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441 Robot Jones - Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones?
442 Hacker - Cyberchase

Someone delete this melodramatic guy from Cyberspace, so that he would never again try to kill Motherboard - AlexTopTens

443 Mr. Burns Mr. Burns

What! He is one of the best characters in the show

There shouldn't be any simpsons characters here apart from lisa

He's a wealthy person - Bikerninja1997

444 Lefty the Wrench - Handy Manny
445 Melissa Duck - Baby Looney Tunes

She has annoying voice and she's so mean and a drama queen

What colour hair does she have? As a baby is orange, as a adult is blonde then red now brown!

446 Tyke - Tom And Jerry Kids
447 Nibbles/Tuffy - Tom and Jerry
448 Aunt Barbra - Bear Behaving Badly
449 Sparky - Atomic Betty
450 Maya Santos - Maya & Miguel
451 Dr. Drakken - Kim Possible
452 Tufflips
453 Noodman
454 Mom - Futurama
455 Farmer Larry - Sanjay and Craig
456 Belle Pepper - Sanjay and Craig
457 Megan Sparkles - Sanjay and Craig

She is a snorting squirt

458 Maximum Denis - Sanjay and Craig
459 Perfect Peter - Horrid Henry

Worst character from the show. Always screaming, whining, crying and getting Henry into trouble. Plus, his voice sucks and Stupid Peter is more like it. Please put him higher.

All Perfect Peter does is poop on Henry's fun because he has nothing better to do. Well instead of that, why don't you go play your CELLO? That's better.

I have hated Peter from the start because he is the definition of a snitch. I hate the show too because it is too distasteful

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460 Kate - Benidorm

I know she's not a cartoon character, but she goes on my bloody nerves. She is like this bossy miserable woman who has got nothing better to do than treat Martin like rubbish.

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