Top 10 Worst Car Air Fresheners of All Time

There's a lot of great car air fresheners out there, but there's always some very bad ones that should have never been created in the first place. Here are some of the most awful car air fresheners. They smell extremely bad and they're nauseating. Some also don't smell like anything.
The Top Ten
1 Coconut (Emoji)

This is perhaps the worst car freshener of all time. It's so horrible and it smells like rotten coconut. Coconut was supposed to smell tropical and nice, but this one's so bad it makes any other air fresheners tolerable in comparison. If you see this one, don't ever buy it. You'll regret it if you do.

2 Strawberry (Emoji)

Another of those awful Emoji car fresheners. The scent isn't pleasant at all. It reeks at its finest. Emoji car fresheners in general are either horrible or inaccurate. Worst brand of air fresheners.

3 Ice (Emoji)

This one literally smells like nothing. You payed for an air freshener that really smelled like absolutely nothing. Save your money for something that actually smells at least.

4 Island Retreat (Armor All)

This one's like the Little Trees air freshener Tropical Shores, but worse. This one's nauseating and gross. It kinda smells like butter too. Refused to buy this one. At least the color of the air freshener was decent.

5 Tropical Shores (Little Trees)

This might be the worst Little Trees fragrance of all time. The scent is nauseating and pretty annoying. It's a mix between tropical and fruity and both categories aren't good. The scent is overall disgusting and quite smelly. Good thing this one got discontinued. Never bought it due to being so gross.

6 Watermelon (Little Trees)

The new Watermelon version is quite good, to be honest. It smells like what it is. Very accurate. Main reason why the Little Trees Watermelon is here is because of the old version. The old version was beyond awful. It smelled nothing like melon. It smelled pretty gross. Glad they changed fragrance.

7 Mango (Little Trees)

Mango is never a safe fragrance including this one. Mangoes usually end up smelling too tropical or too fruity. This one reached neither of those. This one literally smells like urinal perfume to remove the bad smells. Overall gross fragrance. Good thing this one's gone.

8 Sunberry Cooler (Little Trees)

It wasn't good at all, the scent was pretty weird and gross. It's never a good idea to get the fruity fragrances. Stick with clean fragrances.
Edit: It's not that bad anymore to be honest.

9 Wild Berry (Armor All)

Think this one like the Little Trees air freshener Sunberry Cooler. Basically the same thing. It smells too annoying and gross. It bothers me.

10 Peach (Little Trees)

Here's one of the least bad air fresheners, but still sucks. It smells pretty much like peach, but it's not a good idea to have a car smelling exactly like food. Normally, a car air freshener should either have a clean or floral fragrance, not fruity fragrances.
Edit: It's not that bad anymore.

The Contenders
11 Freez Breeze (Exotica)
12 Celebrate! (Little Trees)
13 Cafe (Wunder-Baum)
14 Crushed Pineapple (Jelly Belly)

This is one of the worst car fresheners I have ever smelled. It smells like urine. Gross.

15 New Car Scent (Little Trees)
16 Melting Caramel (Little Trees)
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