Worst Canadian Provinces & Territories

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1 Quebec

Quebec is the most racist conservative province in Canada. It's absolutely shameful.

Currently, Quebec is the worst place to be in Canada, because of our dumb premier. She wants to ban all religious symbols from public, because she is incredibly racist and stupid. she also wants to ban anything that is English from the public, using language polices ( which is another term for "Nazis"), and she doesn't listen to any of the criticism of all the dumb things she wants to happen.

You have no idea what is the Quebec, we are definitely more cultivated than you as I can easily by your comment

Quebec is stupid and racist. If you try to call 911, they will actually hang up on you for speaking English and not french - Megalink

Funny that 911 service is bilingual in every city and I tried 911 in TO and no one spoke french. - GP

French, separatists, stupid laws, horrible roads, least friendly people in the country, broken politics and in general the entire quebec culture

2 Alberta

Racist, homophobic, ignorant, unfaithful shallow rednecks, nothing pretty there, always damaging the environment, hard to breathe out there, mean if you are slightly overweight there, don’t recommend moving there and this is coming from someone who is originally from there.

Politics are everything here the social ranks are defined by income if your rich you can control your whole community

Imagine Texas but Canada and you understand it already.

This is my home province.

3 Saskatchewan Saskatchewan is a prairie and boreal province in western Canada, the only province without a natural border.

I moved to Regina from Calgary 5 years ago. Worst mistake I ever made! There is absolutely nothing to do here unless you own a cottage. Worst service in all categories and to top it all off, the people are very stuck up, about what I am not sure, they have nothing to be stuck up about.

Worst province ever. Hands down, no comparison. I have lived in because, AB, ONT, QUE, and Nova Scotia.
Saskatchewan, by far, has the worst overall mentality and overall quality of people in the bunch. To quote the first comment in this thread "people are very stuck up, about what I am not sure, they have nothing to be stuck up about." Agreed.
And if you don't agree with their close-minded bigotry and delusional belief in their own superiority as a province, they WILL keep you down. SK doesn't really seem interested in advancing. They'd rather be defensive and push forward with their own poor choices than admit a better option exists.

The higher education system (Universities) are a joke. I have no idea what they teach professionals in most university programs out here, but professionals trained here are definitely the worst of the bunch.

Just in general: don't expect to meet any noticeable amount of good, rational, honest people who are genuine. ...more

Most boring province ever. Nothing to do people just think about farming and flat land. Not even good restaurants anywhere and nothing interesting around. Just terrible

Saskatchewan is by far the worst province in Canada. The medical care is is lacking in all areas. Most prescriptions that are avaiable in other Canadian pharmacy's in other provinces are not available in Saskatchewan. Furthermore, should you require a prescription for something as simple as an inhaler, it could be classed as an exceptional drug in the province of Saskatchewan and require you to jump threw politcal red tape to just be denied and not be able to get that simple medication.

The allegens and pollutants in the air in Saskatchewan are high and not good for anyone with respirory illnesses.

The roadways in Saskatchewan, espeically Regina, are all constructed poorly to the point where it can cause actual damage to your vehicle.

If anyone is considering moving to this province, I would strongly suggest that you aviod it at all costs. The province is poor and you might as well move to a third world country, you would almost get the same there as you would in ...more

4 Ontario

Windsor-Essex area is full of closed minded two-faced people, the healthcare is abysmal and doctors would give even a cancer patient a hard time to do their own job. Rent is ridiculous for the poor living conditions, and the only way you can even enjoy this province is going on a road trip because there is nothing to do here. Not to mention that customer confidentiality in mental-healthcare is non-existent and nothing you say is private.
Want to go outside Windsor-Essex area? Good luck buddy, paying 2k a month for a crappy condo and meeting even ruder people.

People in Ontario think that just because they drink milk from a bag, the rest of Canada does as well. Well, in western Canada, they don't drink milk from bags and do it from cartoons usually.
There are also artificially unsolvable problems like Ontario gets the worst summer weather. Ontario gets the most extremely hot conditions and unlike everywhere else, in southern Ontario heat can contribute to smog without causing wildfires.
Also, cities in Ontario dominate the list for the most thunderstorms.
Additionally in a poll in March 2018 said that the premier of Ontario is the most unpopular premier. I hope that the new premier can change this. Finally, Ontario is going to be overpopulated because it receives a huge proportion of immigrants and refugees that should go somewhere else like the prairies.

The rudest people ever


5 Nunavut

Only because it is less populated doesn't make it the worst province

Takes up 0.1% of Canada's Population. - booklover1



6 New Brunswick

Short answer: Full of cow towns, unpredictable hit-or-miss schools, terrible economy, services that barely speak English, government that doesn't give to the english, government that neglects citizens, government that takes your children away, sends them to foster care, and boring unkept downtown areas.

Long answer:

Worst economy ever. The only jobs that pay over 50k are teachers and doctors. The mental health doctors are rude and only speak French. The east side of the moncton metro by Dieppe has trouble with rats, and every decade your street has a 50% chance of being dug out to replace old sewage pipes.

The schools are terrible and want your kids to be sent to fostering, and the kids are hit or miss. Some schools have nice and welcoming children, while other schools have children that act like they came out of the pits. There is no in between!

Not to mention there is nothing to do in Moncton. There's a few Chinese restaurants, and a fair that happens for ...more

The province isn't that bad- definitely great opportunities for campers and nature lovers! - VGCI_Plays

Full of ugly short fat bald uneducated poor lazy aggressive (aggressive towards women and animals cause they are to dirt "/%$ to take on another man) men...I mean it is amazing how low life those men are. But they think they are hot. Everybody that had a minimum of ambition left the province. Welfare, cheap low end province. The only bilingual ones are the french...the rest are just dumb uneducated anglos. The only nice thing about the province is 'plage Aboiteau'...(and bringing your own 'water quality test kit' is probably a good idea)...where you will be exposed to the 'construction worker vacationers' crowd (best known as èl cheapos) for a good 2 weeks every summer. Friendly? As opposed to what... If you love big overweight women with 3 kids (and 3 different fathers)... THAT is the place for you. Also, you better like booze and drugs cause you will need lots of it to numb the feeling of boredom that will overcome you every single second of your insignificant existence in that ...more

New Brunswick is only if you are retired or you like nature. I used to live at Montreal and move to a city in New Brunswick and I honestly found it boring!

7 Manitoba

Manitoba shouldn't be part of Canada

If you live here you will get attacked by polar bears and die

Crime, terrible winter's, desolate areas, rude/arrogant people, crazy sports fans (I mean crazy), bugs the size of when the dinosaurs we're around, terrible universities/colleges, poor education production K-12, high drug use/trade, poverty higher than normal. Totally surprised this is ranked higher. This poll highlights that Canada blows in general haha but I'd say Manitoba, Nunavut, Saskatchewan are there. NFLD is a disaster too but wonderful people... because is cool but all socialists. Pick your poison

To much bad weather and mosquitos.

8 British Columbia British Columbia is the westernmost province of Canada, located between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains.

Very beautiful province! Sea-to-Sky is one of the most beautiful drives I have ever been on! - VGCI_Plays

Vancouver is full of rapists and perverts. Everything overpriced, horrible goverment, small towns are full of racist rednecks. Way to much marijuana.

The lower mainland has bred these horrible yuppie-hippie mutants which has ruined what is otherwise a great province

I live here it is an awful place to Live and our "natural beauty" is really exaduraded it's all people talk not that crime and everything is awful

9 Prince Edward Island

No it doesn't suck. The beaches and weather is nice, they also have cool water and amusement parks. So yes, you are stupid and you're just jealous

nice people... but it is SO boring there. - VADERtheIMPALER

Best province

10 Nova Scotia

Congratulations for being the least-voted-for! Good job, guys! - bolide

Beautiful, friendly people and teachers care about your kids.

Halifax and Dartmouth make the province amazing, But I admit cities like Truro, Amherst is boring.
Halifax is big with awesome buildings.

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11 Newfoundland and Labrador

Nothing to do, closed minded people, poor economy, bad healthcare, too isolated

Best province

Fun place. lots to do. great outdoors in winter

12 Yukon

Beautiful place and nice scenery but there is way too much mountains to drive on and it would be nice to add a litte more entertainment

13 Northwest Territories

I love to call Yellowknife "The Diamond City"


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