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301 Rosie - Caillou

I hate her because she cries, wears a dress & etc.

She cries and I don't like it - jbella9000

I don't hate her, I hate Caillou for BULLYING her.

302 Ladonna Compson - Arthur

Ladonna is a rip-off because she is a parody of Madonna. - playstationfan66

She made Arthur bad

303 Lucky - Pound Puppies
304 Squirt - Pound Puppies

He's so mean all he ever does is insult people

305 Russell - Littlest Pet Shop

He's a control freak, he whines, he gets scared of marshmallows, and this animal sucks!

He needs to be put to sleep.

306 The Biskit Twins - Littlest Pet Shop

There mean to Blythe Baxter and her friends and her pets and there from a wealthy family and there dad is too busy to spend time with them. - Bikerninja1997

their emo - Bikerninja1997

307 Jasper Jones - Littlest Pet Shop

I hate this boy,

He will ruin the show unless he dies

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308 The King - Sym-Bionic Titan

Dimwit leader.
He deserves to be torture

309 Jen - Power Rangers Time Force

I hate her she ruined Power Rangers and I hope she dies.

Uh, she's a live-action character, not animated! Get her off this list! - AlexTopTens

310 Mr. Herriman - Foster's Home of Imaginary Friends Mr. Herriman - Foster's Home of Imaginary Friends

He's the worst cartoon rabbit in history! Even Bugs Bunny is ashamed.

I absolutely despise this rabbit. My favorite moments of Foster’s is when someone gets a slice of pure revenge on him, like in Busted.

My god this guy is a DOUCHEBAG I TELL YOU! He acts like he's so perfect with his "oh clean this and don't do this and don't do that! " and he just sucks, he's boring he's obnoxious and also bullies poor Frankie! Literally that bunny needs to get a life! He's the one whose causing trouble and abuse to Frankie not bloo, when I see him treat the other characters so rude and unfair I swear I feel like getting Elmer fudd to shoot his ass!

311 Choji "Marucho" Marukura - Bakugan Battle Brawlers Series

He is a bad anime character

312 Discord - My Little Pony Discord - My Little Pony

He was evil beginning of season 2 and turn good until almost end of season 3 - Bikerninja1997

313 Hello Kitty

She makes me sick!

Stupid Japanese rip off of the legendary Dutch character Miffy. 509 is a joke. - 445956

It's because it is a girls movie for 7-!

Hello killy is so annroyiny because she is really annroying and very dumb and lime and strpid

314 Axew - Pokemon Axew - Pokemon

I like Axew. He's not my favorite, but at least he always listens to his mean trainer Iris.

A true coward at least in black and white 2 it's a haxorus

Too afraid to watch Ash's battles

315 Scar - The Lion King

He is a pathetic excuse for a main villain.

Scar is better than Mufasa big time

Lousiest Disney character ever. So glad he died.

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316 Queen Tyr'ahnee - Duck Dodgers

I don't like her because she always is brutal and mean with her commander and because of her, in this show Marvin looks like a pathetic guy who is afraid by a woman. The original duck dodgers was better since she didn't appear in there. Why she's number 454!? She should be number 1. She's even worse than Dora and Scrappy Doo!

Just like Scrappy Doo and Droopy and Tina Russo, she's a character unfunny and who never should appear in a classic show like Duck Dodgers. I'm glad this show canceled and she will never appear again. Also, her voice sounds too much like Nani from Lilo and Stitch.

She isn't funny, likable or redeemable in any way, even by a villain's standards. She has no personality whatsoever and the only reason because she was added on the show is because she looks hot, even though I never found her attractive in any way. She sucks!

She has a very clichéd personality and the only reason because she was added in the show was to provide hotness for the men's eyes.

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317 Nina - Nina Needs to Go

This show sucks at a whole new level. I would rather prefer to watch at static snow on T.V. than watching at this poor piece of crap. It's all about Nina-a naïve 4 years old girl who practically, needs to use the bathroom every time at the most inappropriate moments, but her mom and dad always fail at finding a bathroom, so her grandma, Nana Sheila appears and takes Nina to the nearest restroom in the most exited ways. But her grandma has a secret that only Nina and her brother know-she is a formal secret agent. Seriously, what's the point at Nana having a British accent?!
Nina is so annoying. I hate her! She always says that this will never happen again but it happens all the time. She never learned her lesson! It's like Nina got hit in the head, gets amnesia and forgets completely what she learned about not waiting to go. Why doesn't she go to the bathroom before leaving her house?! It's so frustrating because when she's asked, she always denies, but 10 seconds later she starts ...more

Remember the days when Dora and SpongeBob were considered the most annoying cartoon characters? Well, those characters are pretty tolerable besides Nina who is interrupting her family all the time because she has to pee. they should cancel this series already because it stayed too much on Disney Junior. why the heck is this show gonna make an other season? Oh, my sweet God! I hope so much that in the new season would be an episode where Nina ends peeing herself in front of the people. and then everyone starts to make fun of her for wetting herself, while she cries in embarrassment. I know it sounds kinda harsh, but she deserves it. I mean, come on! She always says that this will never happen again, but it happens every time. this will give her a true lesson about not waiting to go.

This show is about Nina, a little girl who forgets to use the bathroom until the last minute. I swear, this is the most retarded show I ever seen.

Plot - so, every episode it's the same : it starts with Nina and her family going somewhere (to the beach, to the mall, to the zoo, in the train, etc) and she's asked if she needs to go to the bathroom. First, she's completely fine. suddenly, she sees something with running water or think at running water and her urge to go increases. Her parents try to bring Nina to the bathroom, but always fails! In all this time, Nina is doing the potty dance, jumping around and shouting 'can't wait! Can't wait! '. Then, her ex-agent secret grandma comes to save the day and help Nina to find a restroom. At the end of the episode, Nina makes it in time at the bathroom. Also, Ninaalways ends with the same line 'that will never happen again. Because now I know : don't wait to go. ' she learned absolutely nothing! She will always wait until the last ...more

I hate this show too! Why would they make a show as annoying as this? It also stole ideas from many people and has bad morals. I'd rather watch PriPara. - mimitchi33

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318 Adam Lyon - My Gym Partner's a Monkey
319 Velma Dinkley - Scooby Doo

Why is Velma is so low on the list? Scooby is higher on the list. Velma and Scooby should switch places!

She's not cute. Worst girl. Extremely overrated.

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320 Kevin Levin - Ben 10

He's a jerk! I hate that miserable brat!

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