Call of Duty: Black Ops II


Multiplayer is AWFUL, Lighweight pro camera angles, you get shot by guys that are not even visible to you. Laughable hit detection easily the worse hit detection and lag infested Call of Duty game. Sometimes you shoot a whole clip into someone only to get about 3 or 4 hitmarkers which is why the sniping is OP its not just the aim assist it's the fact that it takes to long to drop people in the game making sniping to easy, lets face it sniping has ruined this game. Without the nuketown add on the maps were crap except maybe 2 of them. I can understand why people rate this game its full of action but for me it just makes me rage more then any other Call of Duty. Just way to much bull in it. Which is why it gets my vote for worst Call of Duty, and I did my fair share of play in this game I reached prestige master with 50k+ kills. So I do know what I'm talking about.

This game was terrible!

It should've taken place in the 70s, you never get to play through Woods' survival from Hanoi, Reznov doesn't make a decent come back, the dialogue was terrible, and they never even covered the "rare earth elements" themes they were hyping up.

Black ops 2 is a great game. The multiplayer and zombies is amazingly fun, especially tranzit mode. Black ops 2 has the best local multiplayer, in my opinion. But, the campaign in this game is the WORST I have ever played in my life! In any game, not just Call of Duty!

I love this game because of zombies and multiplayer. The campaign was a bit difficult but the zombies was simple. I love the big maps like mob of the dead or buried. Multiplayer was good to. I have most of the DLC packs. I think this is the best Call of Duty

It just a bad game I mean that it changes people's behavior and some kids at school changed into fouled mouthed kids when they bought the game it just made sad and that's all they really talk about now I heard of dude who once killed a kid real life over the game PLEASE just end this madness it's sad

The multiplayer hit detection system is deplorable, lag compensation if awful, and scorestreaks are nearly impossible to get. The nonlinear campaign is a step up however it lacks the "covert black ops" feel that the first game had. To be honest this game wasn't that bad, at least Treyarch was putting effort into it despite not fixing many problems the older call of duties had. It seems most people play this only for zombies mode. Oh and Green Run was the worst Zombies map ever (vote for it on the top 10 worst zombie maps list).

Everything about this game, from campaign to multiplayer to zombies, it all sucks. It is ridiculous how this game is even considered enjoyable. It is just frustration and nothing to enjoy.

This game is one of the best cods should not be on this list

Black ops 2 is overall a great game, but unfortunately the only thing that completely ruins the game is it's abusive and foul-mouthed players. I was utterly shocked at the amount of children aged 7-10 cursing towards me, and in comclusion it just made me dislike the game altogether. I could probably find hundreds of other games with less abusive players.

What black ops 2 was great-story line / multiplayer wow I would except AW but really who made this list surely some one who doesn't even like Call of Duty

While this Call of Duty has some balance issues, if you can't deal with them you're really just a bad player. The campaign wasn't great but I thought it was decent. And the zombies DLC maps were very good.

This is actually my favorite Call of Duty game. You guys just have bad taste. First the maps are a perfect size and the guns are amazing.

Black Op 2's explanation on how Woods survived the explosion with kravchenko back in the Hanoi Hilton:

Mason: Woods? I thought you were dead.

Woods: Nope!

Say what you will about Modern Warfare 3, but at least that game knew how to continue from where it left off.

This was a game I was really looking forward but it was just one big massive flop, Zombies was the main thing for Black Ops but they screwed it all up for Black Ops 2. What an absolute waste of time

This game shows your true skills. If you are bad, it shows, so if you aren't good in bo2 and don't like the game, then you are bad, and like I said it shows.

Why do you all hate this game so much? I think it was the best Call of Duty 3arc has ever made. It was the only Call of Duty where you actually had choices in the campaign

Confusing narrative storyline, Woods like came back to life, I think it is better to make him just die, multiplayer also the same like any other Call of Duty games

It was terrible. It didn't continue the Cold War theme BO 1 started and instead jumped into the "near future" bandwagon.
The campaign was poorly made, and even laughable.

I guess the multiplayer was decent, but it had the worst campaign I've seen in any Call of Duty game. And the dialogue was just cheesy. Guess what Treyarch? Just because the characters swear, doesn't make them cool!

Hard to believe they're making another Black Ops after this disaster.

I think this has one has one of the best Call of Duty campaigns in the series, It is the only one that you can " Pick your own fate or destiny " type game.

It wasn't that bad... I thaught it was ok. Wasn't the best but not the worst either'

It lagged a lot. Kills were took too long to get in multiplayer. Zombies was not that great. They could have done better.

This to me is where they fell off they went to futuristic I like normal weapons not some made up stuff

One of the most balanced Call of Duty games I have ever played. In no way should a game as good as this one be so high on this list.

This game failed on all levels, terrible campaign, terrible multiplayer and terrible zombies. 2/10

Amazing game much better than Call of Duty ghosts with much nicer graphics and story line