Top Ten Worst Bully Characters


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1 Sheldon Thompson

Annoying brat "I'M GONNA TELL ON YOU! " and I'm gonna beat you brat Worst character hands down

He is a tattletale and his voice is so annoying. - GoldenRocket

Everyone, I mean EVERYONE, hates Sheldon

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2 Mandy Wiles

An annoying popular girl who freaks out if she breaks a nail or is not popular. - GoldenRocket

An annoying popular girl. They are annoying - EpicJake

3 Algernon Papadopoulos

He just comes up to you and starts talking to you about random crap.His insults suck too. - GoldenRocket

He is too random and dumb - EpicJake

4 Gary Smith

I think you guys all know why he is here. - GoldenRocket

5 Constantinos Brakus

I go to the sports area just to bet 20.00 to knock him out

"Nobody likes you ahahah" He is saying that to Jimmy... - taytayxtaytay

"You look stupid, ehehehehe, genuinly awful"

6 Dr. Slawter

He is the creepiest teacher in the game.He wants us to cut things open and enjoy it. - GoldenRocket

7 Mr. Hattrick

He is the math teacher. Of course he is going to be on the list. Sheldon loves him and apperentley he thinks Jimmy is a good person,if he said that he was just kidding. - GoldenRocket

8 The Lunch Lady
9 Beatrice Trudeau
10 Mr. Burton

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? Parker Ogilvie
? Dan Wilson

The Contenders

11 Earnest Jones


12 Fatty Johnson
13 Ray Hughes
14 Thad Carlson
15 Eunice Pound
16 Bucky Pasteur
17 Justin Vandervelde
18 Luis Luna
19 Angie Ng
20 Dr. Crabblesnitch
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1. Sheldon Thompson
2. Mandy Wiles
3. Algernon Papadopoulos



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