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361 Moe Szyslak
362 Lifty & Shifty - Happy Tree Friends
363 Big the Cat - Sonic X Big the Cat - Sonic X

He does not deserve to be on this list, he's funny. - Yona_db

I hate this character, is very slow and clumsy

364 Yuki Cross/Kuran - Vampire Knight
365 Numbuh Five / Abigail Lincoln

What she shouldn't be in this list, she's awesome!

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366 Charlotte - Making Fiends

She is just absolutely like Isabella, she's stupid and annoying. She annoyed the hell out of Vendetta, my favorite character!

367 Tyson - Sanjay and Craig

He picks on Sanjay and Craig! THAT IS SO RIDICULOUS!

I Wanna Punch Him, Because he Abuses Sanjay and Craig! - Ededdneddyfan55

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368 Gus - Rocket Monkeys
369 Stella - Winx Club

I Should hate Stella Because she is brat, selfish, a Spotlight destroyer (not hogger the hogger one is Bloom), doesn't care about anything, rude and silly.

Why is she on the list? She really hates Brandon, Right?

I wanna call her a "Fashion Hogger" because she is always in fashion show

All Winx characters are lame and their powers are lame.

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370 Sky - Winx Club

He looks like a girl almost - Bikerninja1997

371 Icy - Winx Club
372 Hacker - Cyberchase

Someone delete this melodramatic guy from Cyberspace, so that he would never again try to kill Motherboard - AlexTopTens

373 Mr. Burns Mr. Burns

What! He is one of the best characters in the show

There shouldn't be any simpsons characters here apart from lisa

He's a wealthy person - Bikerninja1997

374 Lefty the Wrench - Handy Manny
375 Melissa Duck - Baby Looney Tunes

She has annoying voice and she's so mean and a drama queen

What colour hair does she have? As a baby is orange, as a adult is blonde then red now brown!

376 Tyke - Tom And Jerry Kids
377 Nibbles/Tuffy - Tom and Jerry
378 Aunt Barbra - Bear Behaving Badly
379 Sparky - Atomic Betty
380 Maya Santos - Maya & Miguel
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