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21 Candace Flynn - Phineas and Ferb Candace Flynn - Phineas and Ferb

Candace is such a kill-joy who really needs to relax. She takes busting her brothers to psychotic levels and spends most of her time fantasizing about Jeremy. I absolutely hate Candace.

Her brothers just wanna to have fun. She just wanna ruin it

She needs to calm herself and see a doctor becuase her and the whole show is created by mentally ill idiots

SHE IS SO ANNOYING IN THE SHOW! SHE SAYS you are so busted... EVERY SHOW! - Easahby

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22 Uncle Grandpa - Uncle Grandpa Uncle Grandpa - Uncle Grandpa

Have you noticed Nickelodeon, disney and Cartoon Network are all dying in different ways, nick is dying because they're just making a bunch of stupid sitcoms, Disney is dying because they just want to make a bunch of generic shows about singing, and Cartoon Network is dying because they're just making shows for the mentally ill

Yeah except for Full House because it is the only family-friendly sitcom around here. - playstationfan66

He is really stupid and naive he is mentally ill and he needs to find balance between his friends he like Pizza Steve more who is as stupid as him in fact they are all stupid except Mr Gus the only things that is good is he helps kids but in stupid ways

Uncle Grandpa is naive and mentally challenged. He admires Pizza Steve too much and rarely admires Mr. Gus but that's not the point here. He is just mentally challenged but he does teach some life lessons

Uncle grampas annoying voice doesn't STAND OUT!

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23 Eustace - Courage The Cowardly Dog Eustace - Courage The Cowardly Dog Eustace Bagge is a fictional character from the Cartoon Network animated series, Courage the Cowardly Dog.

He's Pretty Much The Only Unlikable Character In That Show.

He's cruel, jealous, selfish and abusive. I don't know how Muriel ended up marrying that old scumbag.

May I ask why Muriel married him?

WHY IS MEARIAL STILL MARIED TO HIM he abuses her dog he doesn't care when she is stolen we all go uhhhgggh when Courge HAS to save him that lady sould be like well he was bad anyway :T

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24 Sanjay - Sanjay and Craig Sanjay - Sanjay and Craig

Ugly cartoon character. Annoying. Stupid to extremes. It is likely that he is 10 and still in the second-grade.

This guy is dumb and annoying just like his friend

He actually is even older because he is 12 not 10 but he probably is in first grade since he got held back for his horrible annoyance and stupidity

annoying. - Ededdneddyfanredux

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25 Pearl Krabs

She is a bossy whale telling her dad what to crying to much about her shoes and killing people with her weight
and she is spoiled

She is spoiled? SHE IS SPOILED?!?! Do you think a kid teenage girl would want to walk around in eighty pound, squeaky, black boots?! SHE GOT A BOX OF PAPER CLIPS FOR HER BIRTHDAY!

She would suck at Skill-based events!


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26 Trixie Tang

Do you guys really have to ask why I hate her. She is annoying!

I have no idea why Timmy likes her I mean she is so mean I hate that stupid girl

I wish that Venus flytrap plant would've eaten her in that episode. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

She tried to kill Timmy on Just the two of Us. - Bikerninja1997

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27 Alfe - The Problem Solverz

There's A Person Made Of Poop? ARE YOU KIDDING ME Cartoon Network?!

Alfee, Rabbo and Horse are really creepy! Alfee's a walking pile of diarrhea.

28 Kevin - Ed, Edd, n Eddy Kevin - Ed, Edd, n Eddy


He's always mean to ed, edd, and eddy. Put him on a higher rank please.

I hate him so much if he calls the Ed's dorks one more time I will kick his face punch is nuts throw his dumb bicycle in the crash pit from Regular Show and beat him up and then torture him and then I give the Ed's a group hug for getting rid of Kevin because he is a douchebag.


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29 Hector - Sanjay and Craig

Does he have no gag reflex? How can someone live their life without throwing up? MAKES NO SENSE! - Goatworlds

Who cares? All the Sanjay and Craig characters suck. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

What a kid. Hector makes me want to throw up. - EpicJake


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30 Meg - Family Guy

I don't really like Meg, but she should not be here. She's bullied. She gets beaten up by her father. Please feel sorry for her? I would.

Poor Meg. She gets bullied by EVERYONE! Her own family AND at school, and she gets even more hate! If I could, I'd put her into a care home and homeschool her so she doesn't have to deal with her family or peers at school EVER AGAIN!

She deserves less hate she gets hated then bullied - RockStarr

Meg is beautiful in her own way. Just because she wears glasses doesn't mean she's pretty.

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31 Craig - Sanjay and Craig

Craig gave Snakes a bad name.

He's so dumb and annoying

Whoever said this spot should be Sanjay must really want Craig to be really high on this list.

The only thing I like about Craig is that he's called about my favourite south park character

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32 Cubert Farnsworth - Futurama

No that's all I have to say NO!

33 Pizza Steve - Uncle Grandpa

He is stupid like all of them they are all stupid except Mr Gus he thinks he is better and more popular than Mr Gus but Mr Gus is better he may seem boring but he is smarter stronger and he can breath fire out of his mouth plus he knows the history of mankind he lived millions of years Pizza Steve how long did he live we don't know he thinks he is popular when Mr Gus is better Uncle Grandpa even likes him more than Mr Gus when it should be vice versa

While I have no special love for Uncle Grandpa, there are some really good jokes here and there and the creators definitely stepped up there game in the later seasons. But GOD Pizza Steve is so annoying

Amethyst Eat Him In The Steven Universe Episode Say Uncle - CuteGirlJigglypuff

You just wish you could punch him in the face, he's such a sassy lying jerk. I love Uncle Grandpa but Pizza Steve is so annoying sometimes! - Pixtol

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34 Chum Chum Chum Chum

I hate this fat stupid meatball. I just want to knock him out like rocky Marciano did jersey joe walcott

A grotesque kid that is unlikable and has no redeeming qualities. Often a source for gross-out and fart humor. Very annoying like Fanboy, but not quite as annoying.

Such a stupid twat. The whole show just shouldn't exist.

He is just as annoying as fanboy

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35 Timmy Turner's Mom

I can't believe they lie to their only son and feel okay doing that. These characters should definitely one of the most hated. - nallimcamybloc

She's worse then SpongeBob but there are some good qualities to her I don't like her though not hate her she is the worst cartoon character though and I totally respect that about her I just think she should be a better parent now I do hate timmy's dad talk about irritating

You right she is a total ass - arcanine


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36 Fanboy Fanboy

He's so annoying and dumb! He should be higher than this!
I can't believe FINN is above him! Fanboy is also rude, with an annoying squeaky voice, that makes the most DUMBEST decisions, which are supposed to be funny, but honestly, it's not funny at all!

He is the biggest idiot ever, not only will it be surprising if he even makes it to seventh grade, but this kid along with his buddy, needs to... SHUT UP AND GROW UP!

He must die with chum chum in a nuclear explosion.

Fanboy and Chum chum, Chum chum is alright the only reasons It is so bad is Fanboy and Nich had a choice between Adventure time and Fanboy and Chum chum

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37 Truffles - Chowder

Her voice, OH MY GOD it's terrible.

I've heard the creator, C.H. Greenblatt, based this character off of his mother. I guess he has a really loud mother now considering the fact that Truffles is an old lady.

38 Backpack - Dora

I hate it when backpack asks you dumb questions and then sings an annoying song that will give you a headache

His song sounds a Justin bieber song.

I need scissors to cut it

Backpack, Backpack... which item do you need to kill yourself . The paintbrush, the hammer, the balloon, or the bleach... (ME: THE BLEACH). The balloon... YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM. Irritating.

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39 Barbie

I hate everything about Barbie, so boring and blonde!

She is the whole main reason Disney Car Toys stopped doing Sofia The First parodies.

This freak is the reason why modern girls starve themselves!

Barbie is a horrible character, how is buttercup higher than her? Buttercup is better than this girly good for nothing girl.

Exact reason why I hate pink AND girly girls. I want to go to Barbie's house and light her "pretty" little clothes on fire, butcher her hair, gouge her eyes out, tear her arms off, chop off her porcelain fingers, push her off a cliff to feed her to my crocodiles and LAUGH at her mangled corpse.

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40 Bling Bling Boy

"Stupid fat kid he deserves to die in the flame pit with all the characters of dora, team uumizoomi, lisa simpson, johnny test, the animaniacs and the big kids crew from smosh babies"

I'm glad that you hate Bling Bling Boy. I also hate for his obsession with Susan.

I'm also pleased that you hate Animaniacs as much as I do.

But you to wish them to die in a flame pit with Team Umizoomi, Lisa Simpsons, and Dora the Explorer from Smosh Babies is unacceptable. I happen to appreciate those characters for who they are even Lisa sometimes gets on my nerves. Besides, Smosh is morally bad. Therefore, they deserve to die with Bling Blong Boy/Eugene.

Me: Kill em. Bling Bling boy: Wait no! Guy: So what do we do about the money? Me: Leave it to me... 2 minutes later... Radio: Male that money money money.

If I could kill one character from Jonny Test, it would be THIS GUY

He's a EUGENE!

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