Worst Call of Duty: Zombie Maps

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1 Tranzit

You spawn, build the stupid turbine, and get to the du,b bus. You go to a useless spot, then to the power station. Then you have to CRAFT the power switch. The bus will be gone, so you have to go through the fog and deal with the damn denizens. When you get to town, no guns for you. To get pack a punch, you have to go back to the power station and do more crap. Then at town, the lava get you and you are dead. This is TranZit.

There's the fog (Which I guess I can understand due to graphical limitations on the Xbox 360/PS3) The Denizens, the bus is unreliable, the pack a punch quest takes half an hour even if someone is keeping the last zombie busy, the jet gun is so bad, and there's fire. Did I mention the fire? Let me tell you what happens a lot: You get cornered, but you are escape and are ready to clutch this, and you step on the fire crack and you die.

This is an impossible map to play solo and a chore to play with others

This deserves to be #1 because...its just bad I mean it is fun, if you get good guns, but if you don't then your screwed! There is only one ok, at best decent training spot (town) and even that's not great. because of how bad everything is its hard, not fun hard, or challenge yourself, just so bad its hard.

2 Shangri-La

It's forgettable I Don't get why it was brought back in zombies chronicles mob of the dead would have been a far more interesting map to include

I don't see why everyone hates this map. It's great in my opinion

Really? shangri-la is one of the best maps, it has the best statistical wonder weapon of all time. the monkeys are annoying. But you can get a free perk out of it, the easter egg is badass (annoying if you have a bad team) and its fun and challenging

This map sucked! Full of annoying traps & monkeys.

3 "Five"

The pentagon theif is "very! ' annoying and I mean it when I say that, but the map is solid and I don't belive that the wonder weapon is bad its just degraded from what it should have been and you can get a fire sale for the pack a punch if you kill the theif before he gets your weapon and yes the map is a challenge "at first" but once you get set up it is a blast and it gets easier and its easy to get to at least round 30 after set up by just training in the war room and over all it's a very solid map and it should have never been on this list! "JFK is a beast"

I Hate the Pentagon Thief

The scientist who takes your weapons is so annoying...

4 Dead Ops

I wrote the comment of why dead ops sucked I forgot to add one reason because you run out of ammo if you don't shoot

This shouldn't even be classified as a zombies map.

Just some stupid little mini game that sucks. Not even a zombies map

This shouldn't count as a zombies map

5 Shadows of Evil

I actually thought this map was very well made and loved the attention to detail

Worst map ever! The monster you transform into is so useless. And besides that it has annoying music. And lastly the boss is so annoying. If you don't have a good weapon your obviously screwed. At least in Tranzit you could escape fast.

Should Be Number 1 and why is Kino Der Toten Here!

This map is like origins, if you don't suck and you can do thing efficently, you will like this map

6 Shi No Numa

This is the best map ever

7 Origins

Why the hell is this map on this list. This is the best map ever

I love how 1/2 of the comments saying this map is hard and sucks, this map is easy and it deserves to be the best zombies map

This is where zombies truly loses its survival feel. The generators are a terrible concept for power. It's littered with stupid buildables and a pathetic excuse for a zombie map with the only little saving grace being the staffs. And deserves to be in the bottom 3 for worst zombie maps with tranzit being the absolute worst and this map being second.

This is the best map ever

8 Nuketown Zombies

Cool concept

Way to small. Can't train no way to get to high rounds. JUGG doesn't spawn until its too late.


9 Die Rise

The only thing worse than this map is the drugs it took to make it.

How is Mob of the Dead higher than Zetsubou No Shima?!

What is it called when a dog throws up than eats it and throws up again

Shadows of Evil is not that bad

10 Bus Depot

Why isn’t dlc 3, 4 and 5 from IW not in the 1, 2 and 3 spot on the list

The Contenders

11 Der Riese

I love this map


12 Verruckt

I don't hate it since it was the second map ever so what can you expect

13 Zetsubou No Shima

I find it funny that Shadows and Shang are in the top 10 but Zetsubou isn't.


Plants vs Zombies on Acid, this map is just a pain to set up mostly. But if you have a spare hour or 5 you might be able to beat the easy but time consuming EE, grow some clone plants and be good to go for a high round in the boss room. But by the time you get there you don't wanna play anymore

Never make a map that focuses on takeo he’s most boring character in the group

14 Nacht Der Untoten

Witch IDIOT put this here?

This map really sucks

This map sucks there is only 3 doors to open


15 Moon

Never played it, but moon zombies just sounds ridiculous. The more realistic the zombies map, the better the gameplay. Tranzit was great, Kino Der Toten was fun to master, Shadows of Evil was an amazing map, but the monsters and flies seemed out of place. Would have loved Shadows of Evil if it wasn't made so manic. I can play it, I do well, just don't care for the all the creatures.

Only little jimmies can't play this map (no offense) and I got to round 30 without camping

I can't stand this map! Getting jugg is like getting pap on tranzit. But it's not the pap it's jugg! Black op 1 impressed me but moon was awful

16 Farm

So lame and boring

17 Outbreak
18 Mob Of The Dead

This is my favorite ever!

One of the best map

19 Buried

It's to easy to just camp for the entire game and only one player really wins, the player with the paralyzedr

To Eaaassyyy

20 Town

I like it it's fun

It's ok but can be hard with Mustang then no PhD

ME gusta

21 Spaceland

Not sure if Infinite Warfare maps count. - POKEGAMERZ

This map is so stupid - B1ueNew

Horrible, too much color, the aliens are stupid, the guns you can buy aren't that good except for like the m1 and others - B1ueNew

22 Ascension
23 Call Of The Dead

It's george remero, and this map is fun if you don't suck

This map sucks. why is there george luckas as a zombie if its him it's so big, and I hate clearing debris.

24 Infection

I love this burger king map its OG its way better then Origins

25 Kino der Toten


This map is sooo hard

26 The Giant


I always liked Der Riese and was glad 2 C it return in BO3 as The Giant. This would most likely B what Der Riese would look and feel like if it was part of Zombie Chronicles. - POKEGAMERZ

I think "The Giant" is the best map in Black Ops 3, and 2nd best in all of Call of Duty history1! Go Giant😀😀😁😍

27 Dead Ops Arcade 2
28 Revelations

Too easy and Nothang very new

29 Cancer

It's " Cancer." Har Har Har

30 Verrückt
31 The Final Reich

Generic as hell, all Call of Duty WWII maps are boring

32 IX

Nope nine is one of the best map

33 Redwoods

Same thing that I said with Spaceland being on this list. - POKEGAMERZ

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