Worst Canadian Provinces & Territories


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1 Quebec

Currently, Quebec is the worst place to be in Canada, because of our dumb premier. She wants to ban all religious symbols from public, because she is incredibly racist and stupid. she also wants to ban anything that is English from the public, using language polices ( which is another term for "Nazis"), and she doesn't listen to any of the criticism of all the dumb things she wants to happen.

Quebec is stupid and racist. If you try to call 911, they will actually hang up on you for speaking English and not french - Megalink

It's a beautiful place to visit and could be a great place to live. But I swear to they're government is made up of crybullies who kick and scream like a kid in a candy when they don't get there way. They're the reason it's literally impossible for a normal Canadian who just speaks english to be PM. I'd say the majority of people from Quebec are decent people but french separatists and the preschool government are what makes this place the worst.

Lol syrians

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2 Nunavut

Only because it is less populated doesn't make it the worst province

Takes up 0.1% of Canada's Population. - booklover1


to cold

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3 Saskatchewan Saskatchewan

I moved to Regina from Calgary 5 years ago. Worst mistake I ever made! There is absolutely nothing to do here unless you own a cottage. Worst service in all categories and to top it all off, the people are very stuck up, about what I am not sure, they have nothing to be stuck up about.

Most boring province ever. Nothing to do people just think about farming and flat land. Not even good restaurants anywhere and nothing interesting around. Just terrible

The worst province by far

Totally agree one more painful conversation about farming or how cold it is snapsville.

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4 Alberta Alberta

This is my home province.

The crime though

Albertans can't drive.

5 Ontario

Ontario is a hellhole. highest tax rate and terrible living standards.

6 New Brunswick New Brunswick

New Brunswick is only if you are retired or you like nature. I used to live at Montreal and move to a city in New Brunswick and I honestly found it boring!

New Brunswick is okay! Nice peoples but one of the worst province for school! Bullies are everywhere, even out of school

I live in Fredericton and I get so bored here that it makes me depressed. There is lots of forest but not any beautiful forests and the beaches are all made of rocks and the only mountain in the province is identical to a hill

Short answer: Full of cow towns, unpredictable hit-or-miss schools, terrible economy, services that barely speak English, government that doesn't give to the english, government that neglects citizens, government that takes your children away, sends them to foster care, and boring unkept downtown areas.

Long answer:

Worst economy ever. The only jobs that pay over 50k are teachers and doctors. The mental health doctors are rude and only speak French. The east side of the moncton metro by Dieppe has trouble with rats, and every decade your street has a 50% chance of being dug out to replace old sewage pipes.

The schools are terrible and want your kids to be sent to fostering, and the kids are hit or miss. Some schools have nice and welcoming children, while other schools have children that act like they came out of the pits. There is no in between!

Not to mention there is nothing to do in Moncton. There's a few Chinese restaurants, and a fair that happens for ...more

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7 Manitoba Manitoba

To much bad weather and mosquitos.

Winter=Bad weather

Boring, high taxes
Why would you want to live there

8 British Columbia British Columbia

The lower mainland has bred these horrible yuppie-hippie mutants which has ruined what is otherwise a great province

9 Yukon
10 Northwest Territories


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11 Newfoundland and Labrador Newfoundland and Labrador

Best province

Fun place. lots to do. great outdoors in winter

12 Nova Scotia Nova Scotia

Congratulations for being the least-voted-for! Good job, guys! - bolide

Beautiful, friendly people and teachers care about your kids.

Halifax and Dartmouth make the province amazing, But I admit cities like Truro, Amherst is boring.
Halifax is big with awesome buildings.

13 Prince Edward Island Prince Edward Island

No it doesn't suck. The beaches and weather is nice, they also have cool water and amusement parks. So yes, you are stupid and you're just jealous

nice people... but it is SO boring there. - VADERtheIMPALER

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