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241 Chhota Bheem

The worst cartoon ever to be made. The westerners won't know it, but this totally sucks. And how the hell did it become so famous here. Even cartoons like "motu and patlu" are better (but still they too suck). The animation when, the cartoon started afresh, was somewhat decent but now it has become horrible. Also the story seems to go nowhere with Mr Chotu Bheem winning all the time with his beloved laddoo (an Indian sweet). Still getting the hero win all the time is not bad (almost every anime does that) but this brat wins it too easily and there is no suspense whatsoever. I completely hate this show

Totally agree with you... Just watched one episode.. They had a cricket match and it sucked...

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242 Tina Russo - The Looney Tunes Show

She's so boring, not funny, I prefer Melissa duck better

She has a bad and negative behavior in my opinion

I hate her sooo much! His character shouldn't be added in this show. First at all, she's boring and she has a terrible behavior, being impolite and mean with her clients. She's even worse than the queen of mars from duck dodgers

She's cool and a lot better than Lola.

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243 Terra - Teen Titans Terra - Teen Titans

Maybe the Terra from "Teen Titans". But the Terra from the original was awesome! WHIEVER WROTE HER ON THIS LIST I WILL YOU! 😠

244 Gilda - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Gilda - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Gilda is possibly my least favourite character on this show. She's a spoiled brat who treats everyone like dirt, SHE YELLED AT FLUTTERSHY! Meanie pants too.

She is actually a griffon (a mythical beast that is part eagle and part lion).

Is Gilda the big eagle on the show?

Ok, no

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245 Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Sure Bo-bobo never takes his battles too seriously and goofs around, but it's for the sake of comedy, get over it! - AlexTopTens

Did the yellow devil write this name because it sounds like he did

246 Fai D. Flourite - Tsubasa Chronicles
247 Prince Blueblood - My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic

It's all stupid Lauren Faust's fault for depicting Prince Blueblood a jerk.

248 Leena Toros - Zoids: New Century

She is a complete bitch

249 Daniel Fenton - Danny Phantom

I like Danny Phantom. I really do. But if there's one character on the show I can't stand, it's the main protagonist Danny Fenton. I feel like he just comes off as selfish, prone to complaining, and mean, sometimes even to his own friends and family. He's also known too be jealous, and mean to his own sister when she was just trying to help. I don't know if it's just me, but I feel that Danny Fenton might be one of the worst cartoon protagonists I've seen in years.

Glad you put him on this list. He so annoying, especially, his fans. His fans often said "when I was a kid, I have crush on Danny" shut up! No one cares! Danny is just fictional character and you are just a human. Oh yeah, his show is repetitive and same plot all the time. He is much worst! This list is awesome! -ChatNoirFan18

250 Mordecai - Regular Show Mordecai - Regular Show

This guy seriously should be number 5 or something like that... I can't believe rigby is on this list! What's wrong with that guy

How Is Rigby Higher Than Mordecai? At Least Rigby Doesn't Try To Punch His Own Friends!

This guy is so dumb Because he does some things like punching his friend in the face

Yeah! he keeps beating up rigby for no reason! rigby deserves a better best friend then him! if I ever met him, me and rigby would beat him up to see how he likes it! - ConorDooley

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251 Tom - The Tom and Jerry Show Tom - The Tom and Jerry Show Thomas "Tom" Cat is a fictional character and one of the title characters in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's series of Tom and Jerry theatrical cartoon short films.

Why does Jerry live with him? That cat is such a butt-hole! He treats everyone like dirt, and doesn't leave that sweet little mouse alone. Man, I wish that cat would DIE.

WHAT are you talking about? Tom is the best! Better than you

This show stole the original show's spotlight. I hate it. Hope you see my The Tom and Jerry Show lists I made.

Whoever Voted For Tom Probably Likes Jerry.

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252 Vitani - The Lion King Vitani - The Lion King

This idiot is so stupid I bet he ate a dead bird - Zagabound

253 Starfire - Teen Titans Starfire - Teen Titans Starfire is the name of several fictional comic book characters appearing in books published by DC Comics.

That better be TTG Starfire. Don't you dare put the original on a list like this!

Are We Talking About TTG Starfire? Or The Original?

254 Draculaura - Monster High Draculaura - Monster High

She is dating a werewolf - Bikerninja1997

255 Suzy Sheep - Peppa Pig
256 Muffy - Arthur

Yeah, she's one of Arthur's worst characters. She's your typical popular rich girl. She's such a jerk to Francine. Kill her. - DCfnaf

257 Shizuka - Doraemon

Oh, heck no. Shizuka's a tolerable character.

258 Knuckles - The Sonic Boom Knuckles - The Sonic Boom

Don't get me wrong, Sonic Boom is a good show, but if there is one thing I don't like about it, it's how Knuckles is portrayed. He is portrayed as completely stupid like he was in most Sonic-related fanfics when he is actually a smart character in both the Classic Sonic and the Modern Sonic games, and heck, even Sonic X. On a positive note, Sonic Boom is not 100% canon so you don't need to worry about Boom! Knuckles replacing the other versions of the character. Just having him muscular is acceptable for me, but that doesn't mean you have to make him dumb. It's possible to have a character who is both smart and strong, you know.

Sonic boom is not a really bad T.V. shiw but knuckles in sonic boom is just so cringey and I don't really like how the creators of sonic boom made knuckles super dumb And the only good new thing about knuckles in sonic boom is that they made him more stronger or something and if knuckles is not really that dumb in sonic boom I would make sonic boom one of my favorite modern shows


259 Bianca DuPree - Beverly Hills Teens
260 Iggy - Hey Arnold!

Wow what a jerk. This guy has to be one of the meanest, rudest characters on the show. Poor Arnold had to suffer because of this stupid kid. I'm glad we never heard from him again.

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