Top 10 Worst Candies

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1 Black Licorice

Still waiting for some candy which can dare to taste worse than this.

Yeah that black licorice it is very gross like pretty gross! LIKE I LOVED THAT JUNK SO MUCH LET US BUY THAT STUFF SOME MORE (sarcastic Kelly Bulanek.

I have never tried black licorice but I do not want to find out what it tastes like. Just about every person I have ever met thinks that it is the most horrible invention ever. The amount of hatred that the candy gets it crazy. Nobody likes it so I will never try it ever.

TERRIBLE CANDY! My dad loves it, but I think that it is the worst candy known to man!

2 Wax Lips

Candy product made of colored and flavored wax, molded to resemble a pair of oversized red lips.

Candy product made out of colored, cherry flavoured wax, created to look like a pair of lips, disgusting

You can't really eat them, its just some stupid American junk.

They taste like candle wax

3 Circus Peanuts

At first it taste like a bannana but then it starts to wrinkle up then it tate like bubble gum that has been wrinkled up

Why the heck is this on here?! These things are so yummy and they are super duper sweet and slightly chewy, but you are still able to eat it because they are very soft! These should never be on a worst candies list!

You don't wanna know what goes into these. These taste like stale old man smell

How is mint gum worse than circus peanuts? Circus peanuts are disgusting!

4 Chocolate Gum


btw if you think thats gross try using chocolate shampoo

or drinking chocolate soda

bubble yum. cash register. DONT LET THE TEMPTATIONS FOOL YOU!

WHAT?! Chocolate gum? Who would come up with this horrible candy?! It should be #1

Ive never heard of it. but it sounds disgusting

5 Fart Flavored Gum

I never want to try Fart flavored gum again! Trust me never try it!

Sounds disgusting

How would they know what fart tasted like its literally just gas and air

Why would this even exist, in the first place?

6 Lick Your Wounds Candy Scabs

I have never tried it but on images, it looks like it was showing an image of fake blood on the scab and it is stuck onto a bandage. You put the bandage on you and start licking and cringing. It is even classified as one of the worst sweets.

I have never heard of this candy but it sounds kinda nasty

What kind of flavor it is real life scabs or cherry? Because it is so gross that you will vomit when you tatse it.

I don't eat candy that looks like scabs whenever I look at scabs I feel like I'm gonna vomit

7 Bertie Botts Every Flavor Jelly Beans

Sometimes you get tutti frutti, most of the time you get vomit

Bertie Botts every flavor beans are so unpredictable! You want a caramel flavored one and you eat a fart flavored one.

Love tricking people with these beans I got my sister to eat vomit and she thought it was tutti frutti before she tasted either! Laugh out loud

This harry potter beans are disgusting but amazing to make pranks!

8 Candy Corn Candy corn is a candy most often found in the United States and Canada, popular primarily around Halloween.

Candy corn is yummy. Yeah, it taste kind of strange but I always loved candy corn.

It tastes good y u think it tastes bad you dirty hairry dirt eater

I love candy corn. I don't see why it gets so much hate, it's one of the best.

Never had it because its not sold in Britain.

9 Raisinets

they are ok certainly not the best but definitely not thee worst

Gross. I hate raisins.

Raisinets are good, your opinions are trash.

They are the worst

10 Fear Factor Candy Fear Factor Candy Product Image


Dude, keep in mind. They would never keep the stinger on this. Don't be dumb. LOTS of people eat bugs and/or arachnids to cure their hunger. - iiKyodaiKickz

Chill out guys, they’re stingers are pulled and are boiled for safety (;

I tried the scorpion ones once for a dare - the candy tastes like cough medicine, the scorpion is bitter and the whole thing has a sawdust texture and gets stuck in your teeth. Gross.

Some people actually eat insects, I think everyone here needs to calm down. I've never tried one and it sounds disgusting, but I'm not going I go entirely crazy over a piece of candy.

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11 Chocolate Skittles

this is disgusting I'm glad they don't have fruity M&Ms

The company is racist!

Eew that sounds like the horrible candy

They have ruined skittles for all of humanity foreever why

12 Good and Plenty

This is one of the worst counties that I've ever in my entire life I would never eat this ever again never try it.

This candy blows

13 Mint Gum

I LOVE mint gum, it's the best.

I really don't like strong mint gums at all. If it's a sweet mint I'll take it, but certainly not those strong varieties. Gives me a headache. But I absolutely ADORE black and red licorice. Yum!

Some mint gum is okay, but I only like the kinds that aren't burn-your-mouth strong/really minty

It's not gross, and gum is not a candy.

14 Blow Pops

How can this be on the worst list anyway. I love blow pops. They are good. With gum in side and stuff. The gum flavor does run out fast but I still like it

WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE don't put blow pops in the top 10 worst candy list.

I can only swallow the lollipop, so I have to inch my way around the lollipop so I don't choke and go to the hospital beacause of a lollipop that probably didn't taste good!

They taste so good but the gum is like chewing on a rock

15 Harry Potter Cockroach Clusters

Ok Ron was thinking of doing a prank on his brothers Fred and George when they gave him an acid pop which burnt his tongue, he was thinking of giving them Cockroach Clusters. (Prisoner of Azkaban) But they actually made these? Please bring back the British Harry Potter sweets. Yeah I know they sell Harry Potter sweets in London. But if you go into a sweet shop and find American imports of the chocolate frogs and every flavour beans they are a rip-off.

Never heard in the book

This stinks like mad! I tasted it once and the taste is like sawdust!

Eww why is it a thing

16 Necco Wafers

Lay off these. They were the FIRST branded candy ever invented. Shame they're out of business.

I just bought some today. I like Necco wafers.

They're awesome

Ouch my teeth

17 Chocolate Poo Poo

What the hell is that even a name of the candy I think that's sounds disgusting

That can't be good

What type off stupid person would make this

no just no

18 Chocolate Covered Jelly Beans

There nice with the cherry jelly belly

I tried them once...and I liked them

That actully sounds pretty good

no just no

19 Mounds

Almond Joy should be right next to this horrible turd

These are the Greatest candy of all time!

What’s so bad about these?

20 Chocolate Covered Bugs and Spiders

One they taste nasty that makes you want to puke for real so its a bad idea to make these things

Chocolate Covered Bugs and Spiders taste gross.

Vomit coming in 3...2...1

That’s just wrong

21 Whoppers

I love whoppers

Do not buy if get trick or treating throw at house that gave you them

More like doo doo pellets because they look like rabbit poop.

I actually like these

22 Almond Joy

I was on the "best candies" list and put this at number 3. It's shouldn't be here.

I don't like almonds or any nuts but since I never tried it I have no room to talk.

Coconut is so disgusting 🤢🤮

Almond joy are great candy 🤷🏻‍♀️So why are they on this list

23 Sour Flush Candy Sour Flush Candy Product Image
24 York Peppermint Patties

But these are good

The best! Love them

This and candy corn are two of my favorite candies.


25 Red Licorice

Twizzlers taste like cardboard with some sugar on top. It's sticky and it's hard to chew! Twizzlers are gross.

Red licorice is the best candy ever! I don't know why it's on the list...

Strawberry twizzlers LITERALLY taste like plastic. Most disgusting candy to ever exist.

I hate Twizzlers

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