Top 10 Worst Bubble Gum Flavours that Could Be Made

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1 Blue Cheese and Vinegar

I think the one project birthday flavor gum is the worst I almost ouked it was terrible

Man, people eat gum to be happy, not to be sick. This is the worst.

Yuck I never seen blue cheese and vinegar flavour before

I've never had that and I definitely am not planning on it

2 Dog Food

I think dogs will like it.
Worst bubble gum flavour.
I'm never going to taste that gum in my hole life

These are fake xP but if this was real I'd agree with that other comment: even the dog hates it

This flavor is nasty it takes like wet dog food

Dogs don't like it either.

3 Trash

Nasty never tried these flavors never want to

This list was obviously made up.

That's an in salt to trash

Ewe! If you want to try it you are crazy it sounds grose

4 Cough Syrup

To make being sick fun? To make kids like their medicine?

I hate cough syrup

! It sound gross! Eew!

this is the worst one on the list

5 Roast Chicken and Mashed Banana

I have the stomach virus from this!

It wholde be grouse

Just give me banana gum please -_-

6 Mongolian Horse Flesh w/ Added Herbs Spices

Oh my gosh why would you eat gum that taste like horse.

Please don't eat gum if it says 'horse flesh flavor'

I love horses that's just sick and cruel never try it!

Who would even try this I would vomit

7 Baby Rabbit Hormone

Laughing my ass off at this one I can't It doesn't exist(Or at least shouldn't), but I can't help but find the idea amusing to an extent.

My favorite.

I'm kidding, this sounds terrifying.

Who in there right mind whould want to tast baby rabbit Hormone flavored gum just gross yuck!

Oh my god! That flavour is on the world?! YUCK!

8 Black Licorice and Seaweed

There are good better then. Blue
Cheese vinegar flavor

What people why u so Stewart pid

I love black licorice and seaweed but together… no thanks.

9 Medicine Water

Tastes like my drainage pipe SSSOOO GROSDSS

10 Blood

Some people like the taste of blood

Oh my god! This is fake isn't it

Blood flavor, I might give it a try o~o

even vampires hate it

The Contenders
11 Bacon

What company does this because I wanna try it

I LOVE BACON abut bacon bubble gum JUST NOO

bacon actually seems like it would be good if it was like maple syrup and bacon flavored.

12 Banana Split with Vinegar, Honey and Lettuce

This is so darn disgusting that you would not try it at all. And habenero to so be careful if you try it you would puke your self up beacause it is so disgusting and unconverbale banana split with vinegar and honey and letuce sandwich is never going to be a world record of best thing ever ever ever. Beacause it is so horible and stop underlineing what I write.

13 Crushed Nurofen Pill

Who in the world would eat this seriously

I'm gonna vomit about all of these I'm trying to do a report eww

I'm about to get this thanks

Cross all of thess are sick and gruss

14 Cow Scat

Somehow it tasted a lot like cherry flavour ice cream

Tastes like cow pies and

15 Fart

what does a fart even taste like lol

16 Poop and Puke

Why are humans so stupid.

17 Cheesecake

I hate this gum so much

the flavor of cream cheese plus graham crackers would actually be pretty nice I don't know why this is on the list.

I'm all about cheesecake so this does not sound half bad compared to the other stuff on this list.. (ex. cow liver gum)

18 Coffee

Mom needs this

19 Carrots and Rabbit Patties
20 Ketchup and Pepper

I love this very much I bag my mom to buy it for me every month

I would never chew this

21 Cinnamon

One of my favorites

I like cinnamon gum! >:(

22 Grape

Shouldn't be bad

why is this on the list. one of my favorite gums is the grape one from the brand bubblicious or something lmao.

23 Rotten Foot

Why are humans so stupid.

24 Butt

"Tasted amazing"

25 S'mores

I tried it, it was actually NASTY! :(

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