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281 Isabella Garcia-Shapiro Isabella Garcia-Shapiro

I hate her so much! I just want to kill her!


Whatcha doing' down here and not on the top ten?

She is so bad she is twice on the list - jbella9000

282 Prince Blueblood - My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic

It's all stupid Lauren Faust's fault for depicting Prince Blueblood a jerk.

283 Tak (Invader ZIM) Tak (Invader ZIM)

This she-demon is pure evil, although she seems calm and collected. Her evil laugh is very psychotic and disgusting, and she is very mean. She is also just plain horrifying and ugly.

Her laugh gave me nightmares and I hate her voice. Also, she looks too much like Olivia d'Abo.

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284 Portia Gibbons - The Mighty B!

Bessie should kill her already.

Portia is a spoiled brat and she thinks she's beter than everybody else. Go ahead. Try being friends with her. If I had a train I'd run over her!

285 Oggy - Oggy and the Cockroaches

Whoever put this here watches Mr. Pickles!

Stupid cartoon.

286 Princess Morbucks - The Powerpuff Girls Princess Morbucks - The Powerpuff Girls

She's Even Worse Than Mojo Jojo! They Should Trade Places RIGHT NOW!

She's such a revolting character.

She's the twin sister of Annie Warbucks.

287 Bubsy Bubsy
288 Rosie - Caillou

I hate her because she cries, wears a dress & etc.

She cries and I don't like it - jbella9000

I don't hate her, I hate Caillou for BULLYING her.

289 Ladonna Compson - Arthur

Ladonna is a rip-off because she is a parody of Madonna. - playstationfan66

She made Arthur bad

290 Lucky - Pound Puppies
291 Squirt - Pound Puppies

He's so mean all he ever does is insult people

292 Russell - Littlest Pet Shop

He's a control freak, he whines, he gets scared of marshmallows, and this animal sucks!

He needs to be put to sleep.

293 The Biskit Twins - Littlest Pet Shop

There mean to Blythe Baxter and her friends and her pets and there from a wealthy family and there dad is too busy to spend time with them. - Bikerninja1997

their emo - Bikerninja1997

294 Jasper Jones - Littlest Pet Shop

I hate this boy,

He will ruin the show unless he dies

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295 The King - Sym-Bionic Titan

Dimwit leader.
He deserves to be torture

296 Jen - Power Rangers Time Force

I hate her she ruined Power Rangers and I hope she dies.

Uh, she's a live-action character, not animated! Get her off this list! - AlexTopTens

297 Mordecai - Regular Show Mordecai - Regular Show

This guy seriously should be number 5 or something like that... I can't believe rigby is on this list! What's wrong with that guy

How Is Rigby Higher Than Mordecai? At Least Rigby Doesn't Try To Punch His Own Friends!

This guy is so dumb Because he does some things like punching his friend in the face

Mordecai is awesome

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298 Choji "Marucho" Marukura - Bakugan Battle Brawlers Series

He is a bad anime character

299 Discord - My Little Pony Discord - My Little Pony

He was evil beginning of season 2 and turn good until almost end of season 3 - Bikerninja1997

300 Hello Kitty

She makes me sick!

Stupid Japanese rip off of the legendary Dutch character Miffy. 509 is a joke. - 445956

It's because it is a girls movie for 7-!

Hello killy is so annroyiny because she is really annroying and very dumb and lime and strpid

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