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301 Kimiko - Xiaolin Showdown

In my opinion, she is more of the unladylike/tomboyish type. She is very stubborn and gets angry when the things aren't going in the way she wants.

She seriously needs to calm down.

She has such a short temper.

She needs to shut up!

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302 Jeff - Clarence

How was he not on the list? He's awful!

303 Betty Boop Betty Boop

Anyone actually watched Betty Boop it's a really old cartoon. Is it because there's hundreds of Betty Boop merchandise around?

304 Wally - Wallykazam

This stupid troll is so ugly and why is he unsupervised?

305 Cousin Kyle - Kick Buttowski
306 Blu - Rio

Um why is this character on this list? 1. Blu is a ANIMATED CHARACTER IN A ANIMATED MOVIE not a character from a cartoon and 2. Blu is a great character, He's funny likable and cute. I mean mean seriously why are people so dumb these days?

307 Lucy - Fairy Tail
308 Olivia - Oggy and the Cockroaches
309 Mr. Pickles

This show is just so gruesome and discussing

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310 Chloe Corbin - Chloe's Closet

Annoying Voice & Accent - Ededdneddyfan55

311 Tuesday X - The X's

So annoying she always blames Truman and she thinks she's pipular I WANT TO PUNCH HER STUPID FACE

312 Dodie Bishop - As Told By Ginger

Oh My God, She's Such a Pain in The Butt and Her Voice Drives Me Crazy! And She's a Horrible Friend to Ginger!

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313 Francis - The Fairly OddParents

I hate him for picking on timmy and not getting expanded from school

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314 Skips - Regular Show

What did Skips do to get on this list? - nintendofan126

315 Skull - Jake and the Neverland Pirates V 1 Comment
316 Bunny - Almost Naked Animals
317 Sam Star - SpongeBob SquarePants

Patrick Said He Didn't Have a Sister. Oh Wait, Yeah he Does

318 Scaredy Squirrel - Scaredy Squirrel Scaredy Squirrel - Scaredy Squirrel

He always gets scared and avoiding conflicts - Bikerninja1997

319 Lady Gaga - The Simpsons V 1 Comment
320 Sharon's Grandmother - Braceface
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