Top Ten Worst Caillou Episodes

Caillou is a cartoon that airs on PBS stations across the country. However, he throws many tantrums and can be a bad influence on young children. His treatment of others can be borderline-abusive. Which is why I've compiled this list of the top ten worst Caillou episodes.

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1 Caillou Joins the Circus

Hey! I Was going to put this down

Man, if Caillou threw a tantrum in front of Squidward.

That was the BIGGEST tantrum I EVER seen! It is even a meme, this episode is so stupid, no tantrum I think is bigger than that one.

Whoever put this on Number 1 is the best. I hate this episode more than the other ones. So, basically... Caillou wakes up in his bed, realizing that he was going to the circus today. He gets dressed by himself (followed by a couple flaws) and goes to the bathroom to brush his teeth.

Caillou's dad enters and Caillou brags about how he "got dressed all by himself". His dad is impressed, even though it is early.

Caillou states that he doesn't want to be late for the circus, but then this happened... The circus was TOMORROW! Then, out of nowhere... Caillou throws a HUGE tantrum over it! DAAAHH! There is NOTHING worse than hearing his little voice... WAAHHH!

He picks up his toy car, plays with it, then one of the front wheels falls off. Then, Caillou screams "SILLY OLD CAR! SILLY! SILLY! SILLY! "

He throws it back on the ground, whines, and throws a MASSIVE tantrum on the ground. Caillou's dad comes in and tells him to be quiet and that he woke up ...more - MangoFruitJuice

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2 Rosie Bothers Caillou

Caillou was so out of character especially his mom her annoying voice just makes me want to slam her with a bat at least caillou apologizes to Rosie in the end but that was incredibly forced in

Rosie should poop in Caillou's closet to teach him a lesson

Yup this episode was the WORST

This episode was banned

3 Caillou's Quarrel

It was Caillou's fault at the first place

Clamintine didn't do nothing.

Well, I'd say it's Caillou's fault when he blamed Clementine for everything.

I'm even more glad this episode got banned, thank the lord

4 Big Brother Caillou

Caillou should be spanked for pinching Rosie

This episode was banned

5 Caillou's Teddy Shirt

Yep. He cried when Rosie was wearing it. Bitch - MangoFruitJuice

6 Caillou's Cross Word

This guy is worse like Justin Bieber because he also says bad words caillou is bad influence to everyone in his neighborhood

Hmm.. I got it! A whole episode about this 4 year old learning a swear word and upset his friends!

The episode was banned

I can't believe Caillou learned the S T you P I D word! D:

7 Caillou is Getting Older
8 Caillou Walks Around the Block

Luckily, this episode got banned due to child neglect. Thank the lord - MangoFruitJuice

9 Caillou Watches Rosie

Rosie and Caillou deserve to be strangled because they are little whiny brats.

10 Cailliou's Big Friend

More like Caillou's Big Ass Friend

It would hilarious if Caillou meets a stearo-typical fat mentally disable guy who has a capacity of a 3 year old

The Contenders

11 Olive Muddle

The whole episode revolves around Caillou lying to his grandma about liking olives.

I like olives - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

The entire episode involves Caillou lying to his grandmother about "liking" olives.

And he had to wait for a bad thing to happen... then told her - MangoFruitJuice

12 Caillou The Police Officer
13 Caillou is Afraid of the Dark

I was afraid of the dark too when I was a little girl. But, Caillou has another way of showing it - MangoFruitJuice

14 Caillou's Glasses

He faked being blind as a bat, so he could get glasses! Pretty stupid

15 Caillou's Mini Marathon

Caillou wants to run a marthon but looks at his sister then decides not to what

16 Caillou's Family Secrets

This is a creepy pasta lost episode, but It's messd up.

17 Caillou and the Doll
18 That's Mine

I have not seen it but I’m not watching it

19 Caillou Goes To The Doctor
20 Caillou's Bad Dream

He's such a crybaby for every stupid little thing!

Caillou is a gay baby!

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