Worst Call of Duty Multiplayer Maps

Even the best games, can do wrong at some points, this list will be pinpointing and selecting the worst PVP maps in all of Call of Duty's history. Whether they were annoying, stale, designed poorly, glitchy, or just plain uninspired. This list shall rain fire on the worst of the worst in call of duty multiplayer. Note: this list is covering MULTIPLAYER maps ONLY, zombies maps do NOT count. Also if you plan to add a map on here please make sure it hasn't already been named and put down the game it was featured in so it's easier to identify.

The Top Ten

1 Downturn - Modern Warfare 3
2 Stonehaven - Ghosts
3 Aftermath - Black Ops 2

This should be number 1
It's to damn big,Activision

4 Fuel - Modern Warfare 2
5 Estate - Modern Warfare 2
6 Outpost - Modern Warfare 3
7 Turbine - Black Ops 2
8 Gustav Cannon - WWII

This is, hands-down, the worst Call of Duty map of all time. - PotatoSmash

This map is absolute trash


9 Crisis - Black Ops
10 Nightfire - World at War

The Contenders

11 Wasteland - Modern Warfare 2

What was Infinity Ward thinking when making this map? I always leave when this map appears - VenomxShocker

12 Carrier - Black Ops 2

Every time this comes up in random or people vote for this, I leave straight away. I despise this map! - sryanbruen

This map is hard to manuver around in my opinion.

13 Freefall - Ghosts
14 Zoo - Black Ops
15 Berlin Wall - Black Ops
16 Quarry - Modern Warfare 2
17 Terrace - Advanced Warfare
18 Strikezone - Ghosts
19 Mission - Modern Warfare 3
20 Havoc - Black Ops 3
21 Shipment 1944 - WWII
22 Black Box - Modern Warfare 3
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