Worst - But Funniest - Times to Fart

My Mother would have a fit if she read this list as ladies do not "Guff" but sometimes it's going to come out whether you want it to or not. When is the worst - or funniest time to let it rip?

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21 While Pushing the Gas Pedal


22 Stealth Mission

Imagine Someone about to rob a bank but then, a really loud fart came out! Farts save the day! - blst0033

23 At a Wedding

Worse if it's your wedding

For better or worse!

You may now kiss the bride!
*fart* - PeeledBanana

Priest: you may now kiss the bride!
Groom: /gags from fart
Bride: 😡 /slaps

24 While Taking a Test In Class

Someone near me once did a HUGE fart in the middle of a maths exam and we were in the college gym, so it was like the loudest thing ever. Half the hall (myself included) almost roared with laughter - I'm surprised my head didn't explode from trying to keep silent! - Entranced98

Nobody would care as long as it's silent.

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25 In the Cinema
26 Someone's Funeral

That was earlier - Cobra-Kraken

27 While Kissing

This Would Totally Be A Good Idea! - MissBritain

That would ruin the moment, you're kissing and then *fart* - PeeledBanana

The fart would give emphasis to the smooching!

28 During the national anthem

That's how you can kinda remix your national anthem - Fan_of_Good_Music

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29 When Someone Lights a Match Behind You

You'll fart out fire!

Oohhh my god that would be SO AWESOME - Cobra-Kraken

For Males itll burn your Pubic Hair

30 In a Movie Theater
31 During Surgery

The doctors may have to evacuate - NicholasYellow

32 When Justin Bieber is Recording a New Track

That would make it sound a million times better though. - Entranced98

33 In a Museum
34 In a Hospital
35 When Giving an Oscar Speech

"I'd like to thank my family! And I'd also like to *farts loudly*" - PeeledBanana

36 During a Test

That was also earlier - Cobra-Kraken

37 During the moment of silence on Remembrance Day.

It's so horrible. Especially in the school auditorium, with those stupid plastic chairs.

"We will now bow our heads in a moment of silent prayer..."


38 During Russian Roulette
39 On Television
40 At the End of a Song
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