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21 Audi A4

This car shouldn't be on this list at all.

22 Ford GT

Perhaps James May added this car or voted for this car to be this high in this list.

I would like to talk with the maker of this list. Who the heck would think a Ford GT is a bad car?

Hey come on this car is awesome

This car is cool M8 who ever posted this should die in a hole

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23 Hyundai Elantra

Ugly, slow, unreliable, and unsafe.

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24 Ford Edsel

One of the worst car ideas on this planet. Butt ugly, weak, expensive, easily breakable and very confusing on its stance.

I don't know but it looks awesome to me

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25 Ford Thunderbird

Are you sure this isn't the best car list? Because except for all the toyotas and hondas, these are some great cars!

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26 Lamborghini Reventon

This car is awesome and has no business on this list

Lamborghini is a rusty iron... - Kianoosh_XL

This is a work of art!

27 Holden Barina
28 Ford Pinto

This car is LITERALLY prone to exploding when rear ended! This should be the worst. - MKBeast

I agree! This car should DEFINITELY be the worst!

Extremely dangerous.

Worst Car EVER! - MichaelAftonUTTP

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29 Ford Taurus

Oh My God I Had A 1996 Ford Taurus wagon. And boy did it suck. I Got it as pre owned in 2000. It sucked. Now Taurus's are better from 2008-2015

I'm a Ford guy, I love Fords, but really this car is just a disgrace to Ford Motor Company.

This car has managed to become a rental car reject every single generation.

30 Fiat Punto

This car shouldn't be on this list
Its an Italian civic. Cheap and reliable

31 Bugatti Veyron

Ugly, expensive, and really unimpressive that they are getting only 1,000 horsepower from a 16 CYLINDER WITH 4 TURBOS STRAPPED ON IT. And before anyone says "Well they can only get that much because emissions" I will tell you dodge gets 707 from a motor half the size and sells it along side Grand Caravans.

Overpowered, too heavy, and not really useful in the corners. But the worst thing of all, it simply destroys Bugatti's brand identity and history.

Way too pricy of a car I think. I mean, 2,700,000 dollars is just way too much for this car. Isn't it? You can buy better cars for 20 times less than this.

No it is ugly as frick it is also so fat

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32 Reliant Robin

3 wheels, very unstable and unsafe. Jeremy Clarkson proved that it does roll over.

I dare you to try driving in this. - naFrovivuS

Worst car like 3 wheel cars are cringy like what who made this car I went online and it said this car is horrible

Well If you drive it, I guarrantee that you will roll over 6 times minimum - MinecraftHater

33 Austin Princess

The only good thing to come from this car was the British Leyland challenge on Top Gear.

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34 Honda Accord

They are brilliant cars. Hondas are king!

The transmissions in the V6 models are not adequate to last longer than 120,000 miles.

Honda civic and accord are cars I will never dare to buy. Same with toyota.
Going for mercedes c class

35 Fiat 128

BEWARE BUYING IT. No more needed to be said

36 Daewoo FSO

I don't think FSO is bad - SpencerJC

All daewoos are bad - bobcards

37 Volvo S70 T5

Why is this car n the list? Volvos are awesome. I've seen plenty of people with this car and they seem to be very happy. It has the reliability of a Volvo, the comfort and luxury of a Volvo, and the performance of a Volvo. Volvo is the best car company. Period (.). No Volvo should be anywhere near this list.

38 Land Rover Range Rover
39 Holden Commodore

Have you seen the crash test?! Most unsafe car on the planet

Such an unreliable vehicle never buy one

40 Porsche Carrera GT

This car killed Paul Walker in a crash and it exploded in a matter of minutes, or even seconds.

Very dangerous, death on wheels and have taken the lives of so many people through no fault of their own including Paul Walker

It sucks paul walker is dead in 2013 los angeles he using Porsche Carrera GT - SpencerJC

Even the person driving it was a professional race car driver and then put of the blue Paul and him died.

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