Worst Call of Duty: World at War Guns


The Top Ten

1 Springfield

I cannt operate this thing and changing whenever I can with any other rifle.

2 Kar98k
3 Arisaka
5 Tokarev
6 Trench Gun

Its just not long ranged

7 M1 Carbine
8 Mosin Nagant
9 M1 Garand
10 Colt M1911

The Contenders

11 Type 100
12 PPSH-41

I'm just joking the ppsh is the best - CODcaker45

Ppsh is the best

13 MP40

Not because of how bad it is, but because of how it completely destroyed the multiplayer of the last decent Call of Duty game before it began it's descent into unplayable crappiness. WAYY too overpowered and everyone was using it.

14 Double Barrel Shot Gun

2 bullets that's it? are you pucking with me?

2 bullets that's it? are you ucking with me? - CODcaker45

15 Nambu

Waw had the suckiest pistols ever - CODcaker45

16 Type 99

Why isn't this LMG not number one? it's low fire rate and sucky iron sights made not only the worst gun in waw also the WORST EVER GUN IS Call of Duty HISTORY (behind the dragonov of course) AND WORST LMG EVER! - CODcaker45

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