Top 10 Worst Candies


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41 Nerds Nerds
42 Razzles

Complete ripoff of what?

Also a complete ripoff. - surfacing

43 Licorice

Yuck! who eats licorice?!? it tastes like cardboard and fruit roll ups... everything else on the list is better then this

44 Snickers

What!? These were like number 2 on the best candies list!?

Originally called Marathon Bars but renamed Snickers in early 90s. Not really the nicest bar but I have started to like them a bit. I usually eat the sized ones in Celebrations tubs.

It sure did not make ME snicker!

45 Dots
46 Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Aw, the Cadbury ones are sooo good =(

This is good

What about Necco wafer?

Everything on the list (except for this [obviously] and chocolate gum) is awesome! - fireinside96

47 Bit-O-Honey

Who put this on this list is insaaainn.

48 Fruit Stripe Gum

First and foremost, gum is not candy. It's gum. However, this should be on the list due to the extreme disappointment caused by its consumption. The four seconds (if that) of bliss experienced by the chewer is not worth the extreme disappointment. Just ugh.

49 Banana Laffy Taffy

They should take this off and make it into a different flavor, like blue raspberry or something. I like cherry better anyway...

Other flavors is taste good, but banana flavor is the WORST flavor!

Banana flavored anything is disgusting.

I like banana Larry taffy has to be my favorite

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50 Fruity M&M'S

Too bad they have chocolate skittles. I love these confections

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51 Dubble Bubble
52 Garbage Pail Kids Gummies
53 Salt Water Taffy
54 Squirrel Nut Candy

Taste like dried syrup with nut pieces. Yuk.

55 Warheads

They will make you want to go to war with the company whom created them...

What there delicious

They are way too sour to eat.

I like them but there really sour


56 Time Out Bar

Oh hell no these are great you cheeky scrub

57 Sour Skittles

Do NOT suck on them, it numbed my mouth for two days! - CutiePoops

They're good, but too many can hurt my mouth.

What why they are literally my life

58 Baby Ruth
59 Spree
60 Root Beer Lollipops


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