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41 Cadillac Cimarron

This list is near death, until I add the worst of the worst cars, the Cadillac Cimarron, in this list. Nearly everyone (not the people in this site cause they don't know about this car) claims this is the worst car ever made, and I strongly agree. This car cannot handle at ALL, unlike the Mustang which has at least 0.600 G's compared to this car's nearly zero G whatsoever. Also, it is very slow, and very ugly as well, not to mention it is very unsafe. The book named "365 Cars You Must Drive" written by Matt Stone with John Matras, says that the best place to drive the car is to a junkyard, to be left there for biodegradation, and that it's cost as new would be $12.81 due to how bad this car is. - SelfDestruct

42 Chevrolet Cruze

My grandma has this car and it's a totally reliable everyone who hates this car should go to ####

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43 GMC Envoy
44 Morris Marina

"Hello, I'm James M..." BANG! "Oh. It seems a piano landed on my car! "

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45 Citroen C3 Pluriel
46 Nissan Sentra (7th Generation)

According to Consumer Reports, this car has below average reliability and a very low owner satisfaction score. - railfan99

47 Nissan Titan
48 Chrysler PT Cruiser
49 Chevrolet Vega
50 Citroen Saxo

They are good cars. The most reliable Citroen. So don't criticize it.

51 Chery J3

Slow, small, ugly, expensive, unsafe, and completely unable to keep up with the competition.

Do not buy chery j3 your battery gets down in per month by too fast more than hyundai tucson if u pick up kids in day creek middle school! - SpencerJC

52 Geo Metro

I love this car I had one best thing ever

American yugo. Bare boned

53 McLaren F1

Why are there so many good cars on this list. James May or something.

Just f off whoevers adding these...


54 Volkswagen Golf

P,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p is the sound they make when they try to start.

55 Toyota AE86
56 Toyota Corolla

NO! This car is so reliable and safe! - railfan99

57 Nissan Juke

Cramped rear, tiny boot, fussy styling, two wheel drive. Yet they are soon common. Why do people buy this monstrosity?

Do not buy nissan juke its VERY VERY VERY VERY UGLY! 100% Headlights are super weird and back door can't open up there!
Reason someone:
Taking picture of nissan juke and post on facebook,twitter and instagram by bully
Kids will break your ugly car
Someone will spill your car
Everyone will laughing at your parents juke car!
Someone will place bomb and explode your nissan juke!
Highest accident!
Someone will knock on your back of juke car! - SpencerJC

58 Saturn Ion

HORRIBLE crash test results - railfan99

59 Dodge Viper

Screw you and this list

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60 FSO Polonez V 1 Comment
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