Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3


It was alright at a Call of Duty game, but definitely a 4.5/10 star game as a modern warfare game. It took steps back on multiplayer, specs ops, graphics, and especially campaign. The only moments of th the campaign that actually felt like modern warfare was the ending missions of the third act. This did to modern warfar what the star wars prequels did to star wars.

Modern Warfare 3 offers new mode "Survival" and full of actions, although some of the level design was actually from previous games, in the multiplayer, this game also introduces Kill Confirmed mode, so why this is here, WHY?

This is where Call of Duty took a turn for the worst. After West and Zampella were fired from Infinity ward and 1/3 of its employees left, the remaining members made this. It had a lackluster campaign with a generic plot, different characters (seriously Price, Soap, and Makarov aren't what they used to be), and no thrills compared to the first two games. It had a broken multiplayer that introduced nothing new (this also is the first time where lag comp for me was noticeable and bad) and survival mode couldn't compete with zombies.

I love this game, in my opinion definitely in the top 3 call of duty games, if not the best one. Infected is one of the highlights for me, a great game mode, and survival game mode is great for me, even though lots of people give it hate.

I liked it, it was better than Advanced Warfare though, and the most innovative way to kill Makarov ( lynched from the helicopter ). The only part in all of the Call of Duty series where you are Price. Rip Soap.

Nah, you guys are just mad this game is the franchise at its best, the zombie mode might suck, but the rest of the game is awesome, bo2 was the downfall of the series in my opinion - VideoGamefan5

While the game was at least playable (unlike ghosts) on its own, its still a really lame ending to the modern warfare series.

At least the campaign was a lot better than Black Ops II. Unlike BO2, this game knew how to continue where it left off, and had a way more satisfying ending than BO2.
I mean I get it wasn't a really great campaign compared to Call of Duty 4 or World at War, but its still Shakespeare when compared to BO2.

It's really just a more depressing re-skin of Modern Warfare 2. The game is dull, lifeless, and nothing new was brought to the table. It should've really been called Modern Warfare 2.5. - Dylan9977

Why is this not number 1? Black ops 2 had a few issues with maps and spawns, but it was nowhere as AWFUL as MW3. It may not had been as bad as Call of Duty 3, but come on, it was just Mw2 with a new coat of paint, and not a particularly good one either.

Anybody notice how different the characters in MW3 are? They may have same names and appearances but they have different personalities. Price gives a pointless speech (ripped off from other historical quotes) before every mission, something he never did before, at least until the end of MW2 (which were two of the most epic speeches ever). Soap never even talks much until the mission he dies in, serving only as Price's crony. Soap is a mere shadow of the badass he once was in COD4 and MW2. Makarov, instead of being the ruthless terrorist in MW2 who does his own dirty work and trades blood for money, is degraded to a generic villain who hides behind his minions and kidnaps the Russian president and his daughter (one of the most generic plots ever). Finally there is Yuri who is nothing but a plot device to wrap the MW series together. This campaign was just sad.

Graphics are no different than modern warfare 2

If you like shooting someone and your bullets not showing on killcam but you did shoot multiple bullets and die due to the lag comp bs buy this game terrible online experience that even caused youtubers to quit Call of Duty games until bops2

You Guys Are So Stupid, This Game Is So Awesome! - VideoGamefan5

Absolutely terrible. Survival is a complete ripoff of zombies, Special Ops missions are just as boring as the MW2 missions, Campaign is the exact same thing, & as for the multiplayer, there is WAY too much to discuss about it. Overall, this game just felt rushed & to all the people who actually like this game, get your heads out of your asses & play something better, - PlaystationArchfiend

Honestly this is amongst top 3 all time cods ever made who ever made is list is on some serious drugs of some sort

Once again you all need life cause you ain't going find one here on this website. # YOU all rusty krusty musty.

It's good only thing bad about it is soap dieing

Definitely the best game and should not be on this list at all

The maps made this game unbearable.

Total pants maps.

Total pants multi-player gameplay.

Not a bad game, but I really expected more. I enjoyed more Modern Warfare 2 (until hackers ruined it), but survival is a good game mode. Survival can get boring after a while, but if you change difficulty, the map, and play with your friends (not any random guy or kid), you can have a ton of fun. I liked that the story of MW3 carries over MW2, but personally I think MW3 ruined the story a bit. And it has nothing to do with the "Call of Duty" since you are playing as some guys who want revenge. Multiplayer was a bit stressful, but some maps were really good, and there were many killstreaks. The best game modes were Search and Destroy (which was good because of the use of stealth to not get yourself killed and no respawns), Ground War (Which I believe to be the best game mode, long match duration, many enemies and allies, etc. It really is like a real war, well not exactly, but it was a great game mode), and the standard Team Deathmatch and Free For All. There where many weapons, and ...more

This game is bad in my opinion with terrible multiplayer and a very shallow campaign aling with battlefield 3 being a far more surprise game there was no reason to buy it

This game does not sick this game has down right the best gameplay and dosnt belong on this list and the spec ops gets old? If it does stop playing go online and play it's better anyways. This game is absolutly the best. I'm not sure if it's the best Call of Duty but its 2nd if not this list is incorrect like declassified belongs at 1 then ghost then bo2

This was one of my favourite Call of Duty game