Call of Duty: Ghosts


Fish? No new innovation. Dogs? No new innovation. Peek around corners? No new innovation. Dynamic Lightning? No new innovation. Worst Call of Duty game, because it isn't very innovative, and is voted as bad.

After having a blasts on DICE's superb first person shooter (Battlefield 4) I was interested in what the Call of Duty game would be to go against it, and it was this horrible piece of crap called ghosts and it is just horrid and has got no new stuff instead it looked like they just knew battlefield was going win and that Activision thought there was no point in even trying and in my opinion that is just pure sad

The worst Call of Duty by far. Honestly the single players pointless and there's literally no character development, spawns stink, the maps are just too big and awful, squads is awful as well, and extinction is a crappy knock-off of zombies that is... Awful.

This games mechanics were off, graphics are always murky, can't see much... Maps were way to big for the limited mobility u had... weapons sucked... Only thing I liked was the whole briefcase scenario, and how the map changed mid-game... Wasn't enough however to keep this from being the worst Call of Duty.

It doesn't require any skill. It has unfair death time, giant maps, snipers are op noobs are camping everywhere, it lags, there is a crappy campaign story, pistols suck, Riley is useless, in multiplayer however, dogs are op, there is no way a dog can take more bullets than a future advanced armored human, there are a million guns and all of them kill you in two bullets, and when Riley gets shot, you carry her, then she's fine without medical treatment.

I personally just don't like the game but the person was right when I play ghosts on multiplayer, the maps were huge I loved the Campaign I don't know about the rest of you but I also don't like the extinction it's too hard and it's for pros of zombies.

This Game isn't bad, I loved the multiplayer, Campaign, and Extinction. I find this the best game, I just hope that Call of Duty Ghosts 2 comes out this Year (2016)

Stupid that a machine gun rapidfire can go straight through people just because this stepping side to side it is the stupidest hit detection it seems your character can sometimes catch bullets no matter if people can see them or not and the quick dying constant dying just makes this game unplayable at times just look how many people on the Wii you are not playing

When I bought the game I thought it was going to be about the character Ghost ( even though I am pretty sure he is dead ) it was a big let down. This one and Advanced Warfare have really no connection to the storyline. The games that do have a storyline are The Black ops series, Modern Warfare series.

This game is the worst Call of Duty ever made beside the big red one. The campaign is the most stupid out of it all and the graphics are bad. The multiplayer is better then the campaign but it's all stupid horrible

This is one is not as good as it looked. Everything from the previous game was implemented into this game but it just was not there. The Alien mode was difficult even with 2 player easy. Skip this one.

Oh my God I don't know where to begin. The storyline sucks, the weapons suck, and multiplayer wasn't very good. The best thing about this game was extinction mod which wasn't even very good. Just an all around bad game. - OriginalVisionary

Infinity ward did so poorly with this game, that Activision gave sledgehammer a spot in the development cycle so they wouldn't have to deal with ghosts 2 for another year. This game is an embarrassment to the franchise.

This game is probably the worst game that was ever invented. Come on infinity ward, you give us good cods like black ops that have better graphics than this pile of crap? The game looks like someone took Call of Duty world at war then put the game into a blender and set the setting on high. After they did that, they burned the game, got a chainsaw and slashed it, then made a new Call of Duty out of it. This game is worse than mw3. I have no idea how this is lower. Sure, mw3 sucked, but you can't get lower than this pile of trash.

This game made the Call of Duty game more realistic compared to the Black Ops crap. One of the best Call of Duty games out there.

MW3 was okay by most standards because the original Infinity had given us so much. The new Infinity Ward didn't have to try hard. This is the product of the new Infinity Ward starting from scratch, promising so much and delivering on none of it with an emotionless story with bad voice acting, terrible maps, broken spawns, weak killstreaks, and the lamest secondary game mode (extinction) ever. Hey at least they can be proud of their advanced FISH AI! Oh wait... they can't.

Nothing about this game is good. You die so fast that you never get the ability to turn it around and fight back. The maps are too big, poorly designed, and overall just bland. The create a soldier system has major issues, such as the squad points system, which makes ranking up meaningless because you can just save up squad points and buy whatever you want from the get-go, regardless of your level. Also, the system makes it so some parts of your class count for perk points, but some, like attachments, don't. Why?! Why make it so some things count for perk points, but others don't? It's very confusing.

There is also a slew of broken weapons noobtubes and danger close return, The Mtar X, IEDs (the cheapest equipment in any Call of Duty ever), The gaurd dog killstreak, and the MSBS.

The campaign was iffy, and extinction mode was pretty good, but the multiplayer was just awful. The needlessly big maps and "teamwork" based kill streaks like the Ammo box show that IW ...more

It was actually one of my favorites. True I only played it for extinction, but that's like all the people who play black ops for zombies

No whey this the worst Call of Duty well to be honest the spawning does kinda suck but I give this game a 8/10

I thought it was good especially since I liked the snipers but my most favorite weapon I ran with was the honey badger.

This is the most underrated Call of Duty of all time. I actually enjoyed this game a lot. The worst Call of Duty in my opinion is Call of Duty 3

Absolute garbage. Everything is recycled, nothing is balanced, you die too fast, maps are too big and the dogs are stronger than Superman..

This game pretty much is bad Call of Duty modern warfare 3 is better. Sometimes when I play this it just I don't know I do not like this game

They keep coming out with stupid upgrades and almost every time they come out it's a 500MB update just for new camo, that I am not going to buy. People camp like none other as well. I hope Call of Duty doesn't have infinity ward make another game they have yet to create anything worth a damn

Worse than Black Ops 2, but not inherently bad. Sure the maps are a little big for a Call of Duty game, but the Honey Badger was pretty nice...