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It doesn't belong here, when I looked for a luxury car the first company I looked for was BMW

They were also the first company that hunted your wallet for repairs.

Wow, this is a good brand! Even the older and cheaper ones. - Aidanwade223

Really people

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42 Jeep

Whoever put this on here is out of their mind - TheUmbreon

#4 in worst American car brands - bobcards

Jeep isn't bad, they make a lot of luxury cars. - Aidanwade223

What happened...every car you sell makes me cringe worse than spongebob's the splinter... - IHSCOUTII1973

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43 Pagani

I hate this list for adding pagani. Do you even know what pagani is? Have you ever seen the huarya
Or the zonda? Have you seen there classy interior? Have you seen there AMG engine? Have you seen there sleek aerodynamic body style? Have you ever experienced the performance and handling of a pagani? Have you ever even heard the divine sound of a pagani? Do you even know what a car is?

This list is so not true do you people even know what Pagani is it is one of the best Italian sports cars it should not be put in the top ten worst car componies the pagani is one of the worlds most expansive cars in the world not the worst put pagani in best top ten cars

Who in the hell put Pagani in this list? What, do you live in like Alaska or something where they barely even have cars? - Mcgillacuddy

Just why was pagani on this list? It's amazing!

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44 Scion

The of whatever it is looks like it was made of FedEx boxes - IHSCOUTII1973

45 Volvo Volvo

Volvo is totally the best car company ever. Period (.). Anyone who messes with Volvo is stupid and has obviously never owned one. Volvo should be nowhere near this list. They may be more expensive than other companies, but you can't put a price on quality. And, if you really can't afford one, you can find secondhand ones online for normal car prices, and even cheaper. Volvo. For life.

Volvo are obviously one of the best car companies ever! Keep it up volvo and don't turn into any of the people below!

Volvo is good and safe

I drive a 2015 S60 T6 AWD Premier Plus and love it, power, safety, technology and for all you morons who put down Volvo I hope you recognize who designed the 3 point seat belt found in 99% of the vehicles on the road today... VOLVO4LIFE!

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46 Bugatti

Hardcore badass but kinda pointless to buy if you don't have anywhere to drive fast - Mcgillacuddy

Wouldn't be so obvious but around all circumstances, the Koenigsegg Agera would outmatch the Bugatti Veyron in all circumstances, yet with an equal or lower price tag. I hope you get what I'm saying.

Wow uneducated peoples... it's a good car company! - Thekingofpopofalltime

Guy's it's a luxury car don't put it on the list people

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47 Skoda

The most ugliest cars in the world with poor engines and awful interior.

This must be 1. on this list because this company doesn't make cars but it makes washing machines...

48 Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz

New models are overpriced crap

This list is garbage. Mercedes-Benz cars are so luxurious and decently priced unlike BMW.

WHHHATT? That's one of my favorites

it's good

49 Saturn

Saturn is one of the most worst cars because they only made it for 1 1/2 years cause there brand was to bad

The company responsible for producing the Ion... need I say more

This is what the employees would say

Boss: hey everyone we're going to name a car company that is a planet. What shall we name it

Employee 1: we can call it saturn. After all it is a planet.
Boss: good idea
It's a name of a planet.

Joining toyota! what a traitor - bobcards

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50 Saab Saab

Saab's are lovely. Amazing ride, creative, initiative, direct, sharp, balanced and very fast. They INVENTED the Turbo.

Motorized lunch box

Worst. Car Company. Ever. Enough said.

I love my saab
Heated seats and what else you can't name
And the turbo πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

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51 Mitsuoka

They just copy old british cars but I like the name the weird and creepy logo and 2 of their cars the orochi and the galue they both look totally badass

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52 Renault
53 Porsche Porsche

Rather buy a gtr

Porsche is cool! What!

I like the looks of the car but most versions look pretty much the same - Mcgillacuddy

I hate these pieces of crap

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54 Mitsubishi

Your parents should only need 1 of these there very reliable and to people who work and have a job $10,000 is a lot of money, but I'm sure you'll never learn to appreciate money as your parents will and I hope buy you that $10,000 car as your first car either that or you are broke and an idiot

Crappy car. My parents could by 30,000 of these. Another website says that their cheapest new car is only $10,000.



55 Lamborghini

It's the best car company ever. Being the best one it deserves to be costly!

Lamborghini makes awesome cars but the costs of everything for them are outrageous

Whoever put this will be punished

Why is this here

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56 Geely

Ripping off other car companies. They even ripped off Rolls Royce! - SelfDestruct

A Mercedes walks into a bar... Or was it a Geely?

This is a cool car..Why is it on the list?

57 Landwind
58 Daewoo

You'd have to be absolutely hammered or on the worst drugs in the world to buy one of these absolute turds

Why is this on here? Their cars were great

59 Tofaş

Their factory has broken windows...

60 Holden

I wonder if person who wrote this even know how a Holden drives. They are good!

Holders are awesome why are they on this list?

Holden in the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, up to 2016 were good, but then that was because they were actually Australian. When Holden's manufacturing plant closes in 2017 all Holden will be is GM's Korean pieces of junk, like the Barina andCraptiva (Captiva), it's a shame such a reputable Australian brand has died, alongside with Ford Australia.

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