally manipulated her, also sexually harassed and groped women at conventions, and molested a kid at the 2014 Bronycon. When confronted with his actions, he tried making up lies ("attempted suicide" for one), acted like it wasn't a big deal, said what he did was "a stupid mistake" and didn't start to panic until he realized his friend were leaving him and he would lose his "horse fame", so-called, even going so far as to claim "this could destroy my career." He then deactivated all his social media and is hiding from the cops. I hope he gets caught and stays in prison for a long, long, time. - SailorSedna

2 performance major

This guy, besides being just as evil as Toon, and another pedophile, is probably the most retarded person ever in the brony fandom. He defended ToonKritic, a pedophile/sexual predator, Mark Salling who committed suicide (Mark had had over 50,000 counts of child porn), claimed he and Toon "didn't deserve death/didn't deserve to be left alone", even went to say Hitler DIDN'T DESERVE TO DIE, and then he admitted to erotic roleplaying with minors, and just like Toon, said it was a mistake and tried to claim erotic roleplay was different than sexting, but they're the same thing, as ERPing plays on a certain fetish one has, he was totally delusional and acting like a complete 7 year old who had no awareness that he had done something seriously wrong, no, I'm sure there are 7 year olds who are smarter than him. He kept on deleting and bringing back his social media, and then maddeningly he tried to claim that the pedophilic acts he did were "just rumors I could care less ...more

3 The Mysterious Mr Enter

Only problem I find with him is at times I feel he takes cartoons too seriously, he's not as bad as a ton of the bronies on (and the ones I'm putting on) this list. - SailorSedna

4 Lightning Bliss

First off, Bliss is a woman, so she's not a brony. Secondly, why is she even on here? - SailorSedna

5 ForNoGoodReason (FNGR)

No, scratch my previous comments, it's now supposedly said what FNGR was doing was ageplay, so I retract my previous thoughts. - SailorSedna

He's a pedophile too (though he didn't ERP with actual kids he erped as an underage kid character with Buttons who did the same thing), look up Vida's video on him - SailorSedna

Vida revealed he too is a pedophile who's not much different from Toon (and using the Toon drama as a shield), even though FNGR didn't erotic with minors nor try to solicit one, but FNGR DID erotic roleplay as an underage kid/daddy with Buttons, who erped as an underage kid too (and their ages were almost a 20 year gap, he was/is 38 and she was 20).

6 Saberspark
7 2007excalibur2007
8 rabiesbunx86
9 Digibro

Actually, there is some good news; he was recently fired from Inanimate Insanity, they probably found out about his pedophilia and did the right thing. Hope he ends up in jail soon though. - SailorSedna

Though he's not a brony anymore (his reviews sucked big time), he's a pedophile too, yes. After joining the anime fandom, he actually ADMITTED to liking/enjoying lolicon (anime/manga kiddy porn focusing on prepubescent anime girls), defended it, wrote a book about a child having sex, and temporarily blocked/locked his Twitter account to avoid the consequences like the coward he is.

As if that's not scary enough, he's also the voice of MyPad in that kids' show "Inanimate Insanity," having a pedophile who's into lolicon and wrote a PORN BOOK ABOUT A CHILD EXPERIENCING SEX, be a voice actor on a children's show is VERY wrong and disturbing. I detect he's going to be behind bars in the future. - SailorSedna

He's also racist, I just found out supposedly he ranted about BLM (which I don't really support) because they "slowed down" his commute, and then found out it was a funeral procession for a black person. Either way, this guy's a degenerate. - SailorSedna

10 JackTHerbert

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11 Ilovekimpossiblealot

She's a total jerk from what I heard of, supposedly recently besides her harassing people at conventions, she's having some actor named Jack Nolan white knight and defend her: http://www.horse-news.net/2018/05/kp-and-jack-nolan-harass-Congoers.html - SailorSedna

12 Dusky Novel

He erotically roleplayed with a minor just like Toon and Performance Major, and seemed indifferent to the whole thing, blaming it on "adjustment disorder." That disorder from what I read does not cause pedophilia at all, he lied to avoid the consequences like the coward he and the other two are.

Thank God his Youtube account is gone, hopefully the police got him too. - SailorSedna

13 Frozen Dusk

A 21 year old guy dating a 13-14 year old. What's wrong with this picture?

Oh no, it's actually a lot worse now, this guy is the German ToonKritic. Besides him dating, he was ERPing with the 13/14 year old, SENT HER PICTURES OF HIS PENIS, ERPED WITH ANOTHER 13 YEAR OLD GIRL AND SENT EXPLICIT MLP PORNOGRAPHY TO SOMEONE HE KNEW WAS 11. HOW IS HE NOT IN PRISON FOR THIS?

14 Dr. Fowl

However you spell his name, a 25 year old sexting a 16 year old, pulling an Anthony Weiner.

15 Sky Pegasus Readings

Sky Pegasus Readings is a pedophilic bastard who was known for writing on FiMFiction and reading (on Youtube) MLP fanfictions with foalcon (MLP kiddy porn), and tried to defend his disgusting, tasteless behavior with a video asking if foalcon was "OK? ", said the characters "were not real" as a lame excuse, and acted like he was being oppressed and said stupid crap like "these groups of people wanna live in a world where everything is so strictly regulated and policed" claiming "the government might tell you what kind of cereal you need to eat", he's just as retarded as Performance Major.

The fact a ton of people took his side and agreed with him is depressing. - SailorSedna

16 Vida

I thought I could trust him but found out he's completely two faced and puts on a show; the calm, professional form you see in his videos is nothing how he acts offscreen, he's a troll, acts like a degenerate himelf, I've seen him use autism as an insult, and what's also scary is when he raided a call Dr. Fowl was in, he was with an underage kid who was posting pornographic art, is that something you'd want a person who's against pedophilia to be with, or is there another side of him he's trying to hide?

He and FNGR are also just trying to keep insulting each other, looking at them, they're basically, like what Wilma Flintstone said once, two grown men acting like a couple of kids. - SailorSedna

17 Moanniverse

He/she was writing/reading foalcon fanfiction too, being another pedo (that number of pedos is growing in the fandom) and violating the terms of service on Youtube; his/her channel along with Sky Pegasus Readings' need to be terminated, it's still child porn and they can get arrested for this behavior. - SailorSedna

18 Sharingheart13

Performance Major's boyfriend who used the same weak excuses that Performance did to cover up his disgusting behavior, he's just as disgusting as he is. - SailorSedna

Performance Major's boyfriend who also defended him and used the same flawed logic and crappy excuses Major used to try to run away and cover his ass. Here's proof: http://officialkeikoandgilly.tumblr.com/post/173037764903/serious-post-part-3-sharingheart13-saga-and-his

See what I mean? - SailorSedna

19 Psyguy

A pedofork similar to ToonKritic who was revealed to be dating underage girls and closed his social media when he was caught like a coward. Besides that, I know he was said to be an unfunny web comic artist.

20 Starlight Nova

He/she is a defender of Toon who went around leaking the victim's name (which should be kept anonymous), claiming what he did with the victim wasn't illegal and said they'll stick by him. Does this idiot even realize they're defending a sexual predator, whom, besides grooming about 3-4 teens, also sexually harassed and groped women at conventions, actually molested a kid, possibly RAPED someone, and thought he could get away with it? It's people like Nova that are reasons why Zak was able to continue his behavior thinking he could get no consequences. If you see him/her, report, block, don't talk to them. - SailorSedna

21 Victor Vortex

Actually, I erred, the girl was 14, not 11, but still, he was a criminal and it's especially horrifying considering he's in his 30's. Hope he turned himself in to the police. - SailorSedna

He erped with an 11 year old and did a very pathetic, half-assed apology to try to ask for "forgiveness". It didn't work and a lot of people, including me, want him gone. Unfortunately that pedotard Dusky Novel came back and tried to stand up to him when he too did a crime and just spat out dumb excuses to cover his ass. - SailorSedna

22 AndriDash

You would not believe this guy. Besides his disgusting farting, scat and watersports fetishes, he actually has a Discord server dedicated to that AND HAS ALLOWED MINORS AS YOUNG AS 12 TO ERP/LOOK AT NSFW STUFF. He clearly is more than irresponsible, and is once again, yet another pedophile, the ToonKritic Effect is clearly growing bigger and bigger. - SailorSedna

23 Angel Heart

A disgusting, hypocritical, 25-30 year old degenerate who was going around accusing people of being pedophiles with no real evidence and then eight days ago was caught sending sexual/pornographic pictures to two minors, one aged 16 years, the other aged 13 years. And he KNEW they were underage. He then bolted the fandom like the coward he is, and like with the pedopricks ToonKritic and Performance Major, tried to claim what he did was a "mistake" when he committed a crime.

Yeah, the brony fandom has a HUGE pedophilia problem, if you haven't noticed, 2018 has been a horrible year for said fandom too. - SailorSedna

24 Blue Ranger (Lyric)

Near the end of 2018, this guy was caught posting cub and MLP foal (aka child pornography) and at the age of 21 ERPed with a 15 year old, we got another pedo, folks. - SailorSedna

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