Nina - Nina Needs to Go


I hate nina! She is a spoiled whiny procrastinating brat. Keep in mind that this is a character that needs to go to the bathroom in 90% of the show. She is always asked is she needs to pee, but always denies it saying 'no way! I'm fine'. Then, something with running water comes in and suddenly, nina realizes that she 'needs to go'. You know, it's quite messed up the fact that when she's asked she always denies it but right after she sees something 'watery' (or thinks at something with running water) her urge to go increases immediately. I mean, how does that make sense?! Does she needs to pee every time she sees watery images?! Okay, this kid seriously has some bladder disorders. Then, everyone drops off everything they were doing and begin to find a bathroom for nina. First of all, why doesn't nina use the bathroom before starting an activity?! Why her parents don't force her to pee before going somewhere where the bathrooms aren't available?!
I hope nina will die in a fire.

This girl needs a pill for her peanut sized bladder. What the hell! Does she needs to go ALL THE TIME for god's sake!? Or it's just a stupid excuse for the writers to make the kids to laugh at toilet humor jokes? I mean, everywhere Nina goes she needs to go. She goes to the beach-needs to go, she goes to the mall-needs to go, she goes in camping-needs to go. When the hell will she stop by needing to go all the time whatever she is!?

Nina is super annoying and she should peed herself in the series! Why she always makes it in time at the bathroom!? In my opinion she deserves to pee her pants in front of everyone, then everyone starts to laugh! And her mom has to stop by spoiling Nina like that. It's parents's fault too. They should learn Nina to use the bathroom before going in a place without them!

I swear on god! If I would be Nina's mother I'll rebuke her for don't going to the bathroom when she had this occasion. Her mother just caresses her. She doesn't even put her to go before leaving the house. And that grandma - oh my goodness! I don't think she has a good influence for Nina. Probably Nina will start to think that Nana would always come to save the day.

Why does nina have to pee all the time?! This series has 15 episodes and all of them are centered around this stupid little girl character who needs to take a piss. Either if she is at a wedding, at the mall or at the waterpark, nina always realizes that she needs to go to the bathroom. Does she have some sort of bladder problems or something?!

Okay! Everyone needs to go. it's something regular! But NOT ALL THE TIME. what the heck! First she said that she's fine, but after 5 seconds, she's completely desperate for a bathroom! That makes no sense. nobody needs to go as often as Nina. I hate this show. in the episode where she was at the beach, she could go in the sea.

This entire 'supposed to be a potty-training series' shows how pervert the writers really are. Because they are turning on by seeing a little girl in desperation for a bathroom. I'm getting so sick when I see her doing that disgusting pee-pee dance. It's annoying because definitely Nina learns nothing at the end of the epiode. She always says 'that'll never happen again because now I know, don't wait to go' but she obviously waits to go until the last moment every time.

It's so irritating to see this show, every time, between the commercial breaks. looks like the directors from Disney don't care too much about what we are watching at. the fact that Nina always says 'because now I know-don't wait to go' is a totally lie since she continues to make the same mistake all the time.

There's writers's logical : "let's make a show about a girl who has to potty all the time since the kids will learn more about 'not waiting to go'. This show sucks at a whole new level. Nina's voice is annoying and so her mom. The only enjoyable character of this show is Nana Sheila. She's really funny sometimes.

After she finishes to use the bathroom she always says 'that'll never happen again' but it happens all the time. this is so wrong! It just makes the kids to wait until the last minute and in the real life is no super ninja spy to save the day. definitely, Nina is the worst character ever.

The WHOLE show is about Nina, a 4 years old little girl with an unimaginable small bladder. Wherever she goes she needs to use the bathroom and her family has to find her a bathroom. But her family is so dumb that they can't even find one, so her ex-spy grandma has to save the day/lame!

I hate the peeing jokes since I was a kid and this show has A LOT of peeing jokes. it's like we have them in EVERY EPISODE! Not just this, but this series shows us Nina peeing. no, it doesn't show her on the toilet, but we still see her feet in the stall.

Good news! They actually changed the format of this show into one focusing on how to behave in different situations due to the complaints from parents and Disney Junior dropping the similarly-themed "Can You Teach My Alligator Manners? ". However, the Museum episode is a holdover from the old era of the show. - mimitchi33

Let's see : the animation - it's fine. Maybe one of the few good things at this show.
The art-style - it's colorful and attractive. it's not too bad, I have to admit.
The plot - the plot totally sucks! It's just about Nina who needs to pee all the time. nobody cares! It's so annoying to see her ninja grandma bringing Nina to the nearest bathroom every time.
The voice acting - is pure crap. it's sounds like the actors aren't even trying.

Nina is a terrible role model for our children. She learns them to hold it till the last second just like her. The wrst part is that nina always makes it to the bathroom and the fact that she'd portrayed as the 'good role model', the one the kids should be like. I think this show would be more accurate if in the end nina would really have accidents, so the message would be 'don't be like nina'.

Surely Nina isn't a good influence for our children. She teaches them to wait until the last minute and an old lady will break the fourth wall to bring them to the bathroom. This is not the real life.

How is this even possible?! When Nina is asked if she needs to pee, she says that is fine but 10 seconds of running water later she has to pee so bad and is about to have an accident. Stupid spoiled kid!

First, she says she's okay, but 10 seconds of running water later she's completely desperate to pee, not being able to hold it much longer. This kid definitely needs to see an urologist.

Nina is the most retarded, the most ugly and the most annoying creature I ever seen! I hate her and her family is terrible. I hope they will go to hell one day!

Disney needs to stop by giving us crappy shows like 'Nina needs to go'. nobody cares about that girl who needs to use the bathroom at every 10 minutes.

Nina is the worst cartoon character ever. First she says she's fine and 10 seconds later she has to go really badly thanks to the running water.

This crap makes Uncle Grandpa to look like a good show. At least, in that show the main character doesn't need to use the bathroom ALL THE TIME.

Wow! Her mom really is stupid. she put Nina's older brother, Frank, to get her to the bathroom. I thought that if someone goes to the bathroom with someone else, both should have the same gender.

Her mom and dad are completely stupid. They never berate NIna for being a twat. They just spoil her even more.

At the final of the episodes she always says : "that would not happen again because now I know, don't wait to go! " but she still does the same wrong over and over!