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1 Call of Duty: Ghosts

The maps are too large, and by having these large maps it bring out snipers and campers that really change this from a Call of Duty game to something in between Call of Duty and battlefield. The maps are not as big as Battlefield maps but they are all larger than past Call of Duty games. For the maps that are normal size there are multi able levels ground floor underground and up to three levels in buildings can you say campers galore. Each maps has sections that are blind corners for campers and don't for get the leaning kills needed to get your gold camo. Leaning kills just shows the makers of this game think everyone love to camp no loves it happens but to promote it with needing leaning kills is pathetic. You don't see a lot of people getting 60 kills in a game although I know it happens I don't see it much if ever because the maps are so large you could run around the dam thing twice before getting a shot off at someone. Lastly the guns are not the same marksmen shot to slow subs ...more

Anyone who seriously voted for ghosts has clearly never completed the black ops 3 campaign on hardened difficulty. The only reason anyone would vote for ghosts is because they have never played the boring bland confusing campaign of black ops 3. No exaggeration at all... completing the black ops 3 campaign is probably the biggest waste of time I've ever spent in my entire life. I challenge anyone who voted for ghosts to play and complete the black ops 3 campaign on hardened difficulty. Then come back and say that ghosts is the worst... I don't think so. Honestly if you don't believe me go and try. I guarantee anyone who has completed that campaign will agree with me. I bet that less than 0.1% of the people who started bo3 campaign finished it and it's they did it was on easy mode. I have so much hate for this campaign because I genuinely feel it was the biggest waste of time on the planet. Seriously, before hating on bad campaigns like ghosts, TRY PLAYING BLACK OPS 3 CAMPAIGN, ITS ...more

Terrible borrowed it from a friend no, no, no just No the multi atrocious I thought the campaign was gonna bring back ghost but all did was use his name as the title and name the dog riley (ghost's real name). The characters I don't even remember there names there was a dog riley some guy's sons who... why am I going on the story sucks, multi terrible, extinction invasion I don't know they were trying to copy treyach's zombies which probably died with bo 2(wait parents are stupid they'll buy it for there kids bo3 on the way great! Sarcasm) extinction is those things that chase you in the fog from that one map in bo2 except instead of jumping on your face the jump at you and hurt you great copy paste and retexture via Activision and squads don't even get me started. Forgive me for saying this but Call of Duty 2 big red one best Call of Duty ever, mw2 second best (sadly I never got to play Call of Duty 4 mw) epic campaign when roach ghost died (supposedly he's too cool to die) I cried ...more

Ghosts is the best,why do people hate it?

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2 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

This is the best! Why is it here?! By the way survival came first

Worst game I have ever played.

Worst game I've ever played. Entirely too inconsistent, poor mechanics, and an all around failure from the producers of this game and honestly the entire franchise. They should truly be embarrassed for creating this terrible replication of what they perceive to be warfare. AND WHEN IS HIT DETECTION GOING TO BE THEIR NUMBER 1 PRIORITY!?! I have played nearly ever Call of Duty game out there and I regret what little time I put towards any of them. All of them are damn near the same, boring, repetitive and unimaginably predictable. With in time I would LOVE to sue the publishers, Activision, and the primary developers for a Defective Product Claim along with intensely false advertising and a slew of many other claims that could easily be made about this horrible game that has completely destroyed the image and incredible possibilities of FPS games. Personally even if you did enjoy these games I believe these companies need to reimburse all its ...more

Not exactly the best game out there. The survival mode is a dumbed down version of zombies and the spec ops gets boring after a while. The campaign is also just a big bore and the plot isn't anywhere near as good as the other games. And don't even get me started on the multiplayer...

In the top 3 for me this game.

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3 Call of Duty: Black Ops - Declassified

This is the only complete failure of th franchise.

Who the hell said that a vita port would be good for the series?

Bad ai an lack of story


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4 Call of Duty: Black Ops II

This is definitely the worst, from before it came out to after. First of all, Black Ops 2 should've took place in the 70s. Black Ops I heavily implied an immediate sequel, as it felt incomplete and pretty messy at the end. However if no immediate sequel was implied that just means the original Black Ops was a pretty weak game too. And in many respects it is.

So we don't get a 70s game. But the next issue is that it was so hyped up to being this futuristic game where "Rare Earth Elements" needed to make technology go scarce, and the world freaks out and the US goes into a Cold War with China. And all happens in 2025! (Which is actually in only 11 years from now, making it as futuristic as Modern Warfare).

Anyway despite this hype of the plot, all of this is just glanced over in the actual plot. The plot is basically about some Nicaraguan guy going on a killing spree funded through decades of drug trafficking and recruiting people through Facebook. Which is kind of ironic ...more

I've also said that the campaign would have been much better if it was a direct sequel to black ops 1. The flashback missions in the mid 80s were my favorite part of the game.

It is a very fun game, but Call of Duty is just beating a dead horse now. The zombies in this game was absolutely the worst, as there where terrible maps and all of that damn lava. The multiplayer was really the same, but the maps were a bit small ( not to mention some where ripoff a of older maps). The campaign was interesting, but after so many Cods with the same story, it just gets boring. Overall a good game, but not worth 60$

Not as good as others. Only good for the douche bag zombie fans whom I feel the game was made for. If you want to get yelled at by a 12 year old because your
Zombie strategy isn't up to par... Buy it.

Its one of the bet

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5 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

I will be speaking about the Multiplayer aspect of this game, as it's the only aspect I've played and the reason most people even buy Call of Duty in the first place (including me). Also, just for reference, I mostly play Hardcore Domination.

Exo suits were the worst idea Call of Duty could have ever come up with. Honestly, does it even matter how much skill you have with a gun when the enemy can just super jump and dodge for days? You can't hit people.

The Exo Abilities (Cloak etc) are all useless. The Exo Launchers are useless. What's the point in having them when almost nobody uses them? We need to go back to when we had lethals and tacticals and they were actually useful.

Most of the guns are crap as well. Snipers are not even a viable options in this game. You see so many people running the same exact guns, and the exact same variations of said guns.

Speaking of gun variations, most are such crap I don't understand why we even have them. Just leave the ...more

One of the absolute WORST bot mechanics in the Call of Duty franchise. First of all, The bots (even the recruit level) use an unfair amount of auto aim. They kill you instantly, and they sneak up behind you too. That is a cool mechanic, but the 6 year old training bots shouldn't have MVP level coordination. Finally they pick up guns. I don't know why, but that PISSES ME OFF! I like playing the game types where it is just you Versus veteran bots with combat knifes and the entire game got ruined for me when those veterans picked up my own weapons and started shooting at me with unrealistic amounts of skill. Quick summary of everything I just said, this game sucks.

I personally think this Call of Duty is the best one out there. Although the cloaking is a stupid and useless idea the exo suit is a better idea as most of you who posted think it's stupid and pointless. The campaign is better than ghosts and black ops, all of them, basically it's the best campaign out of all of the call of duties. The multiplayer is really great like some of the other multi players. The graphic are really good and the ai is smarter than you might think they are.

Multiplayer was clunky, but the campaign was good :/

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6 Call of Duty 3

This was a amazing game and should not be on this list

In the crash screen, it says Call of Duty 2 has crashed, proving that all Call of Duty games are a copy and paste game - Harri666

Call of Duty 3 was far too vehicle based. This, along with the inexperience of developing from treyarch at the time, made for arguably one of the worst titles yet.

Lol I remember this game I get mad because it crashed - SoloPotato

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7 Call of Duty 2: Big Red One

This one is not the best but its still cool it rocks!

The people who hate it are unoriginal 10 year olds who like futuristic exo suits, or they just don't like the graphics.

The one has pretty awesome characters. Why is this the list

Sucks black ops 3 or infinite warfare are the best

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8 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

It's not even out yet and everyone already hates it. Don't get me wrong I don't want futuristic Call of Duty but still don't hate it until you have played it.

Come on people play the game first!

I haven't even played this game yet, and I don't want to. It is too much like titan fall. I have seen game-play and it looks so bad. I don't ever want to play this game

Waste of 50 bucks. It lags and glitches, It always disconnects from online multiplayer. It sucks - SoloPotato

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9 Call of Duty: Finest Hour

Very good game! The story was intriguing and had a lot of fun with it. First Call of Duty I ever had.

Awesome, first Call of Duty I had

I had this game for the Wii and I thought it wasn't bad.

O recent rebought this because I thought I liked it in the past, boy was I wrong. Just a terrible game all around. I played on both ps2 and Xbox and I must say it is the most aggrivating game in the series.

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10 Call of Duty: Black Ops III

More junk jetpack, thrusting in the air 30 feet crap. Add the cheesy kills people get with Specialists, and this game just sucks. Advanced Warfare was the first game I absolutely hated, but BO3 is the first Call of Duty I just stopped playing all together after only the first couple of months. I hate it. If Call of Duty doesn't go back to good boots on the ground play without giving players the ability to do stupid crap like boost way above your head or kill people too easily with some cheesy specialist ability, then I'm done. I'll just have to see what Tom Clancy's games are like. Rainbow Six is what got me started on FPS anyway.

I bought this game and I "loved" it. It was new and it was part of my favorite game series of all times. I finished the campaign the day I got it and...I was pissed. I mean, zombies? I love zombies but putting them in the campaign is stupid. All of the maps are kinda sucky. And the zombies map is stupid, I love a good challenge but it's just way to busy and confusing. Plus the map is huge. And the worst part of it all, the dlc, I was so happy to hear about Der reise (I may have misspelled it) coming back. But when you don't pre order it and you have to buy it for $50, that's stupid. I think it's safe to say that if I was advortizing this game I would say "buy this game, and remember, you have to buy a $50 dlc in order for it to be fun". Like I said before, I "loved" this game but only because it was new. I'm literally thinking of going back to my 360 because of how much this game sucks.

I love this one. Besides BO2 this one is my favorite. I do agree however that the Exo jumps make the game impossible to play but really all I do is wall ride. Come on guys you all know you love to wall ride for the entire 5-10 minutes. But specialists are pretty bad if you ask me. But this game is way better of without infected, but Gun game is the BOMB

BO3 is great

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11 Call of Duty

How is it bad? Sure some parts were frustrating because you had to die to learn where the enemy is, and there's that difficult panzerfaust level. But the campaign was done just right. You get to play as Americans, British and Russians and yet the game never feels rushed.

Call of Duty is probably only on this list because it's old and many things have changed since then.

It is not as good as the rest, mainly because of that non regenerate health.

The wanker that put it here should be ashamed

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12 Call of Duty 2

This is an amazing game

Amazing! How in the name of god is it here? - ReganTheBeast

Best Call of Duty ever! In my opinion laugh out loud

I love this game

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13 Call of Duty: World at War

This one was amazing! One of my favorites and a lot of my friends favorite ever.

First Nazi zombies ever made but you have to finish the game first which sucks but still good

This is the first game that I found not copy-paste from previous games

I really like this one because it's not really futuristic like a lot of the other Call of Duty games. The weapons actually resemble some of the real weapons used in WW2. World at War, along with The first Black Ops are my favorites. - Kfox101

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14 Call of Duty: Black Ops

This is an amazing game I don't know why it would be on the top 10 worst list the zombie mode is awesome and the campaign is epic

This the best campaign of the series. Multiplayer sucks because if you are by yourself with no online you can't play it, but if this one had computer players I would be a happy kid.

Only redeeming quality is zombies. I wouldn't touch the multiplayer with a ten foot pole due to the absolutely horrendous hit detection which is by far the worst of any game I have ever played.

Boring campaign, but pretty good for everything else

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15 Call of Duty: World at War: Final Fronts

Who has actually played this game?

This game is okay, short campaign though.

I like it it was occupying ( speaking from a kid who doesn't play it that much.

This was for playstation 2 in 2008 okk

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16 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Boosters, noob tubers, and deathstreaks completely ruined this game.

WHAT? This is one of few good Call of Duty games why is it on here?

This game is god awful compared to other games. Has a great campaign and multiplayer is fun on split screen, but playing online is awful, all maps are uneven, noob tubers, one man army, commando, marty dom, and all other death streaks ruin the game, also no one plays the objective its all cancer in one game - dangits12

This is my favorite call of duty game ever why is it even on this list

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17 Call of Duty: Strike Team

It is a phone game, good to be honest. You should place Heroes instead


18 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

This game was amazing how is it here? It brought the greats in Price and Soap

Because this is top ten worst cods meaning this is nowhere near the worst games

Great multiplayer maps but short campaign but campaign is fun

Any person with half a brain can figure out that because this game is at the bottom of the worst call of duty games list, it's actually at the top of good call of duty games because almost every call of duty game is already listed first on this worst call of duty games list!

I heard This Game Was Crap

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19 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Defiance

Not now, not ever

This game suck sucks on there moms milk

This is the worst DS port, other than maybe Call of Duty 4/WaW. If you get past the graphics and maybe the weird yet nice controls, the game itself is just a copy of the earlier Call of Duty Black-ops DS port, or at least with the source code. The other last Call of Duty DS ports had a gun range and Call of Duty Black-ops had a nice zombie feature. This one had none of that, so it got boring fast.

To me it is good for a call of duty on ds but world at war for the ds is better

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20 Call of Duty: Black Ops – Zombies

How is this the best Call of Duty game? It isn't even a game, it is a game mode within a game. This isn't all that good anyways...

Lol this is apparently the best call of duty game ever.

Call of Duty zombies is Ok in the iOS but it just too EASY I played until I reached 130 it's that EASY if u don't believe meh just play it

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