Worst Cars Ever Made

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1 Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust (Geoff) from Top Gear

Hey now, wait a second, this car passed all the government tests with flying colors! This is the single greatest piece of engineering ever made

2 REVAi (G-Wiz)

Top Gear built their car better than this. - HarCher

just bad

3 Volkswagen Beetle

This car is amazing

4 Zastava Koral (Yugo)
5 Smart ForTwo

Ithis car wights a lot but its surely not the best. Its a eletrcic car so the battery goes down faster. It does not have to much cargo space. It doesn't have to many passengers.

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6 Reliant Robin
7 BMW X3
8 Hyundai Accent
9 Toyota Prius

Useless on every level as Toyota caused more pollution finding the greenest material from across the globe than the car would, even if it was not meant to be green. You are an imbecile to buy one, as you think you're doing the environment a favour, but you're just adding more CO2 and spreading it further across the Earth!

10 Pontiac Aztek

You know this car is disliked when it's so bad, that it's been added twice to this list... - Livirus

The Contenders

11 Volvo S70 T5
12 Nissan Micra C+C
13 Holden HSV
14 Citroen Saxo

Usually 1.1 versions owned by Gary boys who think that they can take on anyone by sticking bodykits, loud exhausts and large sound system in boot!

Car value £500
Cost of mods £5000

Say no more...

15 Ford Edsel
16 Edsel Corsair
17 Pontiac Aztec
18 Chrysler Sebring
19 Bugatti Veyron
20 Chrysler PT Cruiser
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